17 Ways To Make Your Marriage Thrive, Not Just Survive 17 Ways To Make Your Marriage Thrive, Not Just Survive
Marriage can be difficult enough, but add in these tough economic times, medical problems, child rearing, difficulties finding and or keeping a job, tithing... 17 Ways To Make Your Marriage Thrive, Not Just Survive

Marriage can be difficult enough, but add in these tough economic times, medical problems, child rearing, difficulties finding and or keeping a job, tithing to the Church, gas in the car, keeping the bills paid while still trying to keep food on the table and be a good wife to your husband. All these things and many more can add up and cause a marriage, even the best marriage to falter and sometimes even fail, and it does not matter whether you are newlyweds or a couple who has been married for many years. If you want to make your marriage thrive, not just survive, the following are 17 ways to get you on the road to marital bliss.

1. Build A Strong Friendship

Whether you are married or planning to get married or if you have been married forever, strive to become your husband’s best friend. Hopefully, the two of you will already be close friends before you got married, which the Holy bonds of marriage will only make that friendship stronger.

2. Build a Committed And Loving Marriage

Marriage is a commitment to love one another until death do you part. If you are newlyweds, do not expect this to happen overnight. You become committed to each other the day you marry and hopefully there is a lot of love between you also, but there is more to the marriage than just the vows.

3. Make Love,Not War

No one wants to fight, it is much nicer to make love not war, but there comes times in every marriage when you just want to pinch off your husband head. That is the time when you need to take a step back, consider the situation, calm down and pick a better time to “talk” with your husband about the problem.

4. Respect Each Other

If you truly want your marriage to strive without the yelling, crying, silent treatments and the divorce threats, respect your husband; remember that just because he is your husband does not mean you can disrespect your husband with your words or actions (or lack of). The reverse is also true.

5. Acts Of Random Kindness

Its the little things that matter most and will be remembered and endear you to your husband in ways you cannot imagine. A kind word when he has obviously had a rough day, the simple question of, “is there anything you need that I can get for you?” or “is there anything I can do for you right now?”

6. Open Communication And Empathetic Listening

Talk and talk a lot, and be honest with everything you say.  Talk about everything openly and let your opposite half hear you out. Talk about your childhood and encourage him to talk about his. Talk about favorite things you have done together. At the same time, if your husband speaks, lend an empathetic ear.

7. Never Abuse Your Husband

People hear everyday about men abusing women, but the fact is that many women abuse their husbands. This can never happen, whether physically or mentally. God took a rib from the side of man, close to his heart so that she can be equal to him and not try to lord over him nor be a doormat for him to walk over either. Also, never take your husband for granted, or try to change him.

8. Become An Expert On Your Husbands Needs

You are the only one who knows your husband better than anyone else. You should strive to be able to look at your husband and tell how he feels, what he is thinking and what his needs are. Then, try to fulfill those needs to the best of your ability.

9. Work Together On Child And Parenting Issues

Do not go against each other with one parent giving permission and the other one not because this causes conflict. Devise a plan of action on parenting issues and how you will raise your children and stick to it. Back each other up!

10. Make Time To Spend Together

If you have children, make it a priority to take two vacations per year. One with the family, the other one by yourselves. Even if the kids spend a week with the grandparents and all you do is stay at home, make to make time for yourselves. Also, have a special date night with your husband during the week when the kids go to grandma’s or a friends house. Even if you are tight on budget, plan for a date night once a month to keep the romance alive.

11. Be Understanding And Compassionate

Everyone deserves compassion and understanding, especially your husband who works so hard to ensure you have a home and food to eat.

12. Have Sex, And Lots of It

Make, making love a priority even after you have a a baby! Send sexy text messages and emails. Do not focus only on Valentines day, birthdays and Christmas, but make random acts of love all during the year. Show your husband how much you love him and how happy, and lucky you are to be his wife.

13. Dance Together

Put on a sexy dress, turn the lights down, open a bottle of wine, put on some soft music and ask your husband to dance. Dancing together can be a great relationship therapy for couples as it help to relieve stress in a relationship and at the same time, builds up those positive channels of feeling and connection as a couple.

14. Do Not Be In A Hurry To Get Up On Weekends

Instead, turn off the alarm and just lay in each others arms or lay facing each other and quietly look into each others eyes. Alternatively, cuddle, kiss or make love in the morning to spice up the day ahead.

15. Do His Chores

Surprise him by taking out the trash or washing the car. If he helps you with the dishes, do  them all by yourself once in awhile. This will make him sit up, take notice of you and become more appreciative of you as a wife and companion.

16. Take A Class Or Work Out Together

Try to take a dance class, do yoga or go to the gym together. This will provide more opportunities to spend time together, bring you both closer together about the shared activity as well as provide you more happy memories to share with your kids or future kids.

17. Show Support For Your Husband In Public

Even if you feel he may be wrong, always back him up in public. Then, in the privacy of your home, discuss the matter with him in a calm way, letting him know your views. The same is also true if you praise your hubby in public or on social networks. This will not only pump up his ego but also let him know how much you love him and how proud you are to be his wife.

Henry Okafor

  • Ore

    2016-10-18 #1 Author

    I love this story..It’s so true,we have been together for 14yrs….it was rocky at first but we survived.


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    I love this. I start working on my self


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    2016-10-18 #3 Author

    I think this was a great read for me because im on the verge of getting married. This will help me know what and what not to do.


  • Lisasalethu

    2016-10-18 #4 Author

    this story is true
    I’ve witnessed this through my grandparents they have been together since my granny was 15 years of age.
    actually she got married at the age of 15.
    so I would love to implement that on my relationship too as I reach my wisdom


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    I needed this advice.


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    I love this story , great advise


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