I Know I Said For Better For Worse But This Worse Is Now Worst! I’m Tired I Know I Said For Better For Worse But This Worse Is Now Worst! I’m Tired
I know I vowed in the presence of God and man to stay with him for better for worse and all that but I... I Know I Said For Better For Worse But This Worse Is Now Worst! I’m Tired

I know I vowed in the presence of God and man to stay with him for better for worse and all that but I am tired. Yes! my marriage is just 8 months and we don’t have kids yet, thank God for that! I don’t know how I would have coped with kids in this poverty. My husband doesn’t work, he sleeps around and drops 500 Naira for me daily to cook. All I make is Okro soup and garri. Please I’m tired o.
Well, This guy I met 3 months ago has been taking care of me so I don’t collect his 500 Naira again. All my friends have asked me to dump him because he lied to me that he was rich when he isn’t. Should I dump my husband and marry this new guy, I don’t know so much about him yet but i’m open to find out. Please my sisters advice me.


  • Makayla Mayon

    2016-09-30 #1 Author

    You should go with what you think is best for you.


  • Elexsuss smith

    2016-09-30 #2 Author

    Wow that’s a lot for but just saying its probably best if you don’t move from one marriage to the next so quick give yourself time before you move so fast even if you want it right then just wait it out so you won’t make the 2nd mistake twice im praying you..!!


  • Raven

    2016-10-01 #3 Author

    It’s all about who makes you more happy do not settle for anybody


    • Rniya

      2016-10-03 #4 Author

      I dont think that you should jump into another marriage as quickly, my aunty married a man that now makes her sick to her stomach and they have only been married a year and a half.


  • Tatiana

    2016-10-02 #5 Author

    Girl you haven’t seen Tyler perry movie, when the girl was married and stepped out of the marriage and got Aids. You better work through your problems. It’s only money, and if that’s the only the you married your husband for then you need to be single and become a stripper or something if you only after someone’s money. Girl you better sit down with your husband as his wife and stand up for you guys relationship and push through and move forward. You get a job to help him want to have one also. And if he still doesn’t want to get one then leave him and be an independent woman for awhile.


  • Briann Morris

    2016-10-02 #6 Author

    I have been struggling with the marriage as well… My husband and I have been married for 4yrs now and just had our first child earlier this year… He’s been known for cheating on me multiple times and I’ve never done anything in return but forgive and try to forget… But now he’s accusing me if cheating because I’m the only female at my job so i work with all guys and when I get home and tell him about my night at work and mention a guy that I work with, he assumes that I’m flirting or they’re flirting…. It pushes me to the edge sometimes but I feel like if leaving your husband makes u happy and will prevent u from actually cheating then do it… They say if you’re unhappy, leave!


  • Kawanda Glenn

    2016-10-03 #7 Author

    You Deserve to be Treated like a Queen. Finding your self and self worth is what matters. Being happy is something us women crave for, but we have to remember if we dont find our self with god first how can we be happy with a man. Follow ur heart but make the right choice. Beloved Queen


  • Kawanda Glenn

    2016-10-03 #8 Author

    Follow your Heart Queen Finding your self worth will lead you into happiness . Never fall short on love you deserve peace n joy.


  • Deshana

    2016-10-03 #9 Author

    Sometime you have to go through a lot of different trail to find what you deserve in life #keepfighting


  • Tabitha Mayes

    2016-10-03 #10 Author

    I think you should go for what you think is bet for you ❤️


  • Breon nash

    2016-10-03 #11 Author

    Alwyas put yourself first if he doesnt help out like a real man then do whats best for you


  • Shanequa Box

    2016-10-05 #12 Author

    Always a follow your heart it will.never lead you wrong


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