100 Best Twin Baby Boy Names With Meanings 100 Best Twin Baby Boy Names With Meanings
Welcoming their little bundle of joy is probably one of the happiest things for couples. This joy may be doubled when there’s news of... 100 Best Twin Baby Boy Names With Meanings

1692Welcoming their little bundle of joy is probably one of the happiest things for couples. This joy may be doubled when there’s news of twins. Whether it is twin boys or girls, parents go through a mixed rainbow of feelings after welcoming them. Thinking of names for twins could be quite something as you may try a variety of permutations and combinations. Babies Are Beautiful is here with a list of many such possibilities for twin boys, to make your task easier.

Choosing The Best Twin Baby Boys Names:

Twins usually have similarities in their appearance and nature, which is why having similar names is not a bad idea. You may opt for names that signify colors, nature, and human qualities, or have spiritual connotations.

We have listed out 100 famous twin baby boy names, most of which are based on different categories that are released by the US Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA publishes a top list of twin names every year, picked from birth certificates in that particular year.

Names With Similar Meaning For Twin Boys:
Asher and Felix – Fortunate
Frederick and Milo – Peace
Orlando and Rodrigo – Famous
Cyrus and Samson – Sun
Louis and Walter – Warrior
Alden and Ramona – Wise

Names Associated With Nature For Twin Boys:
Ariel – Lion of God, Atwood – Forest dweller
Barclay – Meadow of birch trees, Benton – One who dwells in the moors
Colin – Cub, Colm – Dove
Leon – Lion, Leonard – As brave as lion
Oliver – Olive tree, Orson – Like the bear
Walden – Woods, Wildon – From the wooded hill

Spiritual Names For Twin Boys:
Aaron – Exalted, Abel – Breath
Abe – Father of nations, Abraham – Exalted father
Christian – Follower of Christ, Christopher – Christ-bearer
John – God is gracious, Jonah – Dove
Melchior – City of the King, Michael – Humble
Noah – Comfort, Noel – Christmas
Sanskrit Names For Twin Boys:
Anuj – Younger brother, Tanuj – Rising Sun
Mridul – Soft, Mukul – Blossom
Hemal – Golden, Heman – Gold
Lalith – Elegant, Lohith – Red, made of copper
Sanket – Signal, Sankalp – Determination
Tapan – Sun, Tapas – Heat

Happy Names For Twin Boys:

Arnan – Joyful, Asher – Happiness
Caio – Joy, Caius – Rejoice
Gale – Cheerful, Gaye – Merry
Gil – Joy, Gilon – Joy
Faine – Happy, Felix – Fortunate
Oron – Joy, Osher – Happiness

Twin Baby Boy Names With Same Number Of Syllables:
Jackson – God has been gracious, Madison – Surname derived from Matthew ‘gift of God’
Henry and Harry – both mean Estate ruler
Charlie – Freeman, Riley – Courageous
Ethan – Strong, Evan – The Lord is gracious
Jordan – Flowing down, Justin – Righteous

Celebrity Inspired Names For Twin Boys:
Bob – Bright fame, Max – Greatest (twin of actors Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller)
Dexter – Right-handed, Frank – Free-man (twins of Ppianist/singer Diana Krall and musician Elvis Costello)
Hunter – One who hunts, Jake – Supplanter (sons of model Niki Taylor)
Julian – Youthful, Aaron – Exalted (sons of actor Robert De Niro)
Henry – Estate ruler, Rufus – Red-haired (sons of singer James Taylor)
Valentino – Strength, Matteo – Gift of God (sons of singer Ricky Martin)

Twin Baby Boy Names That Rhyme:
Daniel – God is my judge, Nathaniel – Gift of God
Aidan – Little fire, Caden – Spirit of battle
Rhett – Ardent, Brett – A native of Brittany
Jarrett – Spear strong, Barrett – Brave as a bear
Ian – Gift from God, Ryan – Little King
Graham – Gravelly homestead, Sam – Told by God
Preston – Priest’s estate, Weston – From the Western tower
Casper – Treasurer, Jasper – Keeper of treasure
Carmello – Fruitful orchard, Othello – Prosperous

Names That Start With The Same Letter:
Benjamin – Son of the right hand, Braxton – Brock’s settlement
Taylor – Tailor, Tyler – Maker of bricks
Parker – Keeper of the forest, Porter – Gatekeeper
Jayden – Jehovah has heard, Jaylen – Healer
Roman – Citizen of Rome, Rowan – Little red one
Carl – Famous bearer, Calvin – Hairless
Jacob – Holder of the heel, Joshua – Jehovah is generous
Landon – From the long hill, Logan – Hollow
James – One who follows, John – Jehovah has been gracious
Nathan – Gift from God, Nicholas – People of victory
Jonathan – Jehovah has given, Jack – God is merciful
Brandon – Broom covered hill, Bryan – Strong and honorable
Santiago – Saint James, Sebastian – Majestic and venerable
Carter – Cart maker, Cooper – A barrel maker
Wilson – Son of will, William – Resolute protection
Essex – English place name by the meaning East Saxons, Eugene – Wellborn, noble
Melbourne – From the mill stream, Mitchell – Who is like God

Seasonal Names For Twin Boys:
Ash – A tree name, Auburn – Autumn full of vibrant reds and oranges
Forest – Dweller amongst the woods, Frost – Born during cold weather
Rory – Red king, Woodrow – Row of houses by a wood
Jaden – God has heard, Zikomo – Thank You (Thanksgiving names)
Winter – season, Wynter – Born in winter
Kent – England, Laredo – Texas
Trenton – New Jersey, Washington – England

Virtue Names For Twin Boys:
Bright – Shining, Brio – Life
Justice – Righteous, Loyal – Faithful
Meridian – Middle, Merit – Worth
Reason – Reason, Revere – Respect
Zen – State of calm, Zenith – Highest peak

Twin Baby Boy Names With The Same Origin:
Elijah – Jehovah of God, Isaac – Laughter (Hebrew origin)
Hector – To hold, Albert – Noble (Greek origin)
Javier – New house, Joaquin – Raised by Yahweh (Spanish origin)
Adolf – Noble wolf, Albin – White (Polish origin)
Abhainn – River, Achaius – Horseman (Scottish origin)

Indian Twin Boy Names:
Achal – Constant, Amar – Immortal
Girish – God of mountain, Harish – Lord Shiva
Hitesh – Lord of Goodness, Ritesh -Lord of Truth
Kamal – Lotus, Vimal – Pure
Ketan – Home, Chetan – Life
Manav – Man, Abhinav – Novel or innovative
Madhur – Sweet, Milan – Union
Mohan – Someone who is charming, Rohan – Ascending
Mohit – One who is attracted, Rohit – Red
Pinank – Lord Shiva, Piyush – Milk
Harsh – Happiness, Sparsh – Touch
Nishant – Dawn, Vishant – Another name of Vishnu
Prashant – Calm, Sushant – Quiet
Sachit – Consciousness, Rachit – Invention
Sanjeev – Giving life, Rajeeb – Achiever
Ahil – Guide, Rahil – Traveller


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