Can He Truly Share The Pain? Can He Truly Share The Pain?
besides, his presence can neither alleviate the pain nor aid the expulsion, so what’s the point?”  The words of a woman expectant of her... Can He Truly Share The Pain?

giving birth

besides, his presence can neither alleviate the pain nor aid the expulsion, so what’s the point?”  The words of a woman expectant of her second baby, she had her first with her husband in the labor room giving her support.

“I wanted badly for him to be there the first time, I mean we shared every single moment together, that moment had to make the list. He held my hands for the first few minutes, and as soon as I got into the transition stage, deal got real. Contractions got wicked. At this point all I wanted was for this baby to jump the heck out of me, I didn’t want no pep talking or hand holding. This project was vital and needed my utmost focus and concentration and my boo was a major distraction. My emotions were being pulled at from two ends, Yes, labor is as emotional as it is physical, that was way too much pressure for me. I yelled at him to get out. I made him feel like the enemy which I do not want a repeat of. So, he should just stay in waiting room and pray. “


Apparently, the movies are just movies. A lot of women want their space when they bring forth. I have had two–three teeth extracted and in one of the procedures, I had a loved one with me, holding my hand and all that mushy stuff. That was the least horrific tooth extraction I had. But I kid you not when I say labor as in child bearing is a different business altogether.

During the course of this research, I asked the husbands their opinions. The newly married and the old boys.

“It was a scary experience, I saw veins not known to science through my wife’s neck. That disturbed me for weeks.”

Another said “The strength given to a woman to pull through that situation and still want to have more babies is only comprehensible by her maker. I love my wife, but there is no way I want to see that again.”

While some (mostly the newly married ones who haven’t had their first) insist on being there to support bae, those who have been there just want to keep praying in the waiting room.

Funny thing is, many of our women don’t actually want the support, they just feel it is the responsibility of the man to be in there to see the pain she goes through while having their baby, maybe, just maybe , he’ll regard her more. Chances are, the young man either gets scarred or regards you just as he always has.

Contributed By: Chisom Nwobodo

Valentine Chukwu

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