50 Beautiful Christian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings 50 Beautiful Christian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings
As a new mother, your priority is to ensure your baby’s well being. But do you only have to worry about your daughter’s health?... 50 Beautiful Christian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

1310As a new mother, your priority is to ensure your baby’s well being. But do you only have to worry about your daughter’s health? Not at all! You also have the responsibility to teach her about your beliefs and morals.

If you are looking for a Christian name for your little doll to help her connect with her roots, try the names here. These Christian names for girls are very popular.Each one has a great meaning and comes straight from the Holy Bible!

1. Atarah:

A beautiful name, Atarah means ‘crown’ in Hebrew. It is one of the perfect biblical girl names for your little princess.

Bible mention – 1 Chron. 2:26

2. Adriel:

Here’s one of the best Bible names for girls that is both religious and unique. Adriel means ‘flock of God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 18:19

3. Bernice:

Bernice means ‘one who brings victory’ in Greek. It is a musical name and pretty traditional too.

Bible mention – Acts 25:13

4. Bethany:

Bethany in Hebrew means ‘house of song’. It is a very popular name!

Bible mention – Matt. 21:17
5. Charity:

Charity is one of the beautiful Biblical names for girls that has its origin in the Latin language. It means ‘dear’.

Bible mention – 1 Cor. 13:1-13

6. Dinah:
Does the name Dinah appeal to you? It means ‘judgment’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 30:21

7. Delilah:

If you are looking for an ultra-feminine Christian name, try Delilah. This christian girls names means ‘small’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Judges 16:4

8. Elisha:

The christian baby girl names grow elegant as we move.As pretty as a name can get, Elisha is a great choice for parents looking for a simple yet classy name. It means ‘the Salvation of God’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Luke 1:5

9. Esther:

Nothing is more interesting than a little mystery. The Esther means ‘secret or hidden’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Esther 2:7

10. Eva:

Short and sweet – Eva is the perfect name for families who like to keep things simple. It means ‘living’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 3:20

11. Faith:

Here’s another one of the beautiful Bible girl names that encompasses the basis of Christianity – Faith! In Latin, Faith means ‘loyalty’.

Bible mention – 1 Cor. 13:13

12. Grace:

A classic Christian name, Grace means ‘blessing’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Prov. 3:34

13. Hannah:

Another traditional Christian name, Hannah still has many takers. It means ‘merciful’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 1:2

14. Hope:

What is life without hope? In Old English, the name means ‘expectations’.

Bible mention – Psalm 25:21

15. Jael:

An uncommon yet interesting Christian name, Jael means ‘one who ascends’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Judges 4:17

16. Joanna:

If you want to give your daughter a name that is both Christian and trendy, you can consider Joanna. It means ‘grace or gift of the Lord’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Luke 8:3

17. Julia:

If you are not averse to common names, you can give Julia a chance. It means ‘soft and tender hair’ in Latin. This christian girl baby names are common but popular.

Bible mention – Romans 16:15

18. Leah:

Leah is another classic Christian name that means ‘tired’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 29:16

19. Lois:

No, Lois is not just another character from Superman! It is essentially a Christian name that means ‘better’ in Greek.

Bible mention – 2 Tim. 1:5

20. Mercy:

A beautiful name with an even more beautiful meaning! Mercy means ‘compassion’ in English.

Bible mention – Gen. 43:14

21. Myra:

In Greek Myra means ‘I flow’. This christian girl names is poetic name and a favorite among parents who like modern yet classic names.

Bible mention – Acts 27:5

22. Michal:

A name that means ‘resembling God’ just cannot go wrong! Michal is a Hebrew name.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 18:20

23. Miriam:

So, you thought Christian names are all about being docile? Think again! The very traditional sounding name Miriam means ‘rebellion’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Exodus 15:20

24. Olive:

Here’s another Biblical names for baby girl, which is both traditional and popular. Olive means ‘beauty or dignity’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Gen. 8:11

25. Ophrah:

Ophrah means ‘fawn’ in Hebrew. You can also use its more common spelling, Oprah.

Bible mention – Judges 6:11

26. Ruth:

A very English name, Ruth means ‘content’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Ruth 1:4

27. Sapphira:

An exotic name, Sapphira means ‘that relates or tells’ in English.

Bible mention – Acts 5:1

28. Sarai:

Your daughter is your princess, right? Well, then give her a name that reflects just that! Sarai means ‘my princess’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 17:15

29. Selah:

Life is but a pause in a journey towards salvation. Selah means ‘a pause’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Psalm 3:2

30. Serah:

A catchy name, Serah means ‘the morning star’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 46:17

31. Shiloh:

Here’s a name that is fast finding its way into popularity charts. Shiloh means ‘His gift’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Joshua 18:8

32. Talitha:

An uncommon name, Talitha means ‘a young woman’ in Aramaic.

Bible mention – Mark 5:41

33. Terah:

The name Terah means ‘to blow or scent’ in Hebrew. It is a great option for those looking for a unique Christian name.

Bible mention – Num. 33:27

34. Tirzah:

Another gem of a name from the Bible! The name Tirzah means ‘benevolent or pleasing’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Numbers 26:33

35. Zina:

Zina is a Greek name that means ‘shining’. It is an elegant name for your daughter.

Bible mention – 1 Chron. 23:10

36. Edna:

Edna means ‘pleasure or delight’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 2:8

37. Abigail:

Abigail means ‘the father’s joy’. It is perfect for your daughter as she is the darling of her father.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 25:3

38. Adah:

If you what you want is an uncommon name, from the Bible, go for Adah. It means ‘an assembly’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 4:19

39. Chloe:

A classic English name, Chloe means ‘green herb’ in Greek.

Bible mention – 1 Cor. 1:11

40. Diana:

Yes, it is a beautiful name! It means ‘luminous or perfect’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Acts 19:27

41. Jemimah:

The name Jemimah means ‘as beautiful as the day’ in Hebrew. If you want a name that is unique, try this beauty!

Bible mention – Job 42:14

42. Joy:

Nothing can beat the beauty in simplicity. Joy – this simple word encompasses all that is good in the world. Joy means ‘happiness’ in Old French and Latin.

Bible mention – Heb. 1:9

43. Keturah:

A name that you will not often hear, we are sure! Keturah means ‘fragrance’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 25:1

44. Lillian:

You can either use Lillian or its shorter form, Lily. Both have the same meaning in Latin –‘elegant flower a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty’.

Bible mention – Songs 2:1

45. Lydia:

The Greek language is a treasure trove! The name means ‘standing pool’ in Greek.

Bible mention – Acts 16:14

46. Paula:

The name means ‘small or little’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Acts 13:9

47. Rachel:

Rachel means ‘sheep’ in Hebrew. The term sheep has deep relevance in the Bible. And if you are a fan of yesteryears hit sitcom, the name will have additional meaning.

Bible mention – Gen. 29:6

48. Tabitha:

Tabitha – a name straight out of storybooks! The beautiful name means ‘a gazelle’ in Aramaic.

Bible mention – Acts 9:36

49. Victoria:

Some names never lose their charm. Victoria is one of them. It means ‘victory’ in Latin. If you like to give traditional names a modern twist, you can name your daughter Victory too.

Bible mention – Deut. 20:4

50. Zemira:

Zemira has such a nice ring to it, don’t you agree? It means ‘a song’ in Hebrew. This christian name for girl is beautiful.

Bible mention – 1 Chron. 7:8

Parenthood is a challenging and beautiful journey. So, enjoy your life with the new member in your family!

Which of these names appeal to you? Share your choice with us in the comments section below!


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