TV Rules For Children That Will Influence Them Positively TV Rules For Children That Will Influence Them Positively
In our house, we don’t watch TV during the week. We are just too darn busy to stop everything and watch a TV show,... TV Rules For Children That Will Influence Them Positively

In our house, we don’t watch TV during the week. We are just too darn busy to stop everything and watch a TV show, and by the time baby, school, homework, dinner and chores are finished, it’s time for bed anyway. Weekends are often full, too, but we are a little more flexible on TV time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a maximum of 1-2 hours of TV viewing per day for children. Honestly, that still seems like a lot to me.

To set some television rules for the children, here are a few guidelines to follow in creating a positive culture around TV in your household.

Set Boundaries

Decide when it’s okay and when it’s not okay to watch TV in your house. Make sure to follow these boundaries as adults, too, because it’s harder to enforce rules when parents don’t abide by them.

Decide What’s Okay To Watch

Let your kids know what shows are and are not allowed. It’s tough to monitor their TV viewing all the time if you’re working or in another part of the house, so make sure to have clear expectations beforehand. Try to be reasonable, allowing kids to watch shows that are appealing to them, as long as the show is something you can get on board with.

Who Gets To Pick The Show

If you have more than one child, this is a huge deal. Find some kind of system where each kid gets a chance to decide what to watch. This may mean switching weekends, or possibly switching hours (if you want to monitor that closely).

Enforcing The Rules

Decide on a set of consequences for if/when your kids break the rules. If the kids know exactly what to expect as a consequence, they’re less likely to break the rules.

Make Time For Family Shows

If TV time is something everyone participates in at some point, why not create a time for the whole family to watch together? Pick a show that’s at least somewhat interesting to all ages of your kids (and you!)

Discuss Commercials – Or Avoid Them Completely

My biggest pet peeve about TV is the commercials targeted to my kids. When they watch an hour of TV, they’re bombarded with advertisements for the latest technology and toys. I prefer to have my kids watch shows on Netflix, where they only see the shows – no ads.

TV can be a great way to spend a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon together. I’ve found some shows to spark great conversation at our dinner table. By setting your own boundaries, you’ll spend less time spouting rules and more time sharing family time.

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  • Kuristen

    2016-09-16 #1 Author

    Great topic! I needed this!


  • Brittany

    2016-09-16 #2 Author

    I agree on avoiding commercials! Great tips and great article! TV is a big distraction from homework, chores, and other daily routines. TV time should be a reward for children, limited, and closely monitored.


  • Artejia stallworth

    2016-09-17 #3 Author

    My kids will only watch educational television only.


  • Lashay

    2016-09-17 #4 Author



  • terri

    2016-09-17 #5 Author

    Too much tv is not healthy for children is my opinion. I feel like you can do other educational activities with your children.


  • Courtney Harrington

    2016-09-17 #6 Author

    I think kids should be allowed to watch tv 2-3 hours on weekends but on school days their head need to be in a book


  • Memuna kamara

    2016-09-17 #7 Author

    I agreed on the commercial on tv, when ever my little brother saw you on tv he want it. For the amount of time to spend watching tv it’s Gd for kids so that they will have the extra hour to rest and study for the next day of school. The tv shows my siblings watch at home is mostly Disney channel and nick Jr. .


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