Post C-Section: The Do’s And Dont’s Post C-Section: The Do’s And Dont’s
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly three in ten women in the US opted for a C-section in 2014.So, you... Post C-Section: The Do’s And Dont’s


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly three in ten women in the US opted for a C-section in 2014.So, you are by no means the only one having to undergo a C-section. Although a C-section is often viewed as an easier option for childbirth, recovering from the surgical procedure can take longer and be more uncomfortable than a natural, vaginal delivery.

But, don’t despair, or indeed, worry. Following your OB/GYN’s advice is the prudent course of action. And, in the meanwhile, here are some dos and don’ts to help you understand more about post c-section care:


Spend three to four days at the hospital: You’ve had a complicated surgery, and the incisions and your body will heal slowly.
Have someone stay over: Having your mom or another family member will offer you the much-needed support.

Rest at home: Once you reach home, rest as much as possible, at least for a week. Experts say more rest equals faster healing.

Follow a diet: You’ve just had surgery in the abdomen, and although you are hungrier than before, you should follow the dietary guidelines your doctor has laid down. Cheer up, though. You can finally enjoy that exotic fruit salad you’ve been craving for.

Seek help: Like we’ve mentioned, probably more times than we could care to count, a caesarean-section is a complex surgery, one which will take a lot out of you. So, it’s not a bad idea to ask someone to help you through this painful recovery. It will not only assist you with your daily tasks but also offers you some much-needed support to keep those postpartum blues at bay.


Lift anything: You aren’t a superwoman. So, remember to give yourself a break. Lifting anything could tear those stitches and lead to further complications.

Driving: Although driving that automatic-geared car doesn’t sound too taxing, when you’re recovering from a C-section, you need to avoid driving.

Gorge on food: We know that you could eat just about anything right now. But, you really shouldn’t. Fatty foods can upset your digestive system, which is already recovering from a surgery. So, that’s like fuelling the fire.

Remove incisions without supervision: Okay. So, the doctor closed the incisions with staples or glue, and he said you could remove it by yourself. But, this is a delicate time. As you’re breastfeeding your infant, you can’t risk an infection. So, let the doctor handle it.

Have a bath: Once you have a surgery, lochia or vaginal bleeding is rather common, and goes on for a few weeks. So, stock up on sanitary napkins. Consider not having a bath for a few weeks, or until the doctor advises you to have one.

These are just some important dos and don’ts for you to recover faster, and stay healthy after a C-section. Do you have any tips for recovery? Tell us here.

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