I happen to have grown up around lots of albinos , these children were very normal kids , who could do the same things I... ARE YOU ABOUT TO HAVE AN ALBINO CHILD? FIND OUT .

I happen to have grown up around lots of albinos , these children were very normal kids , who could do the same things I could , a larger percentage of them wore glasses and most of them were not allowed by their parents to play in the sun with us. Amongst all these restrictions, the one that affected them the most was the stigmatization.Asides the lack of coloration , I didn’t see what was wrong with them, but I always saw them being mocked.

Albinism is a gentic disorder characterised by the lack of color in the hair , skin and eyes. Although it is a genetic disorder the most challenges people with this face is societal stigma. We find the majority in Sub-saharan Africa. Albinism affects the skin and vision with an increased risk of skin cancer and sunburn .

There is no cure for albinism but some symptoms ca be treated.

Also, albinism can be diagnosed prenatally by some medical tests. That is , a mother can find out if her child would be an albino or not . However , both parents must be carriers of the gene before it can be manifested in the child . What is implied by “both parents must be carriers ” is that both mother and father must have either a recessive(not physically manifested ) or dominant(physically manifested ) gene of albinism.

Parents can find out if they are carriers by HAIRBULB PIGMENTATION TEST, a type of test whereby a portion of hair from the individual is incubated in a solution of tyrosine , if the hair tuens darl , melanin is forming , no albinism detected. Upon the reverse of this , the hair turns lighter in color , the individual then is a carrier.

As for the unborn child , amniocentesis (drawing fluids from the fetus within the first fifteen weeks of pregnancy) , but this would only be necessary when both parents have tested positive to the hair bulb pigmentation test.

If ,by chance a mother finds out she will be having an albino child , the decision as to what to do should be completely up to her. The disabilities that come with albinism , like the extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness can be managed properly.

Written by: Chisom Nwobodo


  • Mi

    2016-09-27 #1 Author

    My sister was born albino, but now I don’t think she have the symptoms anymore so they can go away I guess because looking at her baby pictures she really looked like an albino baby and couldn’t be in the sun long now that’s she’s older being in the sun doesn’t do anything and she dyes her hair all the time but it doesn’t grow back sandy blonde anymore


  • Nakea

    2016-09-27 #2 Author

    This Posative will help increase your comfortability


  • Christina

    2016-09-27 #3 Author

    Wow, you can find out a lot from this website. Was very interested to hear about all of these things.


  • Amber rose

    2016-09-28 #4 Author

    Wish I knew about this website when I was pregnant I wish I knew then what I know now


  • Johnasia Rouland

    2016-09-28 #5 Author

    I never knew albino kids had anything wrong . I’ve always wanted one as my own because they’re very unique. I think they are beautiful people I prefer them anyday .


  • T.Jones

    2016-09-28 #6 Author

    This website is so informing WOW !!! Learned something new


  • Stacey

    2016-09-29 #7 Author

    I love albino kids they are so unique!


  • Ree

    2016-09-29 #8 Author

    This website is very helpful ! Learned a lot .


  • Donquita Williams

    2016-09-29 #9 Author

    Albino kids are everything to me. They are unique in the own little way. ?


  • Kamaria

    2016-10-28 #10 Author

    My baby is albino and she so smart to be 2 years old I love her so much nothing could be better than being blessed with Gods gift of an ABLINO princess ??


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