10 Activities That Make Reading Fun For Kids You Should Know 10 Activities That Make Reading Fun For Kids You Should Know
Are you looking for ways to encourage your child to read? Here are a few activities that can help kids to have a lot... 10 Activities That Make Reading Fun For Kids You Should Know

1741Are you looking for ways to encourage your child to read? Here are a few activities that can help kids to have a lot of fun and develop a lifelong love of reading in the process.

1. Become A Character From A Book!

Fun Reading ActivitiesAfter each book is finished, designate a particular amount of time for you and/or your child to pretend to be the main character(s) of the book. If you just finished a pirate book, you could dress up as a pirate and spend the rest of the afternoon speaking in a pirate accent!

2. Fish For Adjectives!

Cut out several fish from brightly colored construction paper, and write various adjectives on them. Tape a paperclip to the edge of each fish. Make a fishing rod using a stick and a piece of yarn. Attach a small magnet to the end of the “fishing line”. Write out a short, silly story on a piece of paper, leaving a blank where each of the adjectives should go. Have your child read the story aloud, and each time he reaches a blank, he must then “go fishing” for the adjective that belongs in the blank.

3. Build A Story!

Take building blocks or simple wooden blocks and affix words to the side of them with tape. Mix all of the word blocks up on the floor and challenge your child to build a building that tells a story!

4. Follow The Clues!

Tape notes in various places around your house, starting with the front door, telling your child where to find the next clue. At the end of the trail of clues, have a special treat waiting!

5. Sing Me A Story!

Many children love to sing, and singing a silly story is quite a lot of fun! Give your child a silly rhyming story and have them sing it, instead of reading it. Encourage silly voices and even accompanying dance moves!

6. The Rhyme Game

Set a kitchen timer for a minute or so, and give your child a story to read aloud. Every time that the timer beeps, your child has to come up with a word that rhymes with the last word they spoke. Re-set the timer and have them continue reading.

7. Write And Act Out A Family Play!

Have your child imagine a play for your family to act in. Once the play is written out, give each family member his or her “part” to read, and put on a show in your living room.

8. Pull A Story Out Of A Hat!

Take several strips of paper and write silly sentences on them. For example, one could read “I tripped on a snail.” Another could say “Tomorrow, I will take a ride on a frog!” Take all of the strips of paper and toss them together in a hat. Have your child pull strips out, one at a time, and read them aloud. This activity will have them giggling their way through a whole story!

9. Go On An Adventure!

Pick up a book about someone going on a scavenger hunt, and then have a scavenger hunt with your child. Read a book about a camping or hiking adventure and end it with an actual campout or hike!

10. Write And Illustrate Your Own Bedtime Stories!

Have your child write a short story of their own, and draw illustrations on each page. Use a stapler to bind your child’s book pages together, and then allow him to read the bedtime story to you.
Alternatively, make your own personalized children’s book that will include your child name as the story’s main character to inspire imaginations and create a memory for your child that will last a lifetime!

These activities will engage your children and help them to see reading as more than just words on a page!


  • Trenton Bowens

    2016-07-28 #1 Author

    Definitely going to use these tips!


  • Cedriayna

    2016-07-29 #2 Author

    I love it!


  • Kaneesha W.

    2016-07-29 #3 Author

    These tips are very helpful for my little bunch ! We are definitely going to give these a try.


  • Raven

    2016-07-29 #4 Author

    Going to try this out with my niece & nephew they starting school this year


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