My daughter of 2 years old was s*xually abused by my husband cousin of 20 years old My daughter of 2 years old was s*xually abused by my husband cousin of 20 years old
My daughter of 2 years old was s*xually abused by my husband cousin of 20 years old. He went to pick her in school... My daughter of 2 years old was s*xually abused by my husband cousin of 20 years old

My daughter of 2 years old was s*xually abused by my husband cousin of 20 years old. He went to pick her in school without our permission, took her home and assaulted her. When my husband was about to go and pick her, he said he had picked her(please note that he stays with my mum in law and her house is few blocks away from the school, so he is a familiar face).

My husband was furious and told him not to pick her again. On their way home my daughter woke up in the car and my husband tried to calm her to sleep back but she refused and said ‘ I want to report uncle to my mum’ . The dad now pet her to tell him and she said ‘when I was sleeping,uncle removed my pant and touched my bombom, he now brought out his penis and put it in my bombom, I told him to stop that it was paining me but he did not answer me,I don’t want to go to uncles house again'(I teach her and her bro s*x education and 4 days before the incident I still did).

When I got back from work and she told me same thing,I straddled her to my back and went to beat the hell out of the boy. I later took her to the hospital and it was confirmed that she was abused but her virginity is still intact but her V was very red and a little bit expanded and she was complaining of pains down there.

I want to help her but don’t know how. Presently i have stopped her from going to school cause she is very vocal and can tell everyone in school about what happened. I have stop discussing the issue in her presence, I have stop mentioning the boys name in her presence and I am planing to take her to the park over the weekend to fill her brain with fun memories so that she can forget the ugly incident.

Please psychologist in the house,what more can I do to help her and am I doing the right thing with my decisions? Mamalette please feel free to advice me.And please parents, as soon as our children can communicate start teaching them sex education, it helps.


  • Sonia

    2016-09-30 #1 Author

    This is a traumatic situation.. I too was abused but I was 9 and it continued til I was 13 … I told no one due to threats and I was able to bury it within myself .. on occasion I’ll get a flash back but I can override it .. I’m now 49 and have told very few ..never my mom though as I think she’d have a heart attack and die …I was my stepfather’s victim …
    I’m glad this poor child is vocal this way mom and dad can get her the help she needsaid and the family member who did this can be charged to the highest extent of the law for what he did … I’m so sorry your daughter has to go thru this and I trust you all get thru it mentally as a family … HUGS


  • Laronica

    2016-09-30 #2 Author



  • Alissa

    2016-09-30 #4 Author

    Try explaining to her that she keeps her business private, also get her into counseling because such trauma can have a affect her mentally in the long run. Make her feel very loved (which I’m sure you do) & let her know she isn’t dealing with it alone & always make her feel welcome to speak to you or her dad


  • Tyra johnson

    2016-09-30 #5 Author

    Wow that is disgusting we have to watch who we have our children around we are there protectors , I hope the baby is ok


  • Jadedacus

    2016-09-30 #6 Author

    Blessings To Your Daughter And Family I Kouldnt Imagine What That Lil Girl Is Going Thru ..


  • Aliyah

    2016-09-30 #7 Author

    I would have killed that man yo


    • Gloniesha Brown

      2016-10-25 #8 Author

      Im so sorry for what has happen god eill always be there


  • Deidra mcknight

    2016-09-30 #9 Author

    Omg this is so sad , so sorry this happens to you daughter . My prayers go out to you and your family. I have never experienced this so I can’t say I know how it feelS personally but I know it must hurt . GOD will be with you and your daughter.


    • Tamika pierce

      2016-10-01 #10 Author

      That’s just awful,praying that your baby girl heals and doesn’t suffer any PTSD…God bless you both ????


    • Tiana

      2016-10-01 #11 Author

      Blessings To Your Daughter And Family I Kouldnt Imagine What That Lil Girl Is Going Thru ..


  • shantel

    2016-09-30 #12 Author

    so sad , i’m sorry to hear that happen to your daughter god bless you all


  • nay

    2016-09-30 #13 Author

    I myself dealt with this at a very young age like 4 and I remember it all its very traumatizing I dont think its nothing that can really help people thts been abused unless a person cant remember it im o ly speaking from experience I dont trust ANYONE around my child from sometgi g tht happened when I was a toddler and im 26 now I would just keep an eye out as she gets older and see if shes affected by it in any way and go from there hopefully the a hole gets abused In prison praying for u guys


  • Kirk

    2016-09-30 #14 Author

    That is so sad


  • Dashana Mcthune

    2016-09-30 #15 Author

    This is beyond sad my prayers are going out for you & yo daughter ❤️ wouldn’t wish this on anybody & i hope y’all keep y’all head up better days will be coming ?


  • Ayeshia Riley

    2016-09-30 #16 Author

    This Is Very sad no one not even a child should go through this pain and from someone she calls family at that.


  • Christina Troupe

    2016-09-30 #17 Author

    Thank you for sharing your story as I know it was difficult to do I am so outraged a twenty year old would sexually molest a two year old he has to have a very sick mind hopefully he is sitting in jail and not at your mother n laws house. One mistake we make as parents is not talking early on to our kids about innocent vs harmful ways in which someone comes in contact with there body parts and what’s not acceptable kudos to you explaining early on so she could tell on that balstard immediately


  • Johnisha Lindsey

    2016-09-30 #18 Author

    Wow this is so sad, and its even sadder that child molesters are usually the ones closest to us. The things you are doing for your daughter now are great ways to temporarily distract her and keep the tragic event off of her mind, but therapy may also be needed so that she can deal with it better and it doesn’t completely damage her esteem and trust for people in the long run. I’m so sorry that this happened to your little angel


  • Larryshia Howard

    2016-09-30 #19 Author

    Theres just some messed up people in this world smh ! Praying for her !


  • Lakeshia

    2016-09-30 #20 Author

    It hurts my heart to read this I was sexually abuse when I was 15 years old by my brother dad I’m 40 years old now and its always on my mind stay strong and may god bless you


  • TaJanae McNab

    2016-09-30 #21 Author

    I know it’s hard, given that no parent wants their child to go through this. Many couldn’t even imagine nor could they stomach the thought of being in those shoes but you have to be strong and believe in your decisions because at a time like this she will definitely be looking up to you!! If you seems scared, she’ll be scared just assure her that you guys can get through it: Prayers go out to you, her and the family!!!


  • Kassandra

    2016-09-30 #22 Author

    This is so sad prayers for your family ?


  • Adrienne Powell

    2016-10-01 #23 Author

    This Is So Sad… People Dont Deserve Kids If They Gone Abuse Them


  • Jakyra allen

    2016-10-01 #24 Author

    He should be punished that is VERY Unacceptable and should NOT Be able to walk the streets but great job mommy u taught her well?


  • Rodney

    2016-10-01 #25 Author

    They should go 2 jail 4 ever punks


  • Miesha W.

    2016-10-01 #26 Author

    This is so sad smh it really breaks my heart to hear this happens to your baby


  • Lisa Calvin

    2016-10-01 #27 Author

    My best advice to you is keep her away from all male figures especially if their not meeting the criteria of your trust. That’s not fair that she has to deal with this at such a young age this is somthing she can’t & wont forget at a blink of an eye. This is like a nightmare.


  • Octavia

    2016-10-01 #28 Author

    I know of this all to well being as though I was also sexually molested by a family member. I pray for you and you family because it is such a horrific thing to endure


  • Destiny

    2016-10-01 #29 Author

    Thats real sad.


  • Justice Taylor

    2016-10-01 #30 Author

    I cant say i understand what you are going through… I can only imagin. So sad. I will keep her in my prayers


  • Tianna Howard

    2016-10-01 #31 Author

    It’s So Sad To See Little Girl Get Rap By Grown Man Like It Really Break My Heart ?


  • Tianna Howard

    2016-10-01 #32 Author

    It’s Sad To See 2 Years Old Girls To Get Rap By Grown Men’s Its Really Breaks My Heart ??


  • Sheila R

    2016-10-02 #33 Author

    This is tragic solution this why I keep my daughter so close cause they are creep very close to you but I feel so sorry for that baby that should of never happened


  • Selena

    2016-10-02 #34 Author

    This is so sad no baby deserves to ever go thru this… You have to sit her down and let her know that that shouldn’t be said to Anyone and take her to counseling because it could mess her up emotionally. Wish you nothing but the best in this sad tragedy


  • Key marie

    2016-10-02 #35 Author

    First you should’ve pressed charges on him he know right from wrong me personally I wouldve killed him . And for the school to let him take her if he’s not on her person release form is ridiculous . That should’ve never been able to happen . Put her in therapy so she’ll feel comfortable expressing her feelings a park won’t do any good to someone that was sexually abused and if you guys let him do it once without anything happening he will do it again


  • Tyrone Lawrence

    2016-10-02 #36 Author

    Smh no child should ever go through that


  • Brittany

    2016-10-02 #37 Author

    I honestly think I would be lost for words but at the end of the day my child would come first even if that means placing family to the side. This is something a child will never forget and if they are to young to know they will find out .


  • Dashanique

    2016-10-03 #38 Author

    First of all i would of snapped on the people in the office who ever let her leave with a family member n his or her name aint on emergency contact list n didnt even call me first not what if thats not her family member n just a friend of the family and really kidnap the lil girl then its gone be on the school fought wasnt doin they job……


  • Dashanique Bowman

    2016-10-03 #39 Author

    Pressed chargers on the school for not call me if it was a family or friend thats my child and im still at work or something and thinking my baby at school then go pressed chargers and a restraining order against him


  • Jane Nenadi Kure

    2016-10-03 #40 Author

    This is a cruel and wicked act and d shouldn’t be overlooked cos of family. May God protect our children especially girls.


  • Taylor

    2016-10-03 #41 Author

    Omg this is horrible I was abused at the age of 2 don’t really remember it but it haunts me everyday did not catch the abuser so he/she is still walking the streets , I pray you get closer and continue to live and be strong for yourself hugggsss


  • shay

    2016-10-03 #42 Author

    Wow that is awful. I’ve been through a similar situation as a child. I would just say keep her busy and try to keep her happy.


  • Rikeya smith

    2016-10-03 #43 Author

    Wow this is crazy what this world coming to these mans are sick asf


  • Ashanti

    2016-10-03 #44 Author

    Wow I’m praying that god please look over you guys in such a traumatic situation.


  • Takema

    2016-10-04 #45 Author

    This incident can cause post traumatic stress. Get her to a psychiatrist and press charges against the boy, family or not he needs to be punished for his actions.


  • Eric Macousi

    2016-10-04 #46 Author

    These things happen. We as parents must be very careful.


  • Doreen njeri

    2016-10-04 #47 Author

    So sad and traumatising for the little angel..


  • Marquita Wirt

    2016-10-14 #48 Author

    That’s so sad that he would do such a thing to an innocent little girl the school is to be blamed a well. I work in the school system and if you’re not on the pick up list you are not able to pick up that child.. I would file a police report. Sadly the child will never forget that incident the best thing to do is to help her cope with it as well as get her counseling in the future. As a survivor I know what that can do to someone..
    My prayers are with your family


  • Christina

    2016-10-27 #49 Author

    Explain to her that there are Bad people in this word and tell her to never ever be afraid to let someone know.. And that know one should touch your private area except the doctor and parents. It probably will never be a healing wound for her but as she gets older gradually just explained to her what happened and comfort her while explaining to her that everything’s going to be ok and that God will make sure that person pays for it GOD BLESS


  • Bre

    2017-10-09 #50 Author

    Poor baby 💔 prayers to the family


  • Adams

    2017-10-10 #51 Author

    You ma’am are the mother of the century… You are awesome. Your baby is the mvp for speaking up. You all rock. Nobody messes with my baby without his teeth intact. Thumbs up! She’ll be fine


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