Why your baby belly isn’t going anywhere Why your baby belly isn’t going anywhere
Perhaps you leave behind a trail of, ‘Is she pregnant again?’ whispers every time you walk past a group of people or you just... Why your baby belly isn’t going anywhere


Perhaps you leave behind a trail of, ‘Is she pregnant again?’ whispers every time you walk past a group of people or you just can’t seem to get your jeans to button up. Here are answers on what to do with that stubborn ‘pot’

Mary Auma was the newest mum in town. She had delivered a baby girl a few minutes earlier. She was excited at the prospect of motherhood, and it showed on her face — she was smiling despite the many exhaustive hours of labour.

Hours later, after the baby had been wheeled away for her to get some rest, she got up to take a quick shower. She was horrified to find a floppy belly instead of the previously flat tummy she thought would be there.

That is the reality that dawns on a mother after a delivery. The tummy is still big and distended, this time with a squishy quality that is so not cute, stretchmarks streaking the belly and the big dark line (linea nigra) still present.

“The abdominal wall muscles get lax after carrying a pregnancy due to stretch, and that’s the reason your tummy appears the way it does. It carried a human being for nine months, and that required space,” says gynecologist Wanjiru Nduhiu.

And is it really possible to get your pre-baby body back?

“Yes it is, although it is important to note that even with careful exercise and diet regimens, there may be changes that are beyond our control.

For example, some women will notice a widening in their hips, while others may discover that they require surgery for severe abdominal separation.

It is important for women to embrace their post-baby bodies, even as they work towards getting back into shape,” says Nina Odongo, a fitness trainer.

Other experts agree that your belly, over time, will go back to its original state. It takes at least six to eight weeks for your uterus to go back to its original size and with proper diet and exercise, you will regain your form. Patience is however key.

So why is your belly still the same, years later? You may ask. Below are the reasons and what you can do about them.

Henry Okafor

  • B.Riley

    2016-09-24 #1 Author

    Wish I would’ve knew this momths ago.


  • Amberniece hayes

    2016-09-24 #2 Author

    Using Plastic wrap all day everyday will help lose baby Fat!


  • Ashley

    2016-09-24 #3 Author

    Does this really work because i need to lose some of my belly lol


  • Jasmine Carter

    2016-09-24 #4 Author

    Plastic wrap works wonders


  • Adrianna

    2016-09-25 #5 Author

    I really hope plastic wrap works because I’m gonna try it today !


  • Ciara

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    I need the help


  • Tinesha Caster

    2016-09-25 #7 Author

    I’m glad I saw this article because this has been a issue for me.


  • Chey

    2016-09-25 #8 Author

    Detox Water and Lots Of Ab Workouts Have Been Working For Me


  • Mileishalee

    2016-09-25 #9 Author

    If this really works I would love to lose some of my baby fat.


  • Aaliyah Amiya

    2016-09-25 #10 Author

    If it works I’ll use that suggestion..


  • Giovanna

    2016-09-25 #11 Author

    2months postpartum and was asked by a stranger how far along I am! So embarrassing! But I’m trying to keep my head up and continue to work out!


  • Terrence Michael Collins

    2016-09-25 #12 Author

    Wow wish my girlfriend knew about this


  • Darian

    2016-09-25 #13 Author

    im goin to try this!!!


  • Esmeralda

    2016-09-25 #14 Author

    I never knew that some women required surgery due to severe abdominal separation. Does plastic wrap really work? If so, I’d love to lose some of my baby fat.


    • Jayne

      2016-11-07 #15 Author

      My baby is five months old, when I sit for a long while and I stand up it feels like my abdomen is going to fall off and it’s very painful, don’t no what to do


  • Shaliyah

    2016-09-25 #16 Author

    Plastic Wrap Works I Heard. This Was A Helpful Article , Think I’m Going To Try This!


  • Sabrina lee

    2016-09-25 #17 Author

    Working out with a waist liner works


  • Yana

    2016-09-25 #18 Author

    Wow nice article!


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    2016-09-25 #19 Author

    Wow nice article, thanks for the information!


  • Taylor Watkins

    2016-09-25 #20 Author

    So what are some tips for losing it ?


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    Nice article thanks you guys .


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    2016-09-25 #23 Author

    Nice Article


  • Precious Jackson

    2016-09-25 #24 Author

    I Actually played my belly bump so it could go down


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    2016-09-28 #25 Author

    Glad I seen this post must try !


  • Shundra

    2016-09-30 #26 Author

    I use Vicks vapor rub and a sweat belt, i walk a lot at work so I have it on 12hrs.. It makes your stomach sweat and tighten up..


  • Taiishaaa

    2016-10-01 #27 Author

    I Really Need To Change My Diet


  • Ajah unique

    2016-10-01 #28 Author

    Does it actually work?


  • Alyssa

    2016-10-02 #29 Author

    Working out and eating right after the baby will do wonders !


  • Neca

    2016-10-02 #30 Author

    Very helpful. I just had two and i am down to my pregnancy weight a year later but have not started to exercise or diet to actually get back into shape.


  • kayina

    2016-11-07 #31 Author

    Nice article. I gave birth through C-S since then I’ve been strogling with my belly fat. Pls what can I do to reduce it?


  • kayina

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    I’m in dam need of a solution to this baby belly.


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