Why Kids Misbehave When Mom Is Around Why Kids Misbehave When Mom Is Around
Have you ever noticed that when you’re not around, your kids do just fine without you but immediately they see you, they begin to... Why Kids Misbehave When Mom Is Around


Have you ever noticed that when you’re not around, your kids do just fine without you but immediately they see you, they begin to misbehave? This is common with kids, they will be playing and jumping around in your absence but immediately you open the door and they see you, they’ll have a headache, stomach ache, something will pinch them and they’ll want you to rub the spot for them.

My kids do this and often my husband complains, “they were doing fine just now, but they saw you and went gaga” he’d say. Children are definitely worse when their mom is around, why, you ask?

Because they want your attention, they crave it and they want to get it, they see you as their safe place, the one person that can make everything go away, who else will make all their problems go away if not you?

BAB moms! You are the trash can your child pours all his unpleasant emotions and feelings into, in your absence your child would hold it together, promise to report whoever beat him and tell his friend whose momma gave biscuits to that he’ll get a better treat than him when his mommy comes back.

And immediately you are back, they let go of all these emotions, they tell you how someone pinched them and how they were treated badly and they expect you to right the wrong done to them. They might not say all these things but in their crying and holding on to you they are saying it all “Mommy, they treat me bad, make it right” because they know mummy can do it for them.

So they let go by crying, whining, pooping, throwing tantrums, beating us etc… Meanwhile, you’ve had a long day, and you were hoping you could rest a while before having to deal with the stuff waiting for you at home, but no, they have other plans for you.

They release their raw emotion by slapping us, drawing our lips, and crying immediately we come through the door, so don’t go thinking you’ve spoilt your children silly and that is why they greet you with beating and crying when you come in through the door.

And yes, it’s okay for your kids to feel that way, know that it’s important for kids to feel it’s okay to show their emotions and feelings. It’s important that they be able to have highly functional emotional intelligence and body awareness.

If your kids do annoying things like cling to you, cry, whine and poo immediately you come back from an outing, it’s a good sign! They are showing you how much they love you and miss having you around, so next time it happens, don’t freak out!

Henry Okafor

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