92 Year Old Lady Meets Her Great Grand Daughter 92 Year Old Lady Meets Her Great Grand Daughter
Lot of people underestimates the value of grandparents in their lives. Whether you agree or not but they make up part of who we... 92 Year Old Lady Meets Her Great Grand Daughter


Lot of people underestimates the value of grandparents in their lives. Whether you agree or not but they make up part of who we are and offer us a special view of the world.

They are different and more experienced than everyone else; of we take time to know them more they can help to change our lives.Grandparents know a time which you will never know. You know the world from a perspective year till today, your parents know 20- 30 years period before that but their experiences are 20- 40 years more back. So it’s a vast pool of knowledge waiting for some appreciation.

They have learnt lot of things from life and with passing years’ lot of life have happened which we are unaware of. Our grandparents have loved hurt, lost and rejoiced many more times than us and our parents. They have the benefit of seeing the world from a different perspective which their peers only know. With passing time world changes and so do we change our perspective at different walks of age.

There will be many people in this world who love and care for you but grandparent’s way no one else can. Grand children are unique to them as they are kids of their own children. They know you right from the day you are born, watch you grow up all with the eyes of a loving parent but without being a parent. They are unconditionally loving as your parents but less strict eyes and more lenient compared to your parents.They know who they themselves are and who your parents are, and they see how those things influenced your life. They therefore see you in a completely way than anyone else.

Grandparents usually are refereed as joy for the grand children. Grand children love the fact that grandparents love them no matter what it is. Though grandparents also express the same feelings towards their grand children, just the grand parenting styles are different. There are a lot of things that their experiences have to say.

Do take the initiative to know your grandparents, spend time with them, talk to them, ask them about their life experiences and you will notice enthusiasm and smile with which they tell you those stories. There are many grandparents who provide daily childcare for their grandchildren as the parents are usually working these days. And most grandparents share the experience that they love to make arrangements for the grand children as they cherish each and every moment with their grand children always. Whatever it is, a cutest grand child is far more than anything that the grand parents can handle.

Alienation about Power and Control

Nasty parents alienate their children from their grandparents, and other family members just to punish and inflict pain on those who do not listen to their whims and manipulation, and refuse to respond to their demands.Individuals who alienate their children from others in the child’s family are like the mean kids in high school who demand that their friends be angry with whomever they’re angry with, and hate whomever they hate. She’s mad at you, or doesn’t like you, so, therefore, your child must do the same.

These kind of parents requires, implicitly or explicitly, that their children feel and act the same way as they do. The parents who engages in alienation tactics enlists their children to take on his or her battle against you. This is not the act of a responsible, mature adult, but of a much less responsible and loving parent. This kind of bullying behavior is called mobbing.

How to bond with Grand Children if they Stay Away


 For grandparents who live far away from their grandchildren face a difficult challenge to form a close bond with them when they are together so seldom? Families today are fragmented; seniors and their adult children may live thousands of miles apart.Career opportunities take couples to the other side of the country or the other side of the world and this include the grandchildren as well. Grandparentsthemselves may have careers of their own that keep them from following when their loved ones move away, or perhaps they cannot afford to move. In addition, moving closer to the grandchildren may not be practical because of health considerations: seniors may feel the need to remain near their trusted doctors who have known them for many years and near hospitals where they have come to feel secure.

Climatic conditions too may keep the extended family apart. Some people cannot bear cold temperatures and snow, others hate heat, and still others might have no tolerance for high humidity. Extreme weather conditions can be difficult at any age but are especially problematic in the later years. And some seniors dislike the hustle and bustle of city living, while others cannot imagine living anywhere else.

And above all these conditions and requirements were not difficult enough, imagine what happens when grandparents do move closer to their grandchildren, only to watch their adult child pick up and leave shortly thereafter. When once asked a retired pharmacist why did he move to California from New York; he told me that he had relocated to be near his daughter and her husband, and his two grandchildren – but within a year they had moved back East to accept job appointments at a new college. Should he follow them again? Was puzzled and didn’t know what to do. Just imagine having several adult children with several grandchildren among them, and the families are spread out across the country in different cities. Which set of grandchildren would one follow and how often would to see others?

So how do long distance grandparents create loving, lifelong bonds with their grandchildren? A psychological research indicates that there is more to attachment than the amount of time parents and children spend together, and the same principle applies to grandparent/grandchild bonds. Lifelong attachments between grandparents and grandchildren can form even with relatively short periods of physical contact.

With latest gadgets and technological upgrades there are many ways to stay connected with each other out of which, video chat is an amazing tool for long distance grandparents. They can watch the children grow up, week by week, and in turn, when they meet face to face, the grandparents will not be a stranger to the children. With video chat, they can do things together visually: the grandparents might buy two copies of a book at the child’s reading level, and sends one copy to the grandchild and keeps one for themselves. And when they talk on the phone or use video chat, they can read the book together. They can share their artwork or attend a party virtually, but yet there isn’t any real substitution for hugs and kisses?

  • Children’s memories of their time spent with their grandparents stay with them throughout their lifetime — long after their grandparents are gone. Remembrances can even be passed down to generation to generation, a glimmer of immortality. The task for long distance grandparents then, is to learn how to form these outstanding memories. Here are a few suggestions:
  • To take a trip with each grandchild, it can be a camping for a week or shopping at a grocery store- is one way to form one to one bonds.
  • Young children’s like repetition, then it be reading same book again or playing the same games, that’s how they learn. So here’s an advantage for grandparents to get involved with the as at aging they have a gift of greater patience, slower pace and appreciates little things as well. They are the perfect audience compare to parents.
  • Its easy for grandparents to initiate their own routines with the grandchild, as picking an old song from there growing years which the child might enjoy as well.
  • Preparing or even mailing their favorite food or chocolates can create lifelong memories.
  • They are best story tellers and grandchildren would love to hear stories about their parents when they were young. Some humorous incidents or some touching aspect of parent’s characters.
  • Older grandchildren can keep in touch through texting or instant messaging, and digital photos and if grandparents don’t know how to use a new technology, let them teach you! Preteens and teenagers enjoy feeling like they have valuable expertise. Grandparents can arrange to talk to preteens and teenagers, maybe by cell phone, at times when the teens know the grandparents are not calling to talk to their parents, that the phone call is just for them.

The love of grandparents for children is much essential in life. But unfortunately recent researches show that most of the children are not getting opportunity to have contact with their grandparents. Grand parents can always teach the children how to deal with difficult situations and help to plan the future in a better way. It should be a joint venture along with parents and grandparents in teaching the child about the values in the world. Here is one amazing story where a great grandmother gets to meet her great granddaughter for the first time.

The Grand Meet

It is often rare that the grandparents and grand children meet each other. This is because there are many reasons why they might be separated due to distance, divorce and influence of step parents and so many reasons to mention. When meeting grandchild itself is a difficult thing these days, here is one such story where a 92 year old lady meets her great granddaughter for the first time.

This came into picture when a Reddit user captured this perfectly and shared a precious photo captioned, “My 92 year old grandmother meeting my 2 day old daughter for the first time. Life comes and goes, but it’s always beautiful.”The moment is just special to look at since you get to see a full circle of life coming into picture. It is just incredible to see that how an age gap of nearly a century makes absolutely no difference in terms of love.

Having a complete life in your hand is always a wonderful moment to be cherished. This was truly one amazing story that anyone would stay teary eyed after watching. Really! Parents are most important in the life of children and the role of grandparents is also important where the children get a certain guidelines and boundaries in which they can learn.You simply can’t deny the beauty of this picture, and we’d love to continue seeing these kind of moments shared.Moments like these remind us that life is a beautiful gift from God. Everything in our life is only through his blessings. What our bodies are able to create is the life that God has planned and loved. This is a truly a remarkable and most enjoyable moment.

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