Did You Know That A Fathers Attention Can Increase Baby’s IQ?.. Here’s How

Giving birth and breastfeeding mean that biologically the mother is the prime nurturer of a child. However, this doesn’t mean that fathers shouldn’t be involved… If you’re a new father, spending plenty of time with your baby could boost their mental development, a new study suggests. British researchers looked at…

The ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ Is Real, This Girl Sleeps For Months at a Time

“I wanna show people what my life is like” says 22 year old vloger Beth Goodyear who was diagnosed with Kleine–Levin syndrome (KLS), also known as Sleeping Beauty syndrome  which is a rare sleep disordercharacterized by persistent episodic hypersomnia and cognitive or mood changes. Many patients also experience hyperphagia, hypersexuality and other…

Movie Star Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Welcome Their First Baby

We say a big congratulations to  Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, as welcomed their first child together. The Oscar nominee, 42, and the Russian supermodel, 31, quietly welcomed their bundle of joy earlier this month. This is the first child for the couple, who started dating in April 2015…

Pregnancy Survival Kit: 12 Essential Items For Expecting Moms
You just found out you are pregnant and already it’s started: the fatigue, the nausea, breast tenderness and peeing ALL the time. If it already seems tough, what is a pregnant girl to do? To help you get through the next few months till your delivery date, the following... Read more
Michelle Obama: ‘Don’t Let Anyone Ever Tell You That This Country Isn’t Great’
“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country is not great, that somehow we need to make it great again. Because this right now is the greatest country on Earth.” Michelle Obama delivered a personal and heartfelt speech before the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, making a... Read more
Common Products That Can Harm Your Baby
Many common household items contain hazardous substances, some of which can interfere with the body’s hormones. These chemicals might not pose a problem for you, but they could affect your baby’s health. Read more
20 Deadly Cancer Symptoms Most Women Ignore
When talking about prevention of cancer, routine tests are not sufficient if you want to be on the safe side. What’s important is to listen to your body and notice when something’s different, unexplainable, and odd. Therefore, take a look at some of these symptoms that are commonly overlooked:... Read more
Your Birth Month Reveals Your Potential Health Risks
A new study conducted by scientists from Columbia University reveals that there’s an inherent connection between a person’s birth month and their health. According to the team of researchers, the month of birth can influence the onset of certain diseases. Doctor Nicholas Tatonetti , a professor at the Columbia... Read more
12 Ways Your Body Tries To Tell You That Your Liver Is Being Damaged
The liver, located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen and enclosed partially by the ribs, is the largest organ in the human body. It is very important for a number of bodily functions. Therefore, it is crucial to known the symptoms of liver damage and how to... Read more
This Popular Drink Destroys Your Thyroid. Do You Drink It?
Do you drink soy milk? Many people believe it is a much healthier option than regular milk since it has even been recommended by many nutritionists for regular consumption, but the claim that it’s good for your health is far from the truth. It has lately been discovered that... Read more
What parents need to know about digital technology and their baby
While waiting for the arrival of their baby, many parents spend hours scouring the internet for the most educational toys, invest in top-of-the-line baby monitors and survey fellow parents about the best schools and daycare in the area. Read more
Twitter celebrates Obama hitting 10 million users with video highlights
The era of Barack Obama as U.S. president is gradually winding down, with less than six months left before we get either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House. Read more
Doctors remove massive tumor from toddler
Little Sandy’s surgery to remove a tumor on her face was a success, doctors said Wednesday. Read more

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