Preparing For School Preparing For School
I don’t remember but my mother said my first week of school was the most dramatic moment of my life , she said I’d ... Preparing For School

first time in school

I don’t remember but my mother said my first week of school was the most dramatic moment of my life , she said I’d  run after the car, with my tiny legs, screaming “mummy!!!” , well like I said , I don’t remember so ..

We find this to be the case with a lot of children, refusal to go to school. This is usually not because the teachers are scary, or they get bullied in school, they just don’t know yet how to be detached from mum “on their own”

No time is too early to start teaching a kid responsibility and independence. Preparing a kid for school goes beyond purchasing stationaries, back packs and lunch boxes. It transcends from such material preparations to psychological and emotional preparation.

The question about the appropriate age a child should start school comes onto play, but that’s gist for another day.

Back to the matter, how prepared is your baby? What role did u play in preparing him?

These are the questions you need to answer.

Does she now know to clear her plates after a meal; many homes have helps, but training your child right is equally important. The child develops a sense of responsibility, even at three; she knows that once she is done eating, she takes her plate(s) away.

Is she involved in chores; A three year old may not know how to make a bed, but if though to put the pillows where they should be.

Do they mix up with other kids?; do u take out time and take your kids to the park or children’s fair , birthday parties where there would be lots of kids. You should, would help their blending in school.

Does she know to speak up when she needs to pee or poop: This is known as “potty” training. The most challenging moments kindergarten pupils and their teachers face is the “peeing and pooping on self” problem. Many kids learn how to use the toilet in school, this training is for the home not the school.

Do you seek her opinion: kids have a say, no matter how young. You don’t have to go through with it, but they need to know that they have a say. This would help them in participation in school.

If your answers to these questions are NO, your baby ain’t ready for school.

Contributed By: Chisom Nwobodo

Valentine Chukwu

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