Pediatricians Say Infants Should Sleep In Parents’ Room For First Year Pediatricians Say Infants Should Sleep In Parents’ Room For First Year
Infants should sleep in the same room ― but not on the same surface ― as their parents until they are 1 year old,... Pediatricians Say Infants Should Sleep In Parents’ Room For First Year

Infants should sleep in the same room ― but not on the same surface ― as their parents until they are 1 year old, according to a new recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics released this week.

This is AAP’s first recommendation to specifically include how long infants should sleep in the same room as their parents. It is included in the physician group’s updated guidelines for safe infant sleep practices, which get reviewed and re-released every five years.

“We had new evidence that really allowed us to make some further nuanced recommendations for families,” Lori Feldman-Winter, professor of pediatrics at Cooper University Hospital and co-author of the guidelines, told The Huffington Post.

The guideline says room sharing is most important for infants during their first six months because that’s when 90 percent of sudden infant death syndrome cases occur.

But room sharing is still recommended throughout an infant’s first year because the other 10 percent of SIDS-related deaths occur during the second six months, Feldman-Winter said.

Having infants close throughout the night makes it easier for parents to feed, comfort and monitor their babies ― and has been shown to decrease risk of SIDS by as much as 50 percent, according to the new guideline.

Other updated recommendations from the report that new or soon-to-be parents should know about, Feldman-Winter said:

1. Babies should ALWAYS be placed on their backs for sleep.

Until infants are 1 year old, they should be placed on their backs to sleep. The new recommendations cite growing research that shows placing infants on their sides to sleep increases SIDS risk.

2. A baby’s sleep surface should be firm and free of pillows and other loose items.

Even though products (such as bumper pads or pillows) are marketed to make infants’ cribs safer or better decorated, they are not recommended, Feldman-Winter said. The updated guidelines recommend infants sleep on a firm crib or basinet surface for their first year without loose bedding, pillows or toys.

3. New moms should breastfeed for babies’ first six months.

Breastfeeding has been shown to reduce SIDS risk ― but the most benefit is for babies who are breastfed exclusively for their first six months, according to the new recommendations.

4. Newborns should be held by their mothers for the first hour after they’re born.

Also part of the updated recommendations: newborns should have skin-to-skin contact with their mothers for the first hour following their delivery ― or as soon as the mother is medically stable, awake and able to respond to her baby.

Evidence shows skin-to-skin time helps preterm babies transition after birth by stabilizing body temperature and blood glucose, increasing cardiorespiratory stability and decreasing crying. And experts agree the benefits are likely similar for all babies.

5. Parents should use their own beds to feed or comfort babies, not couches or armchairs.

The new guidelines specifically advise against bed sharing between babies and their parents. But if parents comfort or feed infants throughout the night, parents should choose their own beds rather than couches or armchairs, which can be dangerous for infants.

If parents do doze off, seat cushions or armrests can pose greater SIDS risks than a flat bed surface, Feldman-Winter explained.

And for the same reason, when parents use their own beds to soothe or feed their babies, they should clear away loose pillows, sheets, blankets or other objects that might cause suffocation or strangulation if the parent does fall asleep unintentionally. Babies should be returned to their own cribs or basinets when parents are ready to put the baby back to sleep.

6. New parents should talk to their doctors about safe sleep options for their infants.

Skip the online product reviews and talk to your doctor or health care provider about the safest sleep choices for your baby, Feldman-Winter said.

“There are products out there that are clearly hazardous to babies ― and may be marketed and available [to new parents] ― but we can’t outlaw them,” she explained.

“There are also products marketed to reduce SIDS risk, but none of those products have actually been shown to do that ― and no products are specifically recommended by AAP,” Feldman-Winter added.

Any medical professionals who provide care for new or soon-to-be parents ― from pediatricians to obstetricians to those at departments of health ― should be aware of these new guidelines and be able to have these conversations with new parents about what makes a sleep environment safe for a baby, she said.

Henry Okafor

  • Arzenia

    2016-10-27 #1 Author

    Yes this is a very safe thing for the baby.


  • Brooklyn

    2016-10-27 #2 Author

    Yes this is very safe for the babies??


  • Terri

    2016-10-27 #4 Author

    Wow never knew that my baby is almost 11 months and she’s been sleeping in her room since 9 months…


  • Reality Perry

    2016-10-27 #5 Author

    I very much agree. My baby slept with me when I first brought him home. He still does. I feel like its more safe than them sleeping in a crib.


  • Kenya Brown

    2016-10-27 #6 Author

    Yes Very Accurate


  • Chameka Dexter

    2016-10-27 #7 Author

    My kids have always slept in the same room with me till they around 1 or 2


  • shakeena

    2016-10-27 #8 Author

    Yes my kids always sleep in the same room with me. Its safter and easier.


  • Michila coates

    2016-10-27 #9 Author

    I believe the child had more comfort and is more safe sleep in there parents room.


  • Ana Clara Sales

    2016-10-27 #10 Author

    Yasss my baby girl is 11 days old and sleeps with me and she loves slept with mommy ?


  • Eliza

    2016-10-27 #11 Author

    I agree my daughter sleeps with me ❤️


  • Brittany Williams

    2016-10-27 #12 Author

    Yes my children sleep in the same room as me they just have their own beds.


  • Mary Churchill

    2016-10-27 #13 Author

    I think this is absolutely true it’s safer for the baby if anything happens to the baby you’ll no make sure the baby is sleeping property


  • Andraya hampton

    2016-10-28 #14 Author

    This is very safe, it’s an easier way to always keep an eye on them


  • Daphne Walls

    2016-10-28 #15 Author

    I very much agree


  • Zakieya

    2016-10-28 #16 Author

    My baby is a month old and won’t sleep lol??


  • Kenyada Thomas

    2016-10-28 #17 Author

    This Is Very Safe For The Kids


  • Alexandria

    2016-10-28 #18 Author

    I agree with this post! Our babygirl will be ONE in 3 days & still sleeps in our bedroom! <3 I feel like this is the safest option!


  • Afrika Israel

    2016-10-28 #19 Author



  • Brittany

    2016-10-28 #20 Author

    I love comes sleeping with my kids. I had the crib in my room but since I breastfed, co sleeping was perfect.


  • Kia

    2016-10-28 #21 Author

    I honestly think it’s not a bad idea with this being my first child she’ll probably be in my room more than a year !being that I’m a single parent and I’m very over protective of her


  • Kris Nichole

    2016-10-28 #22 Author

    I have always slept with my children their 1st year. Altho I tell the Drs they sleep alone!


  • Mercedes Terrell

    2016-10-28 #23 Author

    Yes i agree !! I have four children ( 3 girls and 1 boy ) my son is 3 months old and ever since they where babies they have slept in the same room as me. I feel as if it also makes us parents feel safer with them right there a few feet away from us ! I love it ❤️


  • Niqua demary

    2016-10-28 #24 Author

    My baby sleeps in my room in her crib, I love keeping her close ❤️️


  • Shaquitta Ivery

    2016-10-28 #25 Author

    I think infants should. It’s safer…


  • Aliyah Harris

    2016-10-28 #26 Author

    my baby sleeps with me every single night since birth and he’s 1.


  • Domanick Jones

    2016-10-28 #27 Author

    I sleep with my kids but I am well aware of them and where they are. Only problem now is my son won’t get out lol. I enjoy the company though tbh.


  • Keria marvel

    2016-10-28 #28 Author

    Yes this is safe for babies


  • Alicia Brown

    2016-10-28 #29 Author

    I Enjoy Other Mother’s Happiness With Their Bundle Of Joy And This Pretty Baby Looks So Peaceful!


  • Tameka Rogers

    2016-10-28 #30 Author

    I absolutely agree, it just seems safer for them to be closer to you when they’re that small.


  • Cadesha Callahan

    2016-10-29 #31 Author

    I agree it’s very safe and appropriate for your child to be as safe as possible


  • Seraerica

    2016-10-29 #32 Author



  • Timyara Ramirez

    2016-10-29 #33 Author

    I definitely agree with this, my daughter’s bassinet is in our room, but sometimes I co-sleep. I just feel safer withh her in the room, she can’t call us when she’s choking, so many worried thoughts run through my head with me being a first time mother.


  • Kiara

    2016-10-29 #34 Author

    I agree with this 100% . This is so much safer for the baby .


  • Nai Williams

    2016-10-29 #35 Author

    I feel like it’s safer to co-sleep with my baby that’s just my opinion.


  • Aqua mcleod

    2016-11-02 #36 Author

    I agree that the baby should sleep with the parents into a curtain age. I feel like the longer you let the baby sleep with you the more use to or attached they get to sleeping with the parents. Once they get to use to sleeping with the parents they will not want to go sleep alone .


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