100 Nice and Beautiful Baby Girl Names with Meanings 100 Nice and Beautiful Baby Girl Names with Meanings
Deciding a name for your baby is perhaps the most challenging task. It is this name that will be their identity throughout their lives.... 100 Nice and Beautiful Baby Girl Names with Meanings


Deciding a name for your baby is perhaps the most challenging task. It is this name that will be their identity throughout their lives. The very day you conceive, your family is so excited with the good news that they start speculating whether it will be a girl or boy and even suggest names. This specially happens in India, where law prevents the parents to know the gender of the baby beforehand, so they have to think of both names for boys and girls. Selecting a good baby girl name with meaning is always tough, since options are many!

Many relatives, friends and neighbors will suggest names that they would like to name their children, if you have already thought of few names for your baby try to stick to it.Would be parents have high hopes and dreams, they often keep names that reflect their aspirations.While planning the name for an unborn child, parents not only look for beautiful names, but also meaningful ones. Often, they look for a trendsetting name that flows well with the last name.

You don’t want your child to be one of those kids who have the same name in her kindergarten class. Maybe you grew up with a common name and always longed for a name that was different than everyone else! This time you won’t like your child to experience it as well, so the name choosing session will be discreet and never ending, and you will surely get a perfect name at the end of your search.

Coming up with a memorable baby name can sometimes be a challenge. Often a unique name can come across as unpronounceable or difficult to spell. Selecting an uncommon name can be tricky too! Don’t worry, we’ve sorted it out here to make your search a little easier, and put down a collection of names you can keep for your baby girl, these names have unique and special meanings,at the same time they are not too unusual– just what you needed right?

100 Lovely and Meaningful Baby Girl Names:

Baby Names that Mean ‘Beautiful’:

What would a girl like more than her name denoting beauty?

  1. Amara: Strong, attractive, stylish
  2. Arabella: Lovely, elegant.
  3. Abigail: A father’s joy, beautiful.
  4. Abha: Ray of beauty
  5. Atiqah: Beautiful, loving
  6. Bella: Beautiful
  7. Charvi: Beautiful
  8. Nazneen: Charming
  9. Kaya: Appealing
  10. Rachel: Beautiful
  11. Reveka: Captivating
  12. Shayna: Beautiful

Baby Girl Names in Sanskrit :

Names in Sanskrit language have thoughtful meanings. Naming of the child is the most fundamental Hindu “sanskar” or scripture based norms. Hindus select names with meanings that will inspire the child to follow the path of righteousness. Here are a few beautiful baby girl names and meanings for you to choose.

  1. Abhaya: Fearless
  2. Akshita: Wonder girl
  3. Ambar: The sky
  4. Amrita: Spiritual holy water
  5. Avantika: Queen
  6. Dhara: Constant flow
  7. Divya: Divine
  8. Jyotsna: Radiant like flames
  9. Karishma: Miracle
  10. Mohini: Most beautiful
  11. Shreya: Beautiful, auspicious
  12. Swara: Self shining

Names for your Baby girl Meaning ‘Moonlight’:

These names are linked to Moon Goddess– works best if you are a fan of mythology!

  1. Diana: Moon Goddess
  2. Celine: Moon
  3. Luna: Moon (in Spanish and Italian)
  4. Rishima: Moon beam

Names Signifying ‘Happiness’:

Who doesn’t want their child to be happy always? And a happy name will always inspire the child to spread happiness around!

  1. Farrah: Happy
  2. Muskaan: Smile, happiness

Names Meaning ‘Successful’:

We all want our kids to grow up to be successful, smart and happy adults. Some parents name their baby after a quality that they hold close to their hearts. If your child’s name means success, she will surely strive to live up to the name, this effort on her part is perhaps the first step to achieve success.

  1. Naila: Successful
  2. Yashita: Successful
  3. Fawziya: Victorious
  4. Yashashree: The Goddess of success
  5. Victoria: The name of the British queen which means victory still remains popular.

Names meaning ‘Flower’ For Your little girl:

Flowers have that special feminine touch about them, which is often associated with girls. Here are a few baby girls names with meaning referring to the gracefulness of a girl!

  1. Aboli: This is an uncommon Hindu name that means flower.
  2. Daisy: Many girls are named after these dainty white and yellow flowers. It is a cute name and suits a girl very well.
  3. Ketki: This name is often spelt as Ketaki; the spelling differs on the basis of community.
  4. Kusum: This name means Flower and it is very popular.
  5. Juhi: This flower belongs to the Jasmine family. You can also name her Juhi or Jasmine.
  6. Violet:This bluish purple flower is unique and beautiful. It is a favourite among many poets.
  7. Zahra: This is an Arabic name which means flower.

Baby Girl Names Indicating Romance:

Romantic names are a great way to portray love and affection. If you are a romantic soul, then you would like your child to possess a name that depicts love. Here are some great options:

  1. Scarlett: This name means red, the colour of love and affection.
  2. Amora: Spanish name for love
  3. Ai: Japanese name for love
  4. Cer: Welsh name meaning love
  5. Darlene: Dear or loved one
  6. Davina: Beloved
  7. Kalila: It means heap of love in Arabic
  8. Shirina: This is an American name meaning love song
  9. Yaretzi: An Aztec name that means ‘you will always be loved’

Names Based On Mythology:

These names are enduring and beautiful. The meanings make the names so special.

  1. Penelope: This is a Greek name. The name belonged to the wife of The Trojan hero Ulysses, known for his quest of knowledge. Penelope was his loyal and beautiful wife.
  2. Althea: This name is found both in Greek mythology and pastoral poetry.
  3. Ariadne: A name found in Greek mythology which means ‘most holy’
  4. Aphrodite: The Greek Goddess of love.
  5. Cassandra or Kassandra: The daughter of king Priam of Troy who could predict the future.
  6. Chitrangada: wife of Pandav prince Arjuna
  7. Hamsini: Goddess Saraswati
  8. Anagha: Goddess Lakshmi

Names Based on Musical notes:

  1. Aarohi: A music tone. This name has seen a rebirth recently.
  2. Alvapriya: Music lover
  3. Gunjan: Musical sound
  4. Isaiarasi: queen of music

Baby Names after Famous Celebrities

Celebrity names are an ever-green favorite. Keeping celebrity names for Babies have become a style statement! However, try to avoid names that have become really clichéd, like Puja, Simran and Aisha. They are no doubt, nice names, but have become really common.

  1. Aradhya: Regard
  2. Paris: Gorgeous, glamorous
  3. Norah: Shining light
  4. Kate: Pure

Some Interesting Muslim Names for Your Baby Girl:

These names are not very common and are generally favoured by the Muslim community.

  1. Aa’eedah: Reward
  2. Aadila: Honest and equal
  3. Abeer or Abir: Fragrance
  4. Afaaf: Virtuous, pure and decent
  5. Aleema: learned, wise
  6. Alia: exalted, lofty and sublime
  7. Atiya: gift, present
  8. Ahd: knowledge

Some Beautiful Hindu Names For Girls:

These are some Hindu names that you can keep for your babygirl. They are simple yet meaningful.

  1. Akuti: princess
  2. Adrika: celestial
  3. Alisha: protected by God
  4. Abha: lustrous beauty
  5. Abhilasha: ambition or desire
  6. Aashirya: From the land of God
  7. Aashi: smile
  8. Amolika: priceless
  9. Amodini: Joyful
  10. Anahita: Graceful
  11. Angarika: A flame coloured flower named palash.
  12. Anika: Goddess Durga
  13. Anura: Knowledgeable
  14. Dakshi: The glorious
  15. Elakshi: a woman with intelligent eyes

Some Classic Names That Remains Evergreen:

You can give some classic names, though many call them ‘old fashioned’, instead of a modern name that soon becomes common. A classic name will assure you exclusivity, because many will not be really aware of them. Many might praise for your creativity!

  1. Hazel: refers to the hazel tree
  2. Cora: This name was a creation of author of ‘Last of The Mohicans’ James Fenimore Cooper. The character was brave, adorable and beautiful. You surely want these qualities in your child.
  3. Faye: loyalty and belief.
  4. Eleanor: Shining light or sun rays.
  5. Della: Noble
  6. Clara or Claire: Famous and brilliant
  7. Amelia: Industrious, striving
  8. Anne: A Hebrew name meaning ‘favoured grace’
  9. Evelyn: This name has a Norman Origin and is sourced from an English surname.
  10. Emma: There is rebirth of this name that was popular in 1880’s, it never went out of fashion, it means universal.

Names Based On Virtue:

Some English names that were popular in the past might sound a little weird to the modern ears. Nevertheless, they remain enduring. You can easily name your child Prudence, that means wisdom or say Grace. Avoid names like Beauty, Patience and Charity, since your child will be bullied at school or someone might use it sarcastically. Of course, you don’t want to keep a name that hurts your child.

Names based on Genealogy:

You can repeat some names that are already popular in the family, which you think will be quite uncommon. Naming your baby girl after her grandmother is not practiced nowadays. However, if you like the name very much and want your child to have all the good qualities of her great grandmother you can always keep it! Genealogical names generally evoke a fond memory, and that’s why people love to repeat them.

Try to keep a nice and simple name that is easy to spell and pronounce. Nobody likes their name getting distorted, though this is a common problem faced by many! Names reflect a person’s religion, community, place of birth but not so much the personality. Since a baby hardly understands the meaning of her name, she grows up to learn it.

Always try to keep such a name that you feel your little girl will feel proud of once she starts to speak.Hope this article on 80 beautiful baby girl names with meanings will help you choose the perfect name for your daughter. Happy Naming!

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