Aliya Saleem, of Jharkhand, India, was brought to the public’s attention because of her oversized body. Saleem was born at a relatively large 9lbs and... GIANT 41-POUND BABY STRUGGLES WITH HEALTH ISSUES


Aliya Saleem, of Jharkhand, India, was brought to the public’s attention because of her oversized body. Saleem was born at a relatively large 9lbs and over the course of 10 months she reached 41 pounds. This makes Saleem one of the heaviest children in the world for her age. Saleem’s 25 year-old mother, Shabana Parveen, and her 28 year-old father, Mohammad Saleem, are struggling physically and financially to support their daughter. According to the DailyMail, her mother said:

“A few months after her birth, she starting gaining weight. We had to buy her a new pair of clothes every two weeks because the old ones become too tight for her.”

Although she may be different than the other babies in the village, Saleem is quite the favorite and gets a lot of attention, Mrs. Parveen claims. “Everybody in the village loves her. Kids also come and play with her. But very few can lift her.”

According to her mother, Saleem’s daily food intake is three times that of a normal child. The health of this poor child has become a major issue. The average weight of a ten-month-old child is 18 pounds and Saleem is well past the average. She is as heavy as an average six-year-old girl. They have set up a consultation at Fortis Hospital on the outskirts of Delhi in a bid to try and get to the bottom of their daughter’s massive weight gain. Her father indicated:

“We have tried our best, but we could only afford to take her to the local hospital. The doctors in the village could not tell us clearly what she is suffering from. We took Aliya to a doctor in Ranchi. After the check up the doctor suggested that we go to another city, but we couldn’t afford that so we didn’t take her.”

Dr. Krishan Chugh, head of paediatrics at Fortis, explained:

“This is the heaviest baby at ten months of age that I have seen. This could be case of morbid obesity or even a hormonal imbalance. But we need to conduct some tests on her before making a proper diagnosis. The treatment depends on the diagnosis that we make. There are some disorders that can be treated. As far as the reversal of this weight gain is concerned, that would depend on when we find a cause for it.”

Saleem’s mother struggles every day with holding the baby in her lap long enough time to give her the proper attention she needs. Her mother expressed major concern for her daughter, as this would not be the first time her husband and herself lost a child due to obesity. She reflects by saying:

“She has become very heavy. My husband comes home very late from work. So all through the day, I have to do household chores and also look after Aliya. It is difficult because she cannot even sit still on her own. She keeps crying throughout the day. She wakes up at night abruptly and also she cannot breathe properly.”

Saleem’s obesity is becoming a common issue in adults and children around the world but this is an extreme example of the issue at hand. In fact, the World Health Organization reports “childhood obesity is already epidemic in some areas and on the rise in others. An estimated 17.6 million children under five are estimated to be overweight worldwide.”

Check out the story behind Saleem’s weight issue in the video below!

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