Did You Know That A Fathers Attention Can Increase Baby’s IQ?.. Here’s How

Giving birth and breastfeeding mean that biologically the mother is the prime nurturer of a child. However, this doesn’t mean that fathers shouldn’t be involved… If you’re a new father, spending plenty of time with your baby could boost their mental development, a new study suggests. British researchers looked at…

The ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ Is Real, This Girl Sleeps For Months at a Time

“I wanna show people what my life is like” says 22 year old vloger Beth Goodyear who was diagnosed with Kleine–Levin syndrome (KLS), also known as Sleeping Beauty syndrome  which is a rare sleep disordercharacterized by persistent episodic hypersomnia and cognitive or mood changes. Many patients also experience hyperphagia, hypersexuality and other…

Movie Star Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Welcome Their First Baby

We say a big congratulations to  Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, as welcomed their first child together. The Oscar nominee, 42, and the Russian supermodel, 31, quietly welcomed their bundle of joy earlier this month. This is the first child for the couple, who started dating in April 2015…

Surrogate Mother
Is it about the money? Or just a kind gesture, you know, compassion towards the needy and all. You can agree with me that carrying and bearing a child is no scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It is a big deal. Read more
Cartoons? Not Good Enough!
A Child expert claimed that TV can fry a child’s brain, yes she used the term “fry their brains”, and that they are better off playing outside, engaging in games such as jigsaw puzzles and in arts and crafts. The television has once been referred to as the” idiot... Read more
The Pros Of A C-Section
I once heard a woman hush her young daughter when she said she would have a cesarean section instead of a vaginal birth. Read more
All Twin Everything: Naming Your Twins
  How do people have twins and give them names that don’t even sound alike? Read more
Don’t You Just Like Surprises???
Whiles some women want to know the sex of their babies before they are born, so many others would rather not blow the surprise cover. Some claim that the anticipation level is altered once cover is blown. Read more
They Slay: Babies Rock!!
Getting a baby to give you that pose you want could be a walk in the park,they slay however they stay, they have no ugly sides. Looking, unlooking, crying or sleeping. They are a body cuteness on all sides.   Read more
The New Bestie
There is a reason a person, after many years in med school , furthered to study the” science of women”. Read more
Smart Baby! 6 Ways Babies are Smarter Than You Think
Ever look into your baby’s eyes and wonder what’s going on upstairs? Well, it may be much more than you think. Our babies’ brains develop at an amazing rate—they fully double in size from birth until one. And a baby’s brain has around 1,000 trillion synapses (or a quadrillion,... Read more
C-Section Deliveries – How They Effect The Newborns
The birth of a baby is one of the purest and most satisfying moments in a woman’s life. Read more
Coconut Oil – Why It Is A Pregnancy Super-food
You will have cravings and aversions during the initial few months of your pregnancy. Previously you could eat anything without worries, but now you will have to weigh your eating options to ensure they don’t pose a risk to the life inside you. Read more

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