This List Of Weird Pregnancy Cravings Is Not For The Faint Of Heart This List Of Weird Pregnancy Cravings Is Not For The Faint Of Heart
BuzzFeed asked it’s Community to tell the strangest things they craved while pregnant, and the answers did NOT disappoint. Here are the delightfully disgusting results.... This List Of Weird Pregnancy Cravings Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

BuzzFeed asked it’s Community to tell the strangest things they craved while pregnant, and the answers did NOT disappoint. Here are the delightfully disgusting results.

1. Buddy’s sweet spaghetti from Elf.

Buddy's sweet spaghetti from Elf.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant, but I was watching Elf. Buddy was making his spaghetti with the maple syrup, candy, marshmallows, etc, and it looked AMAZING! Tested positive two days later.” –Teri Reed, Facebook

2. Dish soap on a cheeseburger.

Dish soap on a cheeseburger.

“I desperately wanted to put Palmolive dish soap (a pink bottle) on my cheeseburger one day. I didn’t do it, but OH MAN, it sounded amazing. Also, I once put a can of fruit cocktail over tilapia and white rice. Everything tasted great except the cherries.” –Sarah Jane, Facebook

3. Uncooked canned corn.

Uncooked canned corn.

“With my son, it was canned corn — which isn’t really weird in itself, but I only wanted it uncooked, straight from the can, with a spoon. I couldn’t get enough of it. I’d go through at least two cans a day for a couple months. It was ridiculous.” —Dee Jackson Kanavel, Facebook

4. Cream-filled doughnut stuffed with white cheddar popcorn.

Cream-filled doughnut stuffed with white cheddar popcorn.

Tony Alter / CC / Flickr: 78428166@N00

“I craved a cream-filled doughnut stuffed with white cheddar popcorn and a side of a Slim Jim.” –Lakota Hodges, Facebook

5. Sauerkraut on everything.

Sauerkraut on everything.

Twitter: @GAAlbright

“Sauerkraut. On literally everything. From fruit to mashed potatoes to peanut butter toast. Everything.” –Shawn-Jessica Davis, Facebook

6. Sardines on Ritz crackers with blueberries.

“Sardines on Ritz crackers with blueberries. And country gravy on strawberries and cantaloupe. Oh, man, they sound disgusting now, but they were sooooo amazing.” —elynnelim

7. Pulled pork on vanilla ice cream.

Pulled pork on vanilla ice cream.

Twitter: @RougeLikeGirl

“I craved pulled pork on top of vanilla ice cream for weeks.” —renataarielr

8. Doritos dipped in clam chowder soup.

“Doritos nacho cheese chips dipped in canned clam chowder soup. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.” —s4e901418e

9. The telltale onion.

10. Kosher dill pickles stuffed with grape jelly.

“I was babysitting while pregnant with my first daughter. The kids wanted a snack. They loved the big, half-cut, kosher dill pickles. So I’m looking at them thinking, I think I want one too! I carved out the middle with my teeth then filled the ‘pickle boat’ with grape jelly. It was spectacular!! The tang, the vinegar, the sweet, the crunch.

“Now, however, it sounds disgusting.” —memoriem

11. Canned cheese on powdered doughnuts.

“The only craving I had was in the beginning of my pregnancy, while I still had morning sickness. Easy Cheese on powdered doughnuts. It did not end well.” —jessicar4e354f20c

12. Pizza dipped in icing.

Pizza dipped in icing.

Twitter: @herana01

“I wanted pizza dipped in icing. No idea why on earth, but it was amazing while pregnant.” —ashleyb44532c07b

13. Twinkies in ranch dressing.

“I’m not ashamed to say I ate Twinkies dumped into ranch dressing.” —danibuttafly

14. Pickles dipped into a strawberry Frappuccino.

“Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino and dill pickles. I would literally dip the pickle in the Frappuccino! I’m disgusted thinking about it, but it was soooooooooooo good then!” —vanessaw4817c61ee

15. Dog biscuits and a case of candy bars. / Via Thinkstock

“Dog biscuits. And an entire case of 36 full-size Mr. Goodbars, which I ate in one sitting.” —invasivemage

16. Nutella on a burrito.

Nutella on a burrito.

ricktredinnick / Via

“When I was pregnant and lived in Germany, Nutella spread on burritos had to be the strangest thing I craved.” —Christy Davis, Facebook

17. Dirt.


“I craved dirt. I’d smell mud, dirt, soil — it made my mouth water. SO WEIRD!” —jenniferj481d60a70

Henry Okafor

  • LaDonna moore

    2016-11-03 #1 Author

    I had to have Breakfast Every morning…no exceptions lol


  • Charlene Turner

    2016-11-03 #5 Author

    My weirdest craving was Shrimp Fried rice mixed with macaroni and cheese. Lol


  • Sapphire Thompson

    2016-11-03 #6 Author

    I am on my second baby now and I’m definitely a weird eater.


    • Fiya0123

      2016-11-03 #7 Author



      • Brittany

        2016-11-05 #8 Author

        I craved pineapples and pickles together


  • Kendra

    2016-11-03 #9 Author

    I love pickles


  • Tamara

    2016-11-03 #10 Author

    I’m not even pregnant & I still love me some pickle from when I first got pregnant ???


    • Sydney

      2016-11-03 #11 Author

      Wow that’s crazy I craved baby powder


  • shauntio Gause

    2016-11-03 #12 Author

    I craved Nutella everything and pickles dip in ice cream?


  • Abbie

    2016-11-03 #13 Author

    My weirdest craving was canned corn with a little mayo and hot sauce and cheese!


  • SeKoura Conner

    2016-11-03 #14 Author

    Now Even I Have Ate Doritos With Clam Chowder Soup 🙂 Its Very Yummy Omg


  • Erica McClain

    2016-11-03 #15 Author

    Cheeto’s dipped in pickle juice now I just cringe at the thought


  • Deneasha Roland

    2016-11-03 #16 Author

    I craved cooking flour its sooooo good to me ?


  • Shauntell

    2016-11-03 #17 Author

    Oh goodness lol I couldn’t imagine something of these


  • Swalia May

    2016-11-03 #18 Author

    My weirdest craving was pickles and ice cream mixed…


  • Kacey Jay

    2016-11-03 #19 Author

    All I craved when I was pregnant was mild chicken wings with blue cheese


  • Nisha

    2016-11-03 #20 Author

    My only craving was chocolate covered strawberry’s


  • Lashae

    2016-11-03 #21 Author

    All I craved was chocolate & fruit . I couldn’t eat no meal without chocolate or fruit with it , on it or in it ! I still do it and my baby 5monyhs now


  • Ebony

    2016-11-04 #22 Author

    My biggest craving was hotdogs and dr. pepper cherry drinks…I know weird right!


  • Rashante griffin

    2016-11-04 #23 Author

    Oh….. My……. God ?


  • Kayla

    2016-11-04 #24 Author

    Doritos Nacho Cheese With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ❤ And Chopped Up Dill Pickles With Sprinkle Cheese Ranch And Bacon Bits ?


  • Jasmine

    2016-11-04 #25 Author

    I Craved Hot Pickles & Hot Chips


  • Jasmine Easley

    2016-11-04 #26 Author

    I ate peanut butter and yogurt!


  • Shakira

    2016-11-04 #27 Author

    I didn’t have craving


  • Tatyana Amaya

    2016-11-04 #28 Author

    They really eat dirt !! Wow


  • Kayeann

    2016-11-04 #29 Author

    Wow,when I was pregnant I crave for shrimp my whole pregnancy..


  • Pink

    2016-11-04 #30 Author

    My pregranancy craving was eating ice and smelling something good!


  • nzinga

    2016-11-04 #31 Author

    I craved seafood


  • Alicia

    2016-11-05 #32 Author

    I craved fried pickles and deep fried oreos


  • Accacia Jones

    2016-11-05 #33 Author

    Hot Sauce & Ketchup & Cheese


  • Danesha Hughes

    2016-11-05 #34 Author

    I craved pizza & ranch


  • Jamaica green

    2016-11-05 #35 Author

    My weirdest craving was toaster strudels and hot sause lol


  • McKenzie Nelms

    2016-11-05 #36 Author

    I ate like 5 oranges a day ?


  • Shelby

    2016-11-05 #37 Author

    I craved chester hot fries all the time!


  • Jasmine

    2016-11-06 #38 Author

    The Dish Washing Liquid Was Pretty interesting Because I never heard anything like it before


  • Kiara jones

    2016-11-06 #39 Author

    I had really weird cravings that I don’t miss


  • Jazmine

    2016-11-06 #40 Author

    I ate noodles with sour cream and salad croutons ???


  • Ray

    2016-11-06 #41 Author

    I ate noodles with cheese pepper hotsauce milk & butter & drank it down with pickle juice


  • Rhey Bullard

    2016-11-06 #42 Author

    I craved ice and pineapples Iol


  • Allyiah

    2016-11-06 #43 Author

    I had sooooo many weird cravings but my favorite was buffalo chicken pizza and clear fruit juice the weird craving I had was powder and ice tea


  • Ashley Weaver

    2016-11-07 #44 Author

    Glad I only craved seafood ?


  • Breyonna

    2016-11-07 #45 Author

    That’s good advise, I craved a lot of seafood and hot stuff


  • Briitany

    2016-11-07 #46 Author

    I craved hot cheetos and strawberry ice cream


  • Sierra Hansford

    2016-11-07 #47 Author

    When I was pregnant I didn’t have any weird cravings besides kool aid pickles mixed with shaved ice but I feel that’s practically normal but other than craving seafood 24/7 I was perfectly fine


  • Kaylin Gee

    2016-11-08 #48 Author

    I Always Craved Pickle Juice & Grape Popsicles My Second Pregnancy Also Lotss Of Sweets (Cake,Cookies,Brownies) With Milk. I’m Guessing It’s A Little Truth To The Old Wives Tale Craving Sweets = Babygirl


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