How To Get The Baby’s Dad More Involved? How To Get The Baby’s Dad More Involved?
You waited those nine months for and now that your baby is finally here, you realize, in addition to all the happiness and magical... How To Get The Baby’s Dad More Involved?


You waited those nine months for and now that your baby is finally here, you realize, in addition to all the happiness and magical feeling, that having a baby is also a lot of work!
Post childbirth is a beautiful experience, yet it can be really frustrating at times too, especially with the new list of responsibilities. It is a journey that needs to be shared by both the partners. But often, parenting ends up being the mother’s responsibility.
Times have changed, and dads today are much more hands-down than what they used to be at least a generation earlier. That said if your hubby is not taking part in parenting as much as you would want him to, it’s time to read up.
Asking your partner to help out with your baby duties will not only give you some much-needed time to relax and rest those tired limbs and back, but it will also be a great bonding exercise between father and baby.

Parenting Tips for New Dads:

Here is a list of newborn tips for dad to do right from the day your baby is born:

1. Tummy Time:

Tummy time is important for all babies as it aids in their development and growth. You can start tummy time right after your baby’s birth, but usually this is recommended around the end of the first month. Once your baby’s doctor gives the ‘go-ahead’, let daddy flip the little one over and then keep her entertained, while on her tummy.

2. Diaper Change:

This may not sound as the best of activities to do, but a lot of bonding does happen during a diaper change. Ask daddy to tickle the little one’s toes, or massage their legs while changing the diaper. Also, your little one will know that they can rely on daddy too to get them clean.

3. Put Them To Sleep:

Daddy’s touch and warmth is different from a mother’s and soon your baby will develop a special rhythm with daddy. Let your partner use his way to put your little one to sleep. Not only will this give you enough time to rest, it will also give daddy the much needed confidence that he can put his little one to sleep on his own.

4. Giving A Bath:

This can be quite tricky. If your baby loves bath time as most babies do, this could be a fun activity for daddy to participate in. Massaging your little one before the bath can be very comforting for both the baby and the Daddy. If your little one does not really enjoy their time in the water, have daddy massage them and then get them dressed later. Alternatively, daddy can help baby splash lots of water in the tub. Some dads fear holding a baby in water, so be around especially the first few times.

5. Daddy Time:

Let daddy have some alone time with your little one. Let them share some giggles, some story time (let daddy read out to baby, even if it’s finance news), take selfies, play music or just talk to the little one. Letting daddy have his space and time with the baby is very important for both. They both learn to get comfortable around each other while not having mommy around. Also, gives you enough time to go get that well deserved spa treatment!

6. Give The Bottle:

If you do feel the need to feed your baby with the bottle (breast milk or formula), ask daddy to do this. This will let daddy feel important that he can also feed his baby, and it will help the two to bond too. It is also recommended that during weaning, someone other than mommy give the bottle to baby.
After a long day at work, being with the baby is a great stress buster, so let daddy take care of the little one and unwind. Remember, your partner has his own relationship with your baby, so though you might be tempted to correct him at moments, let him figure it out on his own, and let them bond. These are some tips on being a father for the first time.
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