Natural Supplements To Aid Pregnancy Natural Supplements To Aid Pregnancy
More and more these days, more women are shifting their focus from traditional medicine to a more holistic and natural approach to help them... Natural Supplements To Aid Pregnancy

More and more these days, more women are shifting their focus from traditional medicine to a more holistic and natural approach to help them improve fertility and conceive a baby. Instead of putting unwanted and unnecessary chemicals inside their bodies, modern women nowadays are opting for natural supplements to help them get pregnant. Not only do natural supplements not contain any harmful chemicals or have any harsh side effects, but they are also inexpensive and available over the counter without a prescription.

Here are a few of the most common or popular natural herbal supplements that women are using to increase fertility today:

Maca Root

Maca PowderMaca Root is commonly used for helping fertility. Maca root is the root of a vegetable grown in Peru. It is popular because it doesn’t contain any hormones itself, but it still helps to balance hormones in both men and women. Maca Root is shown to be able to help both men and women. Maca Root has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, and is safe to use along with other herbal remedies at the same time. It doesn’t stay in the body long, so you need to use it daily for best results.

Primrose Oil

Primrose Oil is derived from a common North American wildflower. Also a popular fertility treatment, primrose oil is packed full of Vitamin E, which we all know is important when trying to conceive. The most important quality of primrose oil is that it aids in creating healthy cervical mucus, which in turn helps the sperm grab on and get to the uterus safely. Drinking lots of water and taking Primrose Oil is a great way to make sure you are producing viable cervical mucus. It has also been shown to help alleviate PMS which affect many women.


Another very popular herbal treatment for infertility, chasteberry is a herbal treatment that was developed in Europe. It is helpful in regulating hormonal imbalances, and is a very popular herbal treatment option for PCOS. Chasteberry is also known as Vitex, and it is one of the oldest natural fertility treatments in the world. Chasteberry can help regulate hormones and it can also get ovulation and menstruation back on track. It is also known to increase progesterone, which in turn can help with menstrual problems that might be keeping you from getting pregnant.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil has become very popular in recent years for both men and women for a variety of health issues. It can aid in infertility treatment because it contains tons of omegas, vitamin B, zinc, and much more. For guys, Flaxseed oil can help to keep the sperm healthy, and in ladies, it can stabilize estrogen-progesterone, which in turn can  improve uterine function. Flaxseed oil is a great herbal supplement and can benefit everyone, even those who are not trying to conceive. Flaxseed oil is good for both men and women, and can even be added to many foods. It is a good all-around health booster.

These four herbal supplements are the most common and widely used ones on the market today to combat infertility. Women have been using them for many many years and swear by their effectiveness. You can get these supplements online or at a local health food store for a low price. If you are going to be taking herbal supplements, make sure that you tell your doctor too, to make sure that they don’t interact with any other medications that you might be on. Good luck using these herbal treatments and hopefully you will conceive soon!

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