Remove Stretch Marks In Skin During Pregnancy With These Simple Steps Remove Stretch Marks In Skin During Pregnancy With These Simple Steps
From stretch marks to pigmentation, we talk you through the skin changes that can happen during pregnancy.What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are thin... Remove Stretch Marks In Skin During Pregnancy With These Simple Steps

From stretch marks to pigmentation, we talk you through the skin changes that can happen during pregnancy.What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are thin reddish or purple marks that appear on your skin when your body shape suddenly changes. They often appear in patches, and can form a ripple pattern on your skin.

Stretch marks are caused by the deep layers of the skin having to stretch too fast, either through pregnancy, growth spurts or weight gain. These layers break and tear in places, leaving marks which are visible on the skin’s surface.

How can you prevent stretch marks?

Some people are very prone to stretch marks, while other get none at all. It’s not clear whether or not stretch marks can be prevented. Massaging your skin with oil may help, but this hasn’t been proven.

What products are best for treating stretch marks?

You can buy creams and oils that claim to treat stretch marks, but there’s no proof that they work. However, using amoisturiser or oil is a good way to take care of your skin in general and can be an enjoyable way to pamper yourself.

At what stage of pregnancy do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks can begin to appear from 13 to 21 weeks. You might notice them at any time after that. Some women even discover stretch marks after their baby is born.

Do stretch marks fade away and disappear?

Over time they will fade to a silvery colour and become less noticeable. But stretch marks will not disappear completely.

Where do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks may appear on the belly, thighs or breasts, or anywhere you are gaining weight.

Why have some parts of my skin become darker?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make parts of your skin darker, for example your breasts, inner thighs and genitals. Some women also get a dark line, called the lineanigra, between their navel and pubic bone. These marks usually fade away within a few months of the birth.

What is pregnancy mask?

Pregnancy mask, also called chloasma or melasma, is a pattern of darker skin on the face, usually appearing over the nose and cheekbones. Like other pigmentation changes, it’s caused by your hormones and should fade away after you give birth. Wearing sunscreen can help prevent the patches getting darker in the meantime.

Does pregnancy make skin more sensitive?

Skin can feel more delicate during pregnancy. There are a few reasons for this – your skin is stretched more, your hormone levels are changing and there’s more blood flowing around your body.

Can pregnancy cause dry, itchy skin?

Itching and rashes are common among expectant mums. They may come and go throughout your pregnancy. If it’s severe, ask your doctor for advice.

Can pregnancy cause acne?

Many women find they’re more prone to spots during pregnancy. This can be because your skin becomes oilier as your hormones change. Wash your skin regularly and use oil-free moisturisers. If you wear makeup, look for products designed for oily skin.

Did you know…?

The ‘glow’ of pregnancy makes your skin more pink, plump and shiny. It’s caused by increased blood flow and hormonal changes which make your skin produce more oil.


Credit: Cusson Baby Nigeria


  • Juuicy Michie

    2016-09-05 #1 Author

    I’m going to try this with my current pregnancy because I hate stretch marks and I would love a remedy that can remove them


    • Quinnetta Jones

      2016-10-04 #2 Author



      • Jovita hughlett

        2016-11-13 #3 Author

        I really got big after my baby. So I too will be using this


        • Amberia Nunn

          2016-12-20 #4 Author

          I had stretch marks before I was even pregnant so they really didn’t bother me when I got more after my baby I love them .


          • Brittany gordon

            2017-01-18 #5 Author

            I’ve also heard that coconut oil works too

      • Adrianne Robinson

        2017-02-21 #6 Author

        I wish I would have know about this during my pregnancy 😔


        • Tora

          2017-02-23 #7 Author

          I used oils and lotions during my pregnancy but nothing worked. Once I got about 8/9 months my stretch marks appeared & aren’t very pleasant looking right now. Is there anyway I could get rid of them?


      • walteria

        2017-02-22 #8 Author

        After just having my first born baby I have lots of stretch marks an the worse part is they itch so bad but my stomach is so sore it sucks 😢


      • Laurel

        2017-02-28 #9 Author

        I really have a lot of stretch marks


        • Tamarra

          2017-04-15 #10 Author

          Me too! I wonder if this works if you’ve already had your baby.?


      • Dartania Ditzman

        2017-03-03 #11 Author

        So how do we get rid myself f them😪😂


        • WILLOW

          2017-05-01 #12 Author

          After 3 kids I’m extremelyucky b/c I dont have ant strech marks


      • Clarissa

        2017-05-18 #13 Author

        I have a lot of stretch marks on my stomach but I was young and didn’t listen when my mom kept saying use cocoa butter


      • Neshia

        2017-05-29 #14 Author

        I have a few stretch marks in my stomach & they appeared round my 8th or 9th month into my pregnancy. Is there any oils to help get rid of them? I’ve heard about the bio-oil I wonder does that work


    • Rashawn

      2016-12-05 #15 Author

      Stretch marks are beautiful . love you flaws and kids are a blessing


    • Kayla harris

      2016-12-13 #16 Author

      I’m going to try this even tho I always keep my belly mostirised I really just learned something new !


    • Alexus

      2017-01-07 #17 Author

      Stretch marks are beautiful . love you flaws and kids are a blessing


      • Britt

        2017-01-30 #18 Author

        I used bio oil during and after my pregnancy. It helped removed and lighten then marks


    • Tierra

      2017-01-09 #20 Author

      Something i reAlly need to try if i have another baby


    • Breana

      2017-02-08 #21 Author

      Interested in it.. I need to try this.. After my first one they were really bad.


    • Angel eyes

      2017-02-09 #22 Author

      Stretch marks are Permanent You can’t get rid of them and it sucks


    • Kiishun

      2017-02-15 #23 Author

      Mine only lighten up but their still there.


    • Tedra

      2017-02-16 #24 Author

      Wow! I wish I could have saw this sooner. I have one son and I have stretch marks on my stomach. I heard about this creme after birth that you can use, but I love my strectch marks am.I’m.not ashame of them


    • Williams

      2017-02-20 #25 Author

      Okay nice message


    • Tora

      2017-02-23 #26 Author

      I stayed using oils and lotions on my body during my pregnancy. But nothing seemed to help. Around 8/9 months I started gettin stretch marks & they’ve become bad now. Is there anyway I could get rid go them?


    • Meshia Flannigan

      2017-02-26 #27 Author

      I just had my 3rd child, and she gave me stretch marks


    • Lynn Maysonet

      2017-03-01 #29 Author

      I found that Palmers coco/Shea Butter is quite effective. There’s a kit including body butter and oil specifically for stretch marks you can find at Target or Burlington in the baby products section .


    • Dartania Ditzman

      2017-03-03 #30 Author

      So how do we get rid myself f them😪😂


    • Walteria

      2017-03-07 #31 Author

      I have so many stretch marks that i wish would just go away seriously ive tried so many different things to get rid of them but nothing works i dont know what else i can use to get rid of them


    • Walteria

      2017-03-07 #32 Author

      I just had my first baby just 2 weeks ago an i have many stretch marks ive been trying differnt creams that i was told could make the stretch marks go away but they’re still here


    • Netalia figueroa

      2017-04-13 #33 Author

      I shoild have used this while i was pregnant becuase now i have alot. And it was my first baby.


    • Janae

      2017-05-10 #34 Author

      Just go to target and they have this really good stretch mark cream ! Stretch marks will be gone in at lest a good 4 weeks


    • Rayna Jacobs

      2017-05-22 #35 Author

      Omg I have to try this mine look terrible


    • Heather

      2017-05-28 #36 Author

      Vitamin e oil worked great for stretch marks!


  • Kendrick Franklin

    2016-09-05 #37 Author

    I should have tried that lol


    • Tanika balckmon

      2016-10-21 #38 Author

      You make also use lemon juice and baking soda mix it up and rub it on your stretch mark in it will lighten your marks


      • Dymon Escoto

        2016-12-02 #39 Author

        I am pregnant with my second child, with the first I hardly had any stretch marks and this time around I feel I’m being stretched beyond the limit and its freaking me out. I hope they lighten up. Definitely going to try this remedy . Thanks for sharing!


  • Chy’na Scott

    2016-09-05 #40 Author

    I’m am also going to try! These stretch marks are ridiculous!


    • Diana jackson

      2016-11-06 #41 Author

      Thanks so much for sharing,very informative article


  • Markesha

    2016-09-05 #42 Author

    I have really bad stretch marks after having my son and definitely want to try this hopefully it can get rid of them because I like certain clothes and with my stretch marks I can’t wear them. Hopefully it works.


    • Chase franciscus E. Carlos

      2017-05-09 #43 Author

      I have so many stretch mark. I wish I can remove this. My baby is now 1 year old. But stretch marks is still there


  • Linoshka Leom

    2016-09-06 #44 Author

    During my pregnancy I got really bad stretch marks starting from the beginning. Now my daughter is 6 months and I moisturize so much with coconut oil & Cocoa butter mixed together and they look so much better !!!


    • Kadijah Terry

      2016-10-23 #45 Author

      My stomach didn’t look to bad once I got pregnant don’t have to many stretch marks. Stomach had gotten darker & had a lot of fluid doe


  • Johnae

    2016-09-06 #46 Author

    I have to try! I used bio oil my whole pregnancy and had no luck. I probably should have did more research! Thanks for the tips!


  • Kendra Ehrich

    2016-09-07 #47 Author

    I want to try this! I got stretch marks with my son and they are still purple they haven’t even faded yet


  • Lydasia

    2016-09-07 #48 Author

    I wish I would have tryed this because my stretch marks are bad but now I know what to do


  • ameenat alkeana

    2016-09-07 #49 Author

    I have bad stretch marks but I don’t know what do


  • Stefany gutierrez

    2016-09-09 #50 Author

    I Had to Know This product before my stretch marks are very ugly Because tube twins and I say Already to my friends


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    2016-09-11 #51 Author

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  • Dominique

    2016-09-12 #52 Author

    I should’ve try this threw out my pregnancy to help prevent me from getting stretch marks..


  • Mychela

    2016-09-14 #53 Author

    Vitamin E oil helped reduce my itchy belly


  • Jessica

    2016-09-15 #54 Author

    I didn’t know about this one lol


  • Shyla peoples

    2016-09-16 #55 Author

    I’m going to try this ASAP


  • Betina K

    2016-09-17 #56 Author

    Omg using this niw


  • Enyaw Wiggins

    2016-09-17 #58 Author

    I wish I would have known this with my first and second pregnancy.


  • Quadeja

    2016-09-18 #59 Author

    Cocoa butter worked just fine for me


  • Matika

    2016-09-20 #60 Author

    I just used lotion on my stomach & i have no stretch marks


  • RoRo

    2016-09-22 #61 Author

    I used coco butter it worked well ?


  • Sandra Tete

    2016-09-22 #62 Author

    After the birth of my baby I got lots and lots of stretch marks.
    Have tried alot of cremes but all in vain.
    But now I know what to do.
    Thank you for this


  • Morenike manuwa

    2016-09-22 #63 Author

    wow I learnt this no more stretch mark


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    Alѕo, I’ve shared your site in my social networks


  • Jacee Lim

    2016-09-23 #65 Author

    i need to try this….having a lot stretch marks


  • Cathy Thomas

    2016-09-24 #66 Author

    I Have Left Over Marks Due To My Baby.. Does It Works For That Too?


  • Tiffany

    2016-09-25 #67 Author

    My stretch marks never went away I didn’t even scratch I used shea butter coconut butter lotion all the creams and still got it, very frustrating but now they don’t bother me! Proud moment shows me the love for my children and the Sacrafice I make everyday for them


  • Abel

    2016-09-27 #68 Author

    Thanks for THE advice !


  • Brandi

    2016-09-28 #69 Author

    Didn’t really have stretch marks but this is very useful in the future


  • Elexsuss smith

    2016-09-30 #70 Author

    Next time I will try this!!


  • Esther

    2016-10-02 #71 Author

    I really need this ?


  • Patribuo Caramelo

    2016-10-06 #72 Author

    Boa Aula para todas as Mulheres… Deve-se prestar muita atenção ao cuidar do seu corpo durante a sua gravidez… Muito bom…


  • Vo

    2016-10-11 #73 Author

    Should you wait til after you have the baby to start the treatment ?


  • ralph

    2016-10-12 #74 Author

    Pls which cream can someone use preCisely?


  • Prettygold

    2016-10-14 #75 Author

    I will try this.


  • Folashade

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  • Folashade

    2016-10-16 #77 Author

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  • Reg

    2016-10-17 #78 Author

    I’m going to recommend this to my wife immediately! Thanks


  • Kylee

    2016-10-17 #79 Author

    Yes! I will most definitely be doing this my next pregnancy!


  • Brandie N Walker

    2016-10-19 #80 Author

    Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try this


  • Raven Nichole

    2016-10-20 #81 Author

    Ima definitely have to try this!


  • Nana dapaah

    2016-10-24 #82 Author

    I will definitely try this one. The next time I get pregnant. It’s a very good information. Thank you and God bless you


  • Nesha lashay

    2016-10-25 #83 Author

    I’m going to try this for my breast that’s the only place I got stretch marks and they look after but pretty sitting there lol


  • jakia Richard

    2016-10-29 #84 Author

    Really should of tried this trick ,my motherhood scars are ROUGH


  • Zaria

    2016-10-29 #85 Author

    I have stretch marks & I hate them I want to try this where am I able to buy it from ?


  • Cashmere

    2016-10-31 #86 Author

    My doctor also told me african Shea butter helps n I’ve used it my whole pregnancy and my baby was 7lbs 6ounces n i never received one stretch mark.


  • Jane ogboe

    2016-10-31 #87 Author

    I have tried it and it works


    • Brianna

      2016-11-23 #88 Author

      It works very well i would recommend this cream too any parent


      • Jakia

        2017-01-18 #89 Author

        Im going to try this cause my strecth marks are beyond ugly ??‍♂️


  • Lexx

    2016-11-01 #90 Author

    Im gonna try these


  • Briana

    2016-11-01 #91 Author

    I wish I would have tried this. now I have stretch marks,They are not that bad though, maybe next time to not get worse.


  • Gabby

    2016-11-02 #92 Author

    Wow, this is really helpful!


  • Lisa

    2016-11-03 #93 Author

    I ordered this expensive oil off of the internet so I wouldn’t get stretch marks. I went my entire pregnancy up until the last month without them. My stomach was pretty flat before pregnancy so it had to stretch out a lot. I personally think nothing can really prevent them. If you are going to get them you are regardless. Creams and oils will help with the itching and moisturizing but for the most part when your skin has to stretch out to a amazing size it’s bound to happen. I am willing to try this though just to get rid of the ones I have.


  • Markita

    2016-11-04 #94 Author

    I used the pregnancy coco butter and baby oil jel


  • Jeanine sims

    2016-11-07 #95 Author

    I used coconut oil for dryness and palmer’s cocoa butter for stretch marks.. i was pleased with the results.


  • Juanita

    2016-11-07 #96 Author

    I am so going to try this because i dont wanna get none my second pregnancy.


  • DAmbre

    2016-11-08 #97 Author

    I used coca butter lotion during my first pregnancy and that did not prevent the stretch marks. So im looking forward to trying some of these different technics with my current pregnancy


  • JSparkle High Heel Designs

    2016-11-12 #98 Author

    I have been grateful that for my first pregnancy not only did I gain 8lbs as I’m one of those special women that lose weight during a pregnancy vs gaining a lot of weight I used oils and creams to avoid getting stretch marks. I did have just 4 little stretch marks 3 weeks before I had her but with maderma stretch mark cream they faded within a few months barely seeing them. It’s all about working out and dieting.


  • andile sibiya

    2016-11-15 #99 Author

    my galfriend always complain about the stretch marks,i dnt hav problem,she will be happy to try this method coz she hate them…. thax alot


  • sinethemba

    2016-11-15 #100 Author

    I developed my stretch marks before I had a baby and when I got pregnant I developed thick stretch around my belly and nothing has helped. I hope this cream will really help


  • faith

    2016-11-15 #101 Author

    Thnx for e tips


  • Deshonda

    2016-11-16 #102 Author

    Do this work after the baby, I had my baby and now my stomach it darker and has a few stretch marks also


  • Sakhile

    2016-11-16 #103 Author

    Interesting read.Worth sharing


  • Eyhanna willis

    2016-11-17 #104 Author

    I love mine….they resulted in my babygirl ❤?


  • Katrina

    2016-11-18 #105 Author

    I wish i could have used these tips when i was still pregnant


  • Precious lebby

    2016-11-18 #106 Author

    Thank you for these tips.
    I am 22 weeks pregnant and I had stretch marks months before the pregnancy.
    It got worse a bit now and I was advice to use shear butter, will however try what I’ve heard so far.
    Thanks for this timely and educative article


  • AviannasMom

    2016-11-19 #107 Author

    Thanks for the tips


  • Tarnieka Williams

    2016-11-19 #108 Author

    My first pregnancy I didn’t have any, but my second pregnancy I literally had 3 marks on my side & a few on my stomach. I use coconut oil & even washed in the coconut oil and it seems like they are lighter and not noticeable.


  • unique

    2016-11-19 #109 Author

    Well two kids later I have no stretch marks but really good tips


  • Patience Ebere

    2016-11-21 #111 Author

    Wow! This is awesome, I never knew stretch marks can be removed by any cream. Thanks for this information.


  • Patience Ebere

    2016-11-21 #112 Author

    Wow! I like this article, I Have really learnt a lot from it.Thanks for The information


  • D’Amisha

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    2016-11-21 #114 Author

    I’m definitely trying this


  • Daniesha Strickling

    2016-11-22 #115 Author

    I wish I would of known this while I was pregnant but thank God my Stretch marks wasn’t that bad…


  • Kingsley

    2016-11-22 #116 Author

    Nice one, i’ll tell my wife about it.


  • Tytianna

    2016-11-23 #117 Author

    Im going to try this cause my strecth marks are beyond ugly seems pretty reliable 🙂


  • Tytianna

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    Im going to try this because i hate my stretch marks , seem pretty reliable:)


  • Brianna

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    I am looking forward too using this product durning my next pregnancy it worked well for


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    It’s amazing how our body stretches! This is awesome, I never knew stretch marks can be removed by any cream. Thanks for this information.


  • kiara

    2016-11-26 #124 Author

    im going to try this because nothing else has worked on my skin hopefully this will


  • Santerica

    2016-11-26 #125 Author

    I’m going to try this hopefully it works because nothing else did


  • Kiesha

    2016-11-27 #126 Author

    I used the cocoa butter stretch mark cream and it definitely did not work with my kids. Maybe this is something I should try if I decide to have another.


  • Emonee

    2016-11-27 #127 Author

    Wow I Wish I Could Have Tried This My Stretch Marks Are Bad . Or Can We Still Try It To Clear Them Up ?


  • Noel

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  • Jasmine Delacruz

    2016-12-02 #132 Author

    I’m gonna try this


  • Kayla

    2016-12-03 #133 Author

    Using coco butter oil really helped me through out my pregnancy, now I have no stretch marks . I even used it after labor to lighten my belly up to its original color .


  • Carla

    2016-12-04 #134 Author

    It truly works I did it with my first no stretch marks with my second I didn’t and got stretch marks


  • Lovely hinton

    2016-12-05 #135 Author

    I am try this now cuse I still have the rally bad stretch marks From my first n I don’t want to get even worse


  • Jaslyn Eatmon

    2016-12-06 #136 Author

    I wish I would’ve read this sooner omg. I hate my sides stretch marks. I never had them EVER.. but overall I have a blessing ? But seriously is there another way I can get rid of them ? Lol


  • Fredricka Lucky

    2016-12-06 #137 Author

    Im going to try this because I have bad stretch marks after having my son


  • T’Kaiyah

    2016-12-07 #138 Author

    My stretch marks are very dark & I hate them i want to use this


  • Vulnavia Keys

    2016-12-09 #139 Author

    I didn’t have to use this , even though I scratched a lot while I was pregnant but I didn’t have any stretch marks


  • Antoinette Sneed

    2016-12-09 #140 Author

    The whole time I was pregnant, I prayed that I wouldn’t get stretch marks & people kept saying I was to little to even get it , so of course I listened & I did put anything on my body … But towards the end of my pregnancy they came. This is helpful for the next to come . Thks!!!


  • Star Morgan

    2016-12-11 #141 Author

    I used the bio oil with my last pregnancy and it helped out…this information is very helpfuk


  • Chenail

    2016-12-11 #142 Author

    thanks for the advice I’m going to try this??


  • lovejoy

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    I’m going to try t7his ..Thanks for the advice☺


  • Kirin

    2016-12-12 #144 Author

    I wish I would have tried this but my marks aren’t that bad anyway.


  • Adrianna

    2016-12-12 #145 Author

    Coco butter really helps get rid of them


  • Adrianna Plaza

    2016-12-12 #146 Author

    Coco butter works really well to get rid of stretch marks . used it even before I got any to prevent me from getting any


  • Megan

    2016-12-12 #147 Author

    I definitely need to try some of these. I have so many after my pregnancy.


  • Shoowana Blanchard

    2016-12-13 #148 Author

    I still will like to try some


  • Sharise

    2016-12-13 #149 Author

    During my first pregnancy I gained stretch marks during the end of my pregnancy and I used palmer’s after I noticed the marks. My second pregnancy I didn’t get any new stretch marks and I used palmer’s when I first noticed I was pregnant. My advice is to start early before you notice the marks and try virgin coconut oil.


  • Chmani

    2016-12-14 #150 Author

    This is a good idea, love it!


  • Kalia

    2016-12-14 #151 Author

    I wish I would have known that I would have did that to get rid of mines at least next time i will know.


  • Kalia Gates

    2016-12-14 #152 Author

    I wish I would have known this I would’ve did it so I could get rid of my stretch marks at least I know in the future what to do


  • DARius Harris

    2016-12-15 #153 Author

    I find this article very helpful to help some women who have stretch marks that doesn’t want them or are embarrassed for them to show!


  • Diana Ebanks

    2016-12-17 #154 Author

    During my pregnancy I got a lot of stretch marks all over
    And also tried a lot of other products
    But now that my pregnancy is over I started to us only natural products like cocoa butter and almond butter for them and it help me alto
    And now I can hardly see them …!


  • Caelynn Williams

    2016-12-19 #155 Author

    I have really bad stretch marks… glad I saw this .


  • Kenia

    2016-12-21 #156 Author

    I used both these products and they’re great love it❤


  • Carlisha Harper

    2016-12-22 #157 Author

    If someone could create an actual stretch mark eliminator compatible for all skin types, they’d be rich.


  • Jada

    2016-12-22 #158 Author

    Black Soap And African Shea Butter Helps .. I Used Both During My Pregancy And Didn’t Receive One Stretch Mark


  • Keisha brown

    2016-12-24 #159 Author

    Very useful I must try this… Thanks for the informed!!!!!!


  • Krystan coffie

    2016-12-24 #160 Author

    Thanks for the tips !! I had stretch marks from a growth spurt so now that I know this info I’ll keep it in mind when I have a child


  • Jude Orji Kalu

    2016-12-25 #161 Author

    Good tips for a trial, I hope it works for my wife.


  • Lisneidy

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  • TMera

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    I thought I wasnt gone Have Them But I did in My 8th Mkntg


  • Nandi waters

    2016-12-27 #164 Author

    I never got stretch marks with either of my kids. Thank God. But I know a few that could use this.


  • India holly

    2016-12-27 #165 Author

    Trying this asap!!! Don’t have many but I really hate the ones i do have


  • Crystal Brock

    2016-12-28 #166 Author

    I have got to try this !!


  • Raven

    2016-12-28 #167 Author

    This was very helpful and im going to try it iv not been happy with my marks.


  • Ashley

    2016-12-29 #168 Author

    Carrying my first baby throughout my pregnancy I wasn’t getting any stretch marks but at the end that’s when they started coming in quickly and a lot but it’s been 2 months and I’m using coco butter stretch mark cream and coco butter firming cream and it’s getting a lot less noticeable!


  • Danielle Hunter

    2016-12-29 #169 Author

    I still have mines so I’m see if this works


  • Bakari fobbs

    2016-12-29 #170 Author

    I dont know about all men but i like my girlfriends stretch marks and when i showed her this she asked me if she should get rid of the i told her no.i love her stretch marks.??



    2016-12-31 #171 Author

    I love this article… I never had stretch marks before my son and been trying to get rid of them… Reading the comments and article I see I’m not alone… Can someone tell me what’s the best cream or oil to use though?


  • Madison Lafleche

    2017-01-01 #172 Author

    This is very helpful I needed to know this my stretch marks are very dark and noticeable !


  • pamela

    2017-01-02 #173 Author

    is your methods good?i had many strench marks on my belly and its marks it ugly


  • pamela

    2017-01-02 #174 Author

    stretch marks appear when my pregnancy was 6, till now it visible and ugly, i need à real method, please


  • Stonisha

    2017-01-02 #175 Author

    What is a good method to lighten up the stretch marks on my belly?? I started getting mines when I was in my last trimester and my baby is one. What are some good products?


  • Javier28

    2017-01-03 #176 Author

    I had no stretch marks during my pregnancy, on my 9 month pregnancy i started to get stretch marks my son is 3 years and I still can see them


  • Diamond

    2017-01-03 #177 Author

    Im 4months pregnant and Im starting to see stretch marks. What can i use to clear them up?


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    2017-01-04 #181 Author

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    2017-01-07 #184 Author

    Stretch marks are beautiful . love you flaws and kids are a blessing


  • Kyndra Young

    2017-01-07 #185 Author

    I used cocoa butter lotion the entire time I was pregnant every time I got out of the shower & I literally have no stretch marks!


  • Kourtney myers

    2017-01-12 #186 Author

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  • Brittany B

    2017-01-13 #189 Author

    I used to have these really dark stretch marks with my first son. Now, since I started my business making my own products, my stretch marks have drastically reduced! This article really ties into the research that I conducted to make my own.


  • Alicia

    2017-01-16 #190 Author

    I can’t wear my bikini because of my stretch marks! What a tragedy! I’ll definitely try this. Thanks for the helpful tips!


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  • Bristeria

    2017-01-20 #202 Author

    I have found that using jergen coco butter stuck is a great way to reduce stretch marks. Especially in the beginning of your pregnancy. It helps soothe your body and make u feel at ease.


  • Velisa Vargas

    2017-01-23 #203 Author

    After giving birth 4 months ago noticed some stretch marks on my body and was not happy about that. Then my friend told me about dermelastic serum and i got this serum. Using it a while already and it seems that stretch marks are becoming less visible. It can be used on all body but i am using only on the parts I think is needed. Using it twice a day – morning and in the evening and every time after shower. Smell is very nice and serum is not too hard so it is easy to apply to the skin. Dries out quickly so do not have to worry about spoiled clothes. Very good thing.


  • Tisha

    2017-01-27 #204 Author

    I’m going to try this,bio oil helps me alot though.


  • Cionni

    2017-02-07 #205 Author

    I got a few stretch marks around my navel and that was all I thought it would be worse but I got lucky I also used coco butter and sesame oil everyday.. great tips for next time


  • Ty Thompson

    2017-02-07 #206 Author

    I say drink JUST water all the time & all the time drink water also keep yourself moisturized with bio oil it’s sold at babies r us and Walgreens that’s what I did I barely got any stretch marks


  • Dominique carr

    2017-02-09 #207 Author

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    2017-02-10 #213 Author

    At first I didn’t like my stretch marks at all but at the end of the day I gain a beautiful young lady and after 16 yrs it doesn’t bother me anymore


  • June Barrera

    2017-02-12 #214 Author

    My stretch marks after my pregnancy were pretty bad, I used Dermelastic serum in a while and it helped a lot my stretch marks aren’t very noticeable anymore! I recommend.


  • Rose

    2017-02-15 #215 Author

    How can we remove stretch marks after 5 months?


  • Bambie Young

    2017-02-15 #216 Author

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  • Shanakaygreenland

    2017-02-15 #217 Author

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    2017-02-27 #235 Author

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  • Desirée

    2017-02-27 #236 Author

    I breastfeed, im going to try this on my skin to prevent breastfeeding stretch marks. Oils are always great for your skin


  • Jatoya

    2017-02-28 #237 Author

    Wow I never new this worked


  • Stacie S.

    2017-03-01 #238 Author

    I am one of the many people who is prone to stretch marks 😩. I am a stretch mark queen starting from my breast, stomach, sides, outer thighs and my butt cheeks. I’ve learned to embrace them with a smile 😙


  • Liz williams

    2017-03-01 #239 Author

    This is true I stated out using lotion during my pregnancy and switched to oil and my stretch marks are very light I still have them but they are not very noticeable


  • Ayanna bell

    2017-03-03 #240 Author

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    2017-03-04 #244 Author

    When I was pregnant with my first child (I am now on my 6th) I used to always freak out and try to stay on top of ways to prevent stretch marks but now I coule care less .. My body is beautiful with the stretch marks ❤ Ladies please don’t feelsomethingof something as small as stretch marks .. You Beautiful ❤❤


  • Sara Lukač

    2017-03-05 #245 Author

    I used body lotion when I was pregnant, from Bioderma, and I don’t have one stretch mark now. 🙂


  • Jeanetta Potts

    2017-03-06 #246 Author

    I really wish I could have used this throughout my pregnancies . I’m not ashamed totally of my “mommy marks” but it’ll be nice to have clearer skin .


  • Nyequila

    2017-03-06 #247 Author

    I wish I been knew about this!😫


  • Indya

    2017-03-06 #248 Author

    This is so true that it may no disappear , but they will start to blend so it will be less noticeable. I have few scretch marks that you can hardly see, I use coconut oil and olive oil and it did the job.


  • Kholidah f

    2017-03-07 #249 Author

    Oke good idea 🖒🖒


  • Alexis Banks

    2017-03-08 #250 Author

    Coconut oil helps stretch marks becoming less noticeable. Used when I was pregnant and worked wonders for me


  • Alexus

    2017-03-09 #251 Author

    I wish I would have found this article when I was pregnant very helpful advice …. I happened to be one that acquired stretch marks after pregnancy I thought I was doing a good job during the pregnancy by not showing any signs of stretch mark boy was I wrong


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    2017-03-09 #252 Author

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    • Ashley

      2017-03-10 #254 Author

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    I will try this with my current pregnancy ! Great idea guys.


  • Shayra arias

    2017-04-11 #259 Author

    I tried this in my pregnancy and really works I also tried coconut oil with coconut almond. Is really good 😊 🙌🏽🙌🏽😀


  • Walteria

    2017-04-12 #260 Author

    Ive tried about everything an my stretch marks are still here😖i think ill try coconut oil


  • Deasia tharp

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  • Deasia tharp

    2017-04-16 #262 Author

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  • Nina

    2017-05-01 #268 Author

    After 3 kids I dint have any strech marks


  • LayLay

    2017-05-01 #269 Author

    I Think Its Nothing That Can Get Stretch Marks Gone Cuz While I Was Pregnant I Put Everything They Told Me To Use And I Still Got Stretch Marks


  • Justice younger

    2017-05-04 #270 Author

    I cant wait to try this after i have my new baby


  • sherene simpson

    2017-05-06 #271 Author

    Stretc marks associated with pregnancy, are definitely battle marks.. no female should be ashame of having them…


  • Venice f

    2017-05-09 #272 Author

    I wish I would’ve read this when I was pregnant with my daughter I have tiger stretch marks lol but I’ve been researching other things as well and I’ve found that if you boil aloe vera plant and organic coconut oil (live this oil) and store it in a jar and apply everyday twice a day the marks will lighten up after a while


  • Amarelis

    2017-05-09 #273 Author

    really have a lot of stretch marks


  • Sharmequia

    2017-05-10 #274 Author

    This is really helpful….


  • Mia Reed

    2017-05-10 #275 Author

    I have to try this so i can share my results


  • Elizabeth

    2017-05-11 #276 Author

    From my personnal experience, keeping your skin hydrated with coconut oil or shea butter and by drinking water from the first 3 month of the pregnancy is the best way to prevent stetch mark. I am 1.62 m with 115pounds(normal size) and i had a 8pounds baby by vaginal birth with no stretch mark.


  • Cala Jackson

    2017-05-11 #277 Author

    I find this very interesting because I have really bad stretch marks that I need to get rid of .


  • ashley

    2017-05-12 #278 Author

    I think some just has that skin…. Granted yes, its removable but I oiled my skin so much and still got a few stretch marks on my side


  • Shanese Clemente

    2017-05-15 #279 Author

    Great! Advice especially for new mom like myself ❤


  • Kerri Chin

    2017-05-17 #280 Author

    Good information, they’re so many different products out there you really don’t know which one is the best sometimes.


  • Deja Jackson

    2017-05-17 #281 Author

    Will This Work After The Baby Is Born? I Learned A Lot Of Information From This 😊 Thanks


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  • Mariah douglas

    2017-05-29 #290 Author

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  • Angel Dash

    2017-06-12 #291 Author

    I used coconut oil. It was working until i got to 35 weeks😩 i been soo sad it just randomly came outta no where.


  • Tatiyanna

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