How To Raise Your Kid To Be Smart How To Raise Your Kid To Be Smart
As you hold that little bundle of joy in your arms, you are amazed at all the things they already seem to be able... How To Raise Your Kid To Be Smart

As you hold that little bundle of joy in your arms, you are amazed at all the things they already seem to be able to do. And right from the start you worry am I doing enough to help them reach their full potential on the road of life. The truth is no child comes with an instruction book and each one has their own unique personality that sometimes you will succeed at figuring out and sometimes you won’t, however, there are a few things that remain true in helping your children to grow up into emotionally and intellectually intelligent individuals.

Verbal Communication

Infants and small children learn a great deal in the first years from simply being spoken too. You may think it’s silly to hold a conversation with an infant when in all likely hood they don’t understand you and can’t vocally respond to you either. However, research like that done by Dr. Lise Eliot a leading researcher in neuroscience has shown that talking to infants and small children helps to develop their verbal communication skills and gives children a greater range of vocabulary skills. It doesn’t really matter what you talk to your child about but try and keep it simple so they can relate the conversation to what is going on around them. If you are making them lunch talk about what you are doing and the food you are preparing, if you are getting them dressed talk about their body parts and the clothes that cover them.

Remember that even though television seems like it would be a great source of communication it is only one way communication and it doesn’t have the same effect on a child’s growing development that human interaction has. So turn off the TV and just take some time to talk to your little ones, it’s such a simple thing but makes such a big difference in their development.

Social Interaction

Children need to learn to interact with others in order to better understand the world around them. Although many times we tend to put a great emphasis on intellectual intelligence social and emotional intelligence is just as important. We’ve all heard stories or perhaps experienced it in our own lives, working or being around people with exceptional intelligence that wind up working in an area below their means because they didn’t have the social skills needed to live up to their full intellectual potential. Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek is a leading researcher in early childhood development and has conducted research on the importance of social interaction in young children and infants. She states that not only should children have social interaction with other children but other people of varying ages. This is because each person will interact with the child differently. Where a father might be more physical in his interaction with a small child a grandmother will have her own unique way of holding the child or speaking to them. How each person plays with or comforts the child will be different lending to the child understanding a broader range of social interactions.


Good nutrition is not just about growing the body but it is also about growing the mind. Children who suffer from poor nutrition at a young age have a harder time with intellectual development. Although they have not narrowed down any specific nutrients that make a person more intelligent then another, good overall nutrition does play a dramatic role in better intelligence. The studies done by Dr. Reynaldo Martorell’s on under or poor nutrition on young children have recorded the dramatic effects of nutrition on development. Dr. Martorell says that when the body lacks good nutrition it must make a decision regarding what to do with the limited amount of foodstuffs that it receives. Survival is the most important, growth of the body comes second and then learning and intelligence comes third. Because of this pre-programmed pattern of our body it is very important to make sure that children get a well-balanced and nutritious diet to help them achieve their greatest intellectual potential.

Personal Time

Just as important to development as social interaction is personal time and space. If children are not allotted their own down time they can have difficulty understanding themselves and their place in social settings. Down time gives children the time to process things they have seen and heard throughout the day. Children and infants also need alone time to learn to think on their own, to entertain themselves and even comfort themselves. This learning process is critical to emotional, social, and intellectual development according to the findings of Dr. Hirsh-Pasek.

The most important thing to remember when setting out on that road raising you children to be smart is to remember that loving and nurturing your child is the best way to go. Most parents worry that they will do the wrong thing, but in truth there are so many ways to raise a child and most are correct. Talking and interacting with your child on a continuing basis as well as encouraging those around you to do the same, feeding your child a well-balanced diet and giving them some needed down time will all contribute to a well-rounded child that is both emotionally intelligent and intellectually smart.

Henry Okafor

  • tamia

    2016-10-29 #1 Author

    to raise a child you must be commited to support your child love your child because thats a gift from god..what i like about this is because that is where u have a bond with your cjild doing things like playing together playi g dress up if its a girl….thats a smile on your face when you have a child your joy when your sad…thats how to raise a child


    • Cidtra

      2016-10-29 #2 Author

      Kids should Be Their Self . Which Is Beautiful


  • Brei

    2016-10-29 #3 Author

    You are your child’s inner kid! Remember whatever or how ever you speak to them is how they will grow so always remind your child they are smart beautiful and can do anything


  • Brei

    2016-10-29 #4 Author

    You are your child’s inner self!


    • Cidtra

      2016-10-29 #5 Author

      All Children Don’t Learn The Same Way But Find The Way Your Child Learn And make The Best of It


      • Emily

        2016-10-30 #6 Author

        Read to them from the moment they are born.


  • Raven gillom

    2016-10-29 #7 Author

    This was very helpful. As far as the down time goes I was taught in psychology that children best learn from other children and busy environments it stimulates thier need to learn and travel and makes them more active and helps with the ability to make judgments. As in putting your children in day care is important so that a child becomes exposed to certain germs and new techniques from other children


  • Ariana

    2016-10-29 #8 Author

    Wonderful advice


  • Kloei Hodge

    2016-10-29 #9 Author

    This was so helpful


  • Shakeria johnson

    2016-10-29 #10 Author

    Teach them


  • Tyranisha Moore

    2016-10-29 #11 Author

    While I Was Pregnant i Always read To My Baby . . i Also Played music Next to my Belly so my son could love the sound of many different things . He is now 7 months and is very advanced for his age . I Talk to my son as if he understands me and he listens and replies in his own way . i pronunonce words very slowly and use my hands to help my som catch on . Teaching your child can be hard but u have to be patient and remember thats still a child


    • Deonna Cherie’ Rogers

      2016-10-30 #12 Author

      Kids are already learning on their on anyway its our part to show love and guidance in the right path


  • Latreshia Mcneil

    2016-10-29 #13 Author

    I started talking and singing to my grandchild during and after the pregnancy. Thanks great Advice.


  • Erica

    2016-10-29 #14 Author

    It’s just about being there in your kids life positive vibes only. Kids are naturally smarty pants . They catch on quite fast . This post can be helpful to many .


  • Shavonne B

    2016-10-29 #15 Author

    When it come so to raising a child one thing I learned is to always make sure you can teach them any and everything. Kids are like sponges and can absorb so much!


    • Kenisha Carter

      2016-10-30 #16 Author

      That is true me being a first time mom I’m still learning but what thing I do know as u stated is that kids are sponges . They pick up on anything & are very smart depending on how they are raised . Every child is smart in there own way .


  • Tiffany Hodges

    2016-10-29 #17 Author

    This is amazing advice !


  • Christy Kearney

    2016-10-29 #18 Author

    This was good advice, Ill take it and use it wisely.


  • Tacăle Laura

    2016-10-29 #19 Author

    This was very helpful…Always reminder your child they are smart, beautiful and can do anything!!!!


  • Melissa

    2016-10-30 #20 Author

    Every kid will be smart in their own way w much guidance


  • Natasha White

    2016-10-30 #21 Author

    it all starts at home my oldest turned 2 in July h3 can recognize all his alphabet numbers and colors and some shapes


  • Wanya Levell Phillips

    2016-10-30 #22 Author

    I really love the pictures of the babies you guy post.


  • Ibrahim fallatah

    2016-10-30 #23 Author

    Wow! that’s really a great advice! thank you.


  • Danielle

    2016-10-30 #24 Author

    I really needed this I have a 11 month old after 4 years of not having a little baby & boy it gets a lil rough


  • Shanea Williamson

    2016-10-30 #25 Author

    In raising a child it is also necessary for you to bond with that child before he or she reaches two yrs. That way the child isn’t afraid to come to you when something is wrong.


  • kesego

    2016-10-30 #26 Author

    Let your kid play – When yourkid plays, he is creating the foundation for his intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. When he plays with other kids, he learns to combine ideas, impressions and feelings with other kids’ experiences and opinions.


  • Dantavia Denise

    2016-10-30 #27 Author

    Good Advice


  • Rashondralynn Hamilton

    2016-10-30 #28 Author

    To raise your kids you have to be active in their lives. Teach them any and everything that you wouldn’t want them out here learning on their own from the streets or anywhere else negative


  • Jala K.

    2016-10-30 #29 Author

    All of this was helpful. But, I read to my baby the entire time I was pregnant, I read to her everyday after her birth. The first year and a half of her life I didn’t work because my husband insist on me staying home with her so I had so much time to spend with her, teach her and introduce her to new things. She only got 50% of what I worked with her with. So I put her in daycare and she got everything so very fast. And I was a amazed to find out that mostly everything she learned at daycare she learned from another kid. I said all that to say kids feed off of other kids. They learn well from one another.


  • Juwell McGlown

    2016-10-30 #30 Author

    When it comes to raising a child their are different mechanisms. Each and every child is different. Some children adapt faster and others tend to go slow with the teaching process. I’ve learned from other people’s experience with their children is that learning is supposed to be fun when teaching a child.


  • Danielle Taylor

    2016-10-30 #31 Author

    Work with them each and everyday , make sure your kids no right from wrong explain to them the best way if they don’t no something , reward them for the good and discipline them for the badd ,you can do puzzles color ask them questions to see what they don’t no and wrk on it


  • Taniya

    2016-10-30 #32 Author

    Teach them they’re abcs & 123s at an early age . Work with them so they can become a bigger person before they go to school !


  • Yonna

    2016-10-31 #33 Author

    Teach your child everything from 123’s to abc’s and colors at a very early age . also show and infant or little kids learning videos are a great way to make them smart.


  • Tamara

    2016-10-31 #34 Author

    I’m a single 19 year old mother & my daughter is only one , she sing her ABC’s really clear cause since she was just a few weeks old I use to sing them to her everyday & let her watch videos she knows what money is , she knows how to count & she even knows everyone in th family name & etc


  • Desttany Perkins

    2016-11-01 #35 Author

    My son is four months and I incorporate counting in everything thing that we do. I use 123 so it seems as if he knows that something is going to happen at three. He gets excited when I start counting. I learned in school that children develop better when they are talked to and have constant interaction. I learned from experience that babies need down time. My son will sit in his chair and play with his toys and be content. He doesn’t cry to be held he’ll rather climb out my lap and crawl(barely lol) around and get into everything.


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