KEENE, N.H. —A Keene police officer broke a car window last month to retrieve what he thought was a baby locked inside, only to find it was a lifelike doll.

On July 23, Keene police Lt. Jason Short was dispatched to Walmart for a report of a baby in a locked car. It was very hot that day and as soon as Short saw what he thought was a baby’s feet poking out from under a blanket in a car seat, he smashed the window in.

Short pulled the blanket away and saw what he thought was a dead child. He lifted the baby out and breathed into its mouth, but its lungs did not inflate.

A nurse told Short it was a doll. Short saw that the mouth did not open and it had no ear canals, so he concluded it was a doll and canceled a call for an ambulance.

Short said the doll’s owner told him the doll was designed to be as realistic as possible, and that it looked and felt like a real baby.

Short would not comment on whether the police have paid to fix the car window.