How To Hire The Right Nanny For Your Kids How To Hire The Right Nanny For Your Kids
As a mother of three children, one of the scariest thing for any parent is leaving their kids with a new nanny for the... How To Hire The Right Nanny For Your Kids

As a mother of three children, one of the scariest thing for any parent is leaving their kids with a new nanny for the very first time. I know it was something that my husband and I really struggled with. We actually struggled with it so much that it took us what felt like an eternity to find the perfect nanny for us. We both called numerous agencies and private nannies, but we just could not find the right fit over the phone.

How To Hire A NannyToday I am going to share with you some of my personal views on how to find, interview and hire the right nanny for your family. Now I know there are a million and a half lists of guides online about this kind of thing, but this right here is different. I am not telling you what to do; all I wanted to do is to provide some tips on what worked for my family and who knows, maybe it will work out for you as well.

Ask Around

This may seem obvious, but one thing that you should do before you ever call a nanny or an agency is to ask your friends and family if they can recommend a good nanny. I know that just because someone is a right fit for one family does not automatically mean they will work for you, but at the very least it is a place to start and get the ball rolling. I know that part of the reason my husband and I had such a hard time was because we were so scared to leave our kids with someone else it took us ages to even get the ball rolling on finding a nanny.


This by a country mile is the best way to find the right fit for your family and kids. Make sure you hold interviews with as many nannies as you can and do it in person and not over the phone. I think in total we must have talked to at least 15 different nannies. It may seem a bit excessive, but at the end of the day this person is going to be looking after your kids.

How Not To Handle The Interview!!!

Our first couple of interviews did not go too well and I take full blame for that as I had written down a series of questions on a A4 pad of paper and the first couple of interviews for the poor nannies must have felt like they were applying for a job at Area 51. It was far too tense and formal that we never really got a sense of who they were as people. Sure we found out about their qualifications and information like that, but we never got to know them as people.

What Worked For Us In The Interview

Now I do not want to preach advice here, but the best way to interview people for me was to keep it as informal as possible just like a general friendly chat. Do not get me wrong as we still found out all the important information, but for the most part we kept it lose and in doing this, we felt that the nannies opened up a bit more and we could see what their real personality was like. Finding someone with the right personality was even more important for us than their qualifications.

Once we got the interview technique down we knocked it down to around three different choices each of whom we would have been happy with. We then called these nannies back to “baby sit” when my husband and I went out to the movies, dinner or out for a romantic evening and then we asked our kids how they felt about the nannies. You must remember that your kids must also find the nanny acceptable. We got a ton more information from our kids as well.

So with all that information we set about making the decision. Truth be told finding and hiring the right nanny can be quite time consuming, but it is certainly not impossible. Just try not to leave it to the last minute as then you are less likely to hire someone you would really want to.

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    Thank you. You can’t let everyone watch your children, they should be very qualified


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    true… attitude (personality) is more impt. than qualifications.


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    I only trust family to watch my child until he is old enough to speak ..


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    Thanks very helpful information. I will be sure to use it in my future in looking for nannies


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    Do a background check before anything, I’m very protective of my daughter.


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    This was very help. The fact that I’m a first time mom. I’m beyond scared to leave my baby with ppl period.


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    Sometimes not everyone always has immediate family to take care of their child while the parents are away! Like me for example, so then parents have to seek the help of daycare centers & nannies . The best tip I can give is DO YOUR RESEARCH ‘!!! Ask around, look online , visit the centers . No question is a bad question after all they are going to be the caregivers of one of your most precious assets!


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    Hey guys what should first time parents look out for before sending a 5month old to a day care?


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    I only let immediate family watch my son


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