When Should Baby Move Into Her Own Room? When Should Baby Move Into Her Own Room?
Babies should sleep close to their parents (on a safe, separate surface, not in your bed) during the first few months of life, says... When Should Baby Move Into Her Own Room?

Babies should sleep close to their parents (on a safe, separate surface, not in your bed) during the first few months of life, says Preeti Parikh, MD, board-certified pediatrician, assistant clinical professor in the pediatrics department at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and an American Academy of Pediatrics fellow and spokeswoman. She recommends even longer than you might think — about six months. Being in the room with you helps prevent SIDS, makes feeding time easier, and keeps you from wandering down the hallway when you could be getting an extra minute or two of shut-eye. (You’ll take all you can get, right?)

After that six month mark, you can be roomies as long as you like. Part of it will depend on how often baby’s waking at night. Obviously, keeping baby in your room will be a lot easier on you if you’re breastfeeding and baby still wakes every two to three hours for feedings. A baby is usually ready to cut out nighttime feedings when she’s four to six months old.

Wondering if moving baby to her own room could actually help her sleep through the night? It’s not a guarantee but it might, Parikh says. Some babies wake up if they sense you’re in the room and then have a tough time soothing themselves back to sleep. Others don’t care one way or the other. You can give the big move a try and see how baby responds.

Some parents are ready to move baby earlier than others. For example, you might be eager to get your sex life back on track and want some alone time with your partner. We don’t blame you!

But putting baby in her own room makes some new moms anxious. If you’re ready to move baby, but at the same time worried about it, set up a video or audio monitor in baby’s nursery so you can keep tabs on her. And make sure her crib is safe: Baby should snooze on a flat mattress with a fitted crib sheet, wearing a sleep sack, Parikh says. Don’t put in any bumpers, stuffed toys or blankets, and you’ll sleep more soundly knowing there’s nothing in there that poses a safety risk.


  • Jabrea Tiana Mcquarter

    2016-08-05 #1 Author

    When she is coming home from the hospital because once they start sleeping with you they never stop I know because my kids still sleep with me


  • Katy

    2016-08-05 #2 Author

    I think a baby should move into their own room at 1 year old


  • Kelly

    2016-08-05 #3 Author

    They baby should move in to their own room at one


  • Riee Phadael

    2016-08-05 #5 Author

    I think babies should sleep in their own rooms from the time they get home from the hospital. They tend to get attached and use to sleeping with mom and dad if that’s all they’ve been doing since birth. I feel it is harder on the parents to let the baby sleep on their own, then it is on the child. It’s so hard for us to be away from our babies even if they’re in a room down the hall.


  • Alexandria

    2016-08-05 #6 Author

    I think they should not move into they room in till they like 1 or 2 years old


  • Khadeja Williams

    2016-08-06 #7 Author

    Babies should not move into their own room until at least 1 or 2. You should at least try to let them sleep in a bassinet when they are first born so they can have a feel of a bed and not getting use to sleeping with their parents!


  • Ashley

    2016-08-06 #8 Author

    Babies should start sleeping in their own room at 1


  • francis sarah otashe

    2016-08-06 #9 Author

    i think baby shuold move to his own room at one


  • Sasha

    2016-08-06 #10 Author

    I honestly believe a baby should sleep in there own room at the age of 2 but they should sleep in there own crib once they are born even if the crib is in the parents room. I wish I would of done it that way but since she was my first born I wanted her close but now she owns my bed and pillow lol


  • Tameka Douglas

    2016-08-06 #11 Author

    A baby should move in their own room at one.


  • Shaniece mason

    2016-08-06 #12 Author

    I don’t think they should move into their own room in till probably 2!


  • Jasmine

    2016-08-06 #13 Author

    1 is the magic number. However, I’m not sure how that’s going to work for my daughter because she’s been sleep with me since she was born


  • Desiree Johns

    2016-08-07 #14 Author

    I Think A Baby Should Move Into Their Own Room When They Turn 1 Because Thats An Age Where They Start To Learn Big Kid Things N Move Around More!!!!


  • Lihh meak

    2016-08-07 #15 Author

    Aww this is so amazing


  • Shantelsmith@ameritech.net

    2016-08-07 #16 Author

    I’ll never be ready for this lol.


  • Meagan Williams

    2016-08-09 #17 Author

    My baby has been sleeping with me since she was born. I had to have spinal surgery 2 days after my delivery & it was a struggle trying to bend over a bed throughout the night. Now I can’t get her to sleep in a crib at all!!!


  • Kheyz LaShay

    2016-08-12 #18 Author

    It depends I had a c-section and I wasn’t able to move around that well after I got home so my baby slept in my room in my bed it was more convenient for me and for him but it may be different for others


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