My Story: “One Day I Said ‘No More’ ” My Story: “One Day I Said ‘No More’ ”
Veronica, like many other people, had all but given up on losing weight! For her entire life, she was obese and was constantly watching... My Story: “One Day I Said ‘No More’ ”

Veronica, like many other people, had all but given up on losing weight! For her entire life, she was obese and was constantly watching weight loss shows and thought if only she had the same chance, maybe she could lose weight as well. However, instead of trying out for a weight loss show, Veronica decided to take a different road.

“When is the last time you looked in a mirror and really liked what you saw?” asks Veronica. Moreover, she adds that, three years ago, she avoided mirrors as she hated what she saw.

“I did not set out to become a Beachbody Challenge Winner. In fact, I had serious doubts I would even get goal. Facing insurmountable odds my one goal at the time was just to try, try my hardest to lose 50 pounds.”

According to Veronica, her own goal was never to become a Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize Finalist Winner. What’s more, she had no idea such a thing existed.

Additionally, she considers that we are living in a time when success and hard work is greatly rewarded. She remembers the years when she weighed 457 pounds and was watching shows like The Biggest Loser hoping and praying that she could receive the help which those contestants were getting.

Veronica emphasizes that praying and hoping will not suffice because action is necessary. She adds that if she actually applied to The Biggest Loser, perhaps, she might have been chosen. However, she did nothing but wallow in her misery until one day she said NO MORE!

According to Veronica, for far too long, the black community has taken a base approach to health and fitness. Moreover, it became acceptable and preferred for black women to be obese. Unfortunately, words like thick, phat, etc. were commonly used to describe overweight black women.

Veronica’s mission is to inspire and help black women who want to make a change in their lives and improve their health. Furthermore, she goes on to explain that due to years of fat acceptance, it became difficult to even know what a healthy body image is. While growing up, she was what was known as “big boned”.

Somehow, she always believed this and stated that she honestly thought that she was a natural plus size and that she always would be. This is because she was told that by almost everyone she knew.

She was convinced that she could lose weight, but she never knew that she could also have a fit and healthy body. She sends out a message to everyone in the same or similar situation that they can achieve the same!

When this woman can do it, you can too; all you need to do is look at yourself in a mirror and say NO MORE!

This will be the beginning of the end to your misery, low-self esteem, and surplus weight.


  • Ayanda zondi

    2016-09-29 #1 Author

    Wow your story is inspiring me, i also have the same problem as you, i have to look @myself and say NO MORE ?? Thank You Mrs V


  • blessing

    2016-09-29 #2 Author

    What did she use to lose the weight?


  • Fatima

    2016-09-29 #3 Author

    Am so happy for her how i wish i can do it my main problem is that i cant control my diet


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