7 Reasons You Feel Ugly During Pregnancy 7 Reasons You Feel Ugly During Pregnancy
Okay, so some of you think that pregnancy is the time when you glow, you are radiant with joy, you have that thing which... 7 Reasons You Feel Ugly During Pregnancy

feeling ugly during pregnancy

Okay, so some of you think that pregnancy is the time when you glow, you are radiant with joy, you have that thing which draws your partner towards you? Let me correct you – most of these are old wives’ tales that have possibly been indoctrinated to make you feel great during pregnancy.I would like to clear the air for you and help you get your bearings on how ‘beautiful’ things can be when you are pregnant.

1. You Aren’t That Magnet:
If your gynaecologist told you that you will appear more attractive to your partner when you are pregnant, it could be just the opposite. You will have the ‘urge’ to pull your partner, but honey, he won’t follow you wherever you go. The truth is your partner is a little confused and startled. He is caught up in the emotions of a soon-to-be dad, planning for the finances towards raising a family, planning for a house and getting calculative about so many things that your feminine brain laden with emotions will not be able to gauge. Nope, he won’t have time to care whether you still look pretty.
2. You Might As Well Not Be Looking Pretty:
Nope, you are not radiant. You are only tired. Perspiration will make your skin glow. And your complexion? If one asks if you are sun-tanned, they would only mean that you are actually looking more tanned than the acceptable levels. You may have an unusual darkening of skin – remember there is plenty of impurities stored within that starts clearing off post delivery. Some women develop worts, some have acne, some develop spots and what not! And some partners find the idea of a pregnant partner a bit annoying – for some bizarre reason. It’s just a masculine thing. But thankfully, the feeling doesn’t last long.

3. You Maternity Wear Makes No Addition To Your Fashion Statement:
The haute couture has come up with great lines of maternity wear. But trust me, they do nothing great to your appearance. There is nothing that will look fashionable while you are pregnant. Your bump will show more than the latest trend in fashion. So wearing a supersize outfit that will less accentuate the bump and make a decent entry is my cup of tea.

4. If Only You Knew When You’d Have Those Swelly Feet:
Now this one is a bit unpredictable. Unlike your maternity wear, you can’t buy shoes a size up. The swelly feet may last for some time. If your shoes feel a bit tight now, you can neither dispose them off nor do you want to buy a new pair. So closed shoes that make a fashion statement are totally a no-no this time around. I would go for slippers or flip flops, never mind the bathroom slippers either if you had to go out!

5. The Penguine-Like Walk:
Penguines are cute with their waddles. Not pregnant women. Women are better off in their catwalks that the carrying mommies daren’t attempt at. No high heels, no sexy gait. Only the unappealing undulating walk. And hey, you don’t even seem erect. With the progressing months, you will be walking with a backward arch, a heavy bump in the front.

6. Accessories And Hairdos Make You Seem ‘Overdone’:
Not the best time for jewelry or trying out hairstyles. Be warned off making yourself a buffoon of a person. Staying dignified this time around is the key.

7. The Funny Physiology:
Quite many changes would be occurring inside your body. From morning sickness to gags, from gassiness to feeling bloated, from lacking appetite in the first trimester (as if your digestive tract is stuffed with food) to frequent visits to the loo, from developing heightened sense of smell to weirdly acting taste-buds, white discharge during pregnancy to cases of spotting, mood swings, baby blues, the baby-kicks inside, the false labor…the list is endless. You will be surprised at how your body behaves, and you will detest it!
In a nutshell, there is little that is beautiful about pregnancy or pregnant women. But hello, we have the privilege of being exception to fashion, exception to discipline, exception to punctuality, exception to diet and the societal norm is to support a pregnant woman. So although we might not be at our best outwardly, we are on the road to making nature’s marvel inside us. So, kudos to pregnancy, kudos to us!

Valentine Chukwu

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