Weird Things Your Baby Does. #4 Will Surprise You Weird Things Your Baby Does. #4 Will Surprise You
is no doubt that you’ve probably observed, and photographed every adorable little thing your baby does. Whether it’s trying to read the paper, or... Weird Things Your Baby Does. #4 Will Surprise You


is no doubt that you’ve probably observed, and photographed every adorable little thing your baby does.

Whether it’s trying to read the paper, or putting on dad’s glasses, the myriad of things babies do is what makes them such delightful little bundles of joy. But sometimes, your little one can leave you shaking your head and wondering why he just did what he did: now, no longer.

Here is the lowdown on seven curious things that your baby does, and why they occur:

1. Touching themselves:

We know that it doesn’t sound encouraging, or indeed right, to you. But, some babies play with their genitals.


According to Dr. DeAnn Davies, touching themselves is very different for babies than it is for us. They are curious creatures, and eager learners to boot. They are driven to explore their genitals out of this curiosity. Dr. Peter Vishton maintains that “babies also play with their hands and feet an awful lot, but it doesn’t garner the same attention as touching their genitals.” So, babies only do what they do to learn more about their bodies.

2. Head Banging:
No! He hasn’t become a metal head just yet. And, he still isn’t keen on listening to Thunderstruck. But, some babies bang their heads for no apparent reason.


There are many reasons your baby could do a Gene Simmons and start bobbing his head. Some of the common ones include:

Teething pain
Pent-up energy
3. Holding Breath:
Sometimes, babies hold their breath until their lips turn blue, or they pass out. This is quite scary and freaks moms out.


Believe it or not, these are your baby’s first temper tantrums. Many a time, babies hold their breath due to frustration, rage, or pain. While it can be terrifying for you, don’t worry. The baby’s automatic respiratory responses ensure that he starts breathing before he suffers any brain damage.

4. Erections:
Did you know that your baby may have an erection when you are about to change his diaper. This is probably the most embarrassingly weird things your baby may do.


There could be many reasons for this em situation. Most baby boys experience this at some point during their infancy. The diaper rubbing against the skin of the penis, or even the need to pee may induce an erection.

5. Dropping Things:
Most babies are clumsy, and they usually drop things. But, some studies suggest that there is more to the clumsiness than simply a developing neurological system.


As cute as your little one is, he can be a difficult one to control at times, and he may even drop things on purpose. This happens when your baby seeks your attention.

6. Eating Dirt:
You’ve probably run across the room to stop your baby from putting that paper, he just picked up, in his mouth. Eating dirt is probably the most perplexing thing your baby does.


For any baby, the floor is a fair game. It’s like a treasure hunt for them. They zoom around on all fours, tasting anything that they find interesting. All you need to ensure is that there aren’t any items that may lead to a choking hazard for your baby.

7. Frequent Sneezing:
Babies seem to sneeze more often, and for longer than adults. Most new parents usually panic when their baby begins to sneeze.


What you need to remember is that this is quite normal. It is a simple reflex action, which protects your baby’s nose and prevents any foreign particles or germs from entering the baby’s nasal canal.

Does your baby do any of these weird things mentioned here? Can you think of any other weird things babies seem to do? We welcome your comments below.

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