6 Terrifying Things They Don’t Tell You About Childbirth 6 Terrifying Things They Don’t Tell You About Childbirth
When you are planning to get pregnant or already pregnant you get to hear many things. Some sounds good and some are horrifying which... 6 Terrifying Things They Don’t Tell You About Childbirth


When you are planning to get pregnant or already pregnant you get to hear many things. Some sounds good and some are horrifying which makes you rethink on your decision. But then every pain has to end with a sweet smile.

But then if you are aware of all the complication which you might have to face you can prepare yourself for it. But yes you should always know that our medical science is progressing day by day and hence all problems has solution. Also one more thing never compare your pregnancy with others as each women face a unique thing which other might not face.Hence you need to keep your calm and be prepared for whatever is going to happen.

People generally say that it’s easy to get pregnant and it’s easier to sail though the pregnancy days, but no one really speaks about the D-day when the baby comes out. Well, if you are wondering what else could be as scary as death, then you really haven’t gone through a child birth! Most of the first time pregnant women have no idea about the actual procedures and pain that is awaiting them on the due date. So, to help first time mommies, we have given some of the most terrifying things people don’t tell you about childbirth.

1. Placenta

The placenta is an organ inside the uterus that provided nutrition and protection to the developing fetus. This placenta is made up of fetal membranes and the inner lining of the uterus and covers the entire baby like a sac. So when you deliver a baby, you will also need to push the placenta out from your body as well, just like giving birth again! Not just that, but since the placenta is made up of mucous membranes and is quite delicate, it might be torn apart into pieces while trying to come out of the birth canal. In such cases the doctor may have to fish out the remaining pieces using a long, thin hook as it can causes lot of complications like infection if left inside the body.

2. Episiotomy

If you thought that your vagina naturally opens up like a lotus while giving birth, then you cannot be more wrong. In some cases, if the baby’s head is too large to come out of the birth canal, then the doctor will have to make a thin incision from the vagina till the anus to help the baby to get out.

3. Feces

Giving birth to a child may not just feel like taking a large dump from the vagina, but it can actually make you poop. Yes! The process of childbirth can also make you do number two right on the delivery bed!

4. Alien shaped heads

If you thought babies are born beautiful like angels, then sorry to burst your bubble, but they are actually born looking quite ugly and deformed. Most babies have giant heads and smaller limbs and crammed bodies and are covered with a lot of blood and mucous as a result of staying in the placenta for 9 long months. So when they come out, they usually look like a lump of meat.

5. Fetal monitoring

 In case you have any slight complications or issues during delivery, the doctor may want to check on the baby’s health to detect any risk of juvenile diabetes, low birth weight or high birth weight. For this you will have to be hooked to a fetal monitor! Doesn’t sound bad, right? But this fetal monitor has lots of wires and stuff that goes into your birth canal and onto the unborn baby’s head and displays the reading to the doctor! As simple as that!

6 Meconium Staining

This usually does not happen with all and is a very rare case. Most of the fetus finds out the comfortable environment and comes out of the womband then only they poop, but in some 10-15% cases babies poop into the mothers womb. Their first poop is greenish black in colour and like a fluid. So can you imagine you are pooping out your babies feces out of your vagina while the time of the delivery when your water bag gets burst. So this could be painful as well as risky for the child as breathing in the feces is very difficult for the child.This condition is known as meconium staining aspiration.


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7. Gestational Diabetes

You must be completely relaxed all you life thinking my sugar levels are normal and hence I wont be diabetic, thinking this you might eat lot of sugar and fried foods during your pregnancy and which can lead to high sugar levels. In some cases gestational diabetes overcome once you deliver but in some other it can then turn into type 2 diabetes and hence you need to be very much careful and keep yourself monitoring for gestational diabetes

Left for nothing to wear


You wardrobe which was completely full at some point of time now seem to be empty to you. You are no longer able to fit in your favourite clothes and become more sad about the fact. Many people pamper you by saying it is pregnancy weight do not worry it will go away on its own. But wake up lady, no weight goes away on its own you need to be on your foot and do exercise and diet to shed those extra kilos post pregnancy.

Making fun of yourself in public

There were times when you use to shout at your partner for farting in public and even at night as it is not called manners. Now, the day has come when you are just simply uncontrollable when you fart in nights and at times even in public. Many people who are aware may take it lightly but some new to pregnancy complications can laugh out loud.

Cant even imagining water bag broke

In T.V serials and movies they show us how smoothly female tells with just a small shout that my water bag broke and they rush her to hospital and after 10 rounds outside OT which her husband and family members do, doctor’s come out with a cute baby and says congratulation it’s a baby girl. Real life is very different, when your water breaks you will be needing some protection so that your dress is not completely wet also it trickles you and at times smell off.

Pointless birth plans

As most of the website mention and books say that you should be preparing your birth plan for safe and painless pregnancy. But on the D-day you plan becomes pointless and you are in such a terrible pain that where is aroma oil and where is your napkin all goes waste. You family and specially your partner is so panicked seeing you shouting on top of your voice that they might forget the whole bag at home.

Your private parts are no more private

There were times when going for a regular checkup with a male doctor seems to be so shameful and difficult. But now you are under a group of males investing you, it can be your entomologist and at times your gynecologist can be a male himself. You are just kept open and your private parts are no more private.

8. Too much of blood loss

Sometimes while a C- section mother faces too much of blood loss and in need of blood, if you are one of the rare types blood group keep your donor ready near the time of delivery as it will safe your havoc and stress in those difficult moments.

9. Getting fear

By now people have told you so many things to scare you about the laborpain that when actually you are in that, the fear of death bothers you the most. Hence it is always advisable not to compare yourself with other people.

10. The Bill

Last but not the least; don’t forget the charges for the delivery of your child. I won’t lie, but childbirth can be an expensive affair that can cost a whole lot of your savings. You will not just be paying for the childbirth, but you also have to think about baby essentials like car seats, cribs, pram, bassinet, etc. and this will add to up to almost ½ of your savings for sure. Apart from all this changes there are many other changes which you will observe at the time of child birth

Getting emotional

You may think you are very practical and strong person your whole life but pregnancy will make you sad and depressed. There are hormones which take over you and you are just not bale to control that sudden anger burst or a sudden urge for crying.Though your parents, In-laws and your partner are just right beside you still you feel lonely all the time.

Your appearance start to bother your

All this while you were a weight watcher and use to feel so great when people complimented you for looking beautiful. But suddenly acne outburst starts on your face and it is no more as beautiful as before, also your hair seems to be getting off your head for some reason. You are no longer able to do your favourite hair style and you are constantly putting on inches and weight on unwanted regions.

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