Designer Babies: Fact Or Myth? Designer Babies: Fact Or Myth?
I went with a sister to see a brother after church, to find out why he didn’t come. So we got talking and he... Designer Babies: Fact Or Myth?

puzzle_baby_flyawayI went with a sister to see a brother after church, to find out why he didn’t come. So we got talking and he told us how he wanted to further in genetic engineering after his microbiology course. I heard some interesting stuff. Did you know that you could determine how pretty your child would be, how tall or how light skinned???Amazing right? I know.

Ordinarily I would pray about it, but science seems to know something else. We can actually edit babies before they are born.

The technique’s called “germline editing,” as in editing the germination line of traits passed down from one generation to the next. It’s a literal cut and paste function for life: opening up the possibility to snip out specific bits of DNA inside babies before they’re born. Bacteria do this in nature: using enzymes to zero in on unwanted DNA and throw it out. By going into humans in the embryonic stage and deleting very specific proteins, the fix could do things like make babies resistant to HIV, let people who would be blind see, and reduce inherited diseases.

Nearly half (46%) of Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center say changing a baby’s genetic characteristics to reduce risk of disease is okay, but they are concerned about the idea of ‘designer babies’ (with 83% saying changing a baby to make him ‘more intelligent’ or ‘prettier ’ takes things too far).

We don’t know the risks involved in this operation yet, but I’m sure it’s a big deal. We haven’t seen any genetically edited babies yet, but let’s look out for them. So if in 2018 you see a girl is just too perfect, envy not, she’s just been genetically photo-shopped.

Personally, I’ll still stick to praying about what I want my baby to look like.

contributed By: Chisom Nwobodo

Valentine Chukwu

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