How To Plan Baby’s First Birthday Party: 5 Essential Tips How To Plan Baby’s First Birthday Party: 5 Essential Tips
A milestone is approaching – your baby’s first birthday! Even though baby won’t remember this day, this will undoubtedly be one of your most... How To Plan Baby’s First Birthday Party: 5 Essential Tips

A milestone is approaching – your baby’s first birthday! Even though baby won’t remember this day, this will undoubtedly be one of your most memorable occasions. You’re excited about planning the first of many birthday parties for baby and you might be tempted to go a bit overboard. Keep the following tips in mind when planning and you’ll host a first birthday party like a pro!

1. Timing Is Everything

Keep the party short and sweet. Remember that attention spans are short for baby and friends.  An hour of happy time might be all he or she need. Don’t forget that most babies are on a nap schedule. Keep that in mind when deciding on the perfect start time for your party.

2. Don’t Be A Hero

Invite help! Of course, the invited families will stay to help their children have fun, but consider asking your parents, grandparents, babysitter or best friend to be part of Team First Birthday Party. After all, it’s important that you find time to enjoy your child’s party and still be able to take care of your baby’s needs while letting your TEAM help fill roles such as:

  • a smiling face to welcome guests as they arrive and answer questions about parking and restrooms
  • someone to take lots of memorable photos throughout the party
  • help keeping refreshments plentiful
  • a pair of hands to help cut and serve cake
  • a kind soul to help tidy when guests have departed

3. Keep Food Simple

When planning refreshments, consider both your adult guests and the babies in attendance. It’s always a good idea to avoid peanuts since so many people are allergic.

For adults, serving finger foods will allow them to have one hand on their child and one hand on a small, one-bite treat: Some simple finger food ideas include:

  • Finger sandwiches in a variety of flavors like chicken salad, pimento cheese and turkey with cheese
  • Fruits such as grapes and strawberries
  • Veggies like celery sticks with peanut butter, baby carrots with ranch dip

Parents might bring bottles or other snacks for the babies in attendance, but have a few treats that don’t present choking hazards for kids like:

  • crackers
  • soft cheese cubes or slices
  • jello or pudding
  • fruit juices

4. Planning Your Theme

Often times our favorite part of planning a party is deciding upon and developing a theme. At 4 or 5 years old, your child will start telling you what kind of theme he or she wants, but the first birthday party is yours to decide. So, have a little fun with it. Check out an array of first birthday party themes and supplies for low costs at

5. Roll With The Punches

Invited toddlers and children at the party are often unpredictable. If a child refuses to have a bite of the pudding, it’s okay. If a child won’t play with the toys provided, don’t fret. If a child has decided that today is not a good day, let the parents take the child home when they feel it’s time.

Most importantly, if it’s the birthday baby who won’t share toys or refuses birthday cake or falls asleep when it’s time to open gifts, just let it happen. You can open the gifts on behalf of baby, take photos with a snoozing (and peaceful) baby and keep the party happy and fun for everyone – including you!

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  • Latoya

    2016-09-17 #1 Author

    That’s some good feed back


  • Kela R

    2016-09-17 #2 Author

    The part about not being a hero was definitely needed advice for me, I’m always trying to do it on my own, but I think I’ll take this advice and seek help from friends and family… Thanks(:


  • Tiara

    2016-09-17 #3 Author

    Perfect advice! This is much needed!


  • Margrit

    2016-09-17 #4 Author

    This is perfect advice! Much needed!


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    2016-09-17 #5 Author

    Babies first birthdays are precious and this tips really helped a lot .


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    Great Tips


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    2016-09-18 #9 Author

    This is really good feedback for first time mothers I would defiantly suggest mothers read these tips.


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  • Lawna

    2016-09-18 #11 Author

    I agree these facts are in fact true


  • Memuna kamara

    2016-09-18 #12 Author

    You are rift abt timing is everything, some parents do too much for kids party at dat age. Some of the parents takes d kid birthday party to another lever as if it’s their own party they sometimes forget abt d kids and try to please d grown ups because most of d kids party now are days are
    competition between mother!!! Who’s kid party is better than the other day they lose the theme and concept of the party for d baby.


  • Keria

    2016-09-19 #13 Author

    I really needed these tips I was so lost on how to start off planning my son first birthday party thanks so much


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  • Patrice

    2016-09-21 #16 Author

    Planning my child’s first birthday party with my mother. I want something short and simple and of course my mother wants to go all out.


  • TaeBrianna Nash

    2016-09-27 #17 Author

    This Was Nice


  • Moet Johnson

    2016-10-03 #18 Author

    My child’s 1st birthday is coming up in a couple of days, I would like to rent out a center have a bouncy house & slide. People say don’t throw anything big they won’t even remember but I still want to.


  • Erresha Jackson

    2016-10-13 #19 Author

    I’m working on my daughter’s first birthday now. She’s a halloween baby and at 1 I hate to spend an arm and leg for a party that she’ll never remember. In my opinion, birthday parties that are thrown for young kids that are under 5 are more so get togethers for the adults or older kids that are present


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