Activities To Do Indoors With Your Kids On A Rainy Day Activities To Do Indoors With Your Kids On A Rainy Day
Living in the Pacific Northwest, where it rains almost half the year, I know something about trying to occupy children when the weather is... Activities To Do Indoors With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

Living in the Pacific Northwest, where it rains almost half the year, I know something about trying to occupy children when the weather is horrible. We’ve actually learned to not only tolerate the rain, but to kind-of love it. Here’s a list of some of the things we do to stay busy and connected.

1. Play Monopoly

Probably the best board game in the world. It takes hours. It’s teaches business acumen and simple math skills. A great way to spend several hours inside.

2. Build Blanket Forts

Sheets, flashlights, hot chocolate. Sure, you’ll have a mess to clean up. But, come on, you remember how fun it was to curl up inside your own private nest.

3. Bake Cookies

Why not spend the day teaching your kids to bake? They’ll love the final product and you’ll love the messy memories.

4. Do Yoga Together

I’m serious. It’s a great way to help kids calm down when they’ve been cooped up.

5. Crafts

Why do you even own all that Martha Stewart glitter anyway? Get out the box of craft stuff you never have time for, and let everyone make a picture for Grandma.

6. Read A Book Aloud

Reading is one the best things to do when it’s raining! If it’s cold enough for a fire and you have a fireplace, lucky you! You’ll hope the sun never comes out. And if your kids are old enough, let them take a turn reading to you. There’s nothing better than listening to a beloved little voice reading a treasured story.

7. Watch A Movie

Sometimes, Mommy, the best you can do is turn on Toy Story II. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

8. Create An Indoor Obstacle Course

This is something I used to do with my kids a lot when they were little and restless. Setup stations around the house dedicated to different activities such as fishing toys out of the bathtub with your feet or hopping across tape lines on the floor. It can be hilarious.

9. Play Together

Just play. Do whatever your kids love to do. Have a tea party. Build a block city. Put on a puppet show. Zoom cars across the floor. After all, how many chances do you get?

10. Splash Through the Puddles

When all else fails, put on your boots and go outside. Everyone will feel better after a little fresh air. Even if they’re wet!

Henry Okafor

  • Bria

    2016-11-07 #1 Author

    This is very interesting ideas


  • Destiny

    2016-11-07 #2 Author

    On a rainy day usually I watch movies with my son but I realized I needed to change our daily routine and occupy him with better things to do. Such as printing out activities for him to do or practicing coloring within the lines of his coloring book. My son 3 years old so he get distracted easily so I sit down and do the activities with him. It’s great for bonding time for us since I always be working and going to school but on a rainy day that’s how I keep us busy. Also I want to state I play music and dance with him and come up with songs to sing with him. It be so fun!


  • Nesha Young

    2016-11-07 #3 Author

    This looks sooo fun, I can’t wait to start doing things like this with my little one! ???


  • La’Kessea Hawkins

    2016-11-07 #4 Author

    I needed these tips for today because its raining today and tv is not entertaining them today.


  • Andre

    2016-11-07 #5 Author

    This was very insightful !


  • Andre

    2016-11-07 #6 Author

    Interesting !!!


  • Alexandria Mcmillan

    2016-11-07 #7 Author

    My Kids Are A Blessing To Me They Bring Me so Much Joy!!


  • Dreixon

    2016-11-07 #8 Author

    ? so cool, i think is a good idea to the kids ?


  • Annna

    2016-11-07 #9 Author

    Great ideals!!


  • Porscha

    2016-11-07 #10 Author

    On A Rainy Day Me & My Baby Read Books In Learn Our 1,2,3 In Play


  • Tajaylah

    2016-11-07 #11 Author

    I love doing new thing with my son those are really good ideas


  • Tajaylah

    2016-11-07 #12 Author

    I can’t wait to do these things with my little one ❤️️


  • Elisa

    2016-11-08 #13 Author

    Saving this article! ❤️


  • Jenise Oliver

    2016-11-08 #14 Author

    On a rainy day I try and teach my baby his shapes or play hide and seek


  • Neisha

    2016-11-08 #15 Author

    Painting, coloring and drawing pictures are also good ideals.


  • Brionna

    2016-11-08 #16 Author

    I’m gonna try these with my niece.


  • Allison Brown

    2016-11-08 #17 Author

    Can’t wait to do these things with my baby girl


  • Trevone Oliver

    2016-11-08 #18 Author

    My sister is in love with my niece and we can’t get enough of her


  • Kalicia Beloch

    2016-11-08 #19 Author

    Such a great idea and it’s so good to start while they are at a early age because they are getting use to doing things with their hands


  • jalisa

    2016-11-08 #20 Author

    Very awesome ideas for activities I’m sure my daughter would love them all :-).


  • Sonwabo jaca

    2016-11-08 #21 Author

    Nice,very effective tips about spending time indoors?????


  • Mariah

    2016-11-08 #22 Author

    On rainy days me and my two boys watch movies and play board games with my oldest. Rainy days aren’t always bad. We make it lots of fun ?


  • Kayla Washington

    2016-11-08 #23 Author

    Practice there abc and 123 I have a 6 and 3 year old and we practice and now they can do it on there own also reading books teaching them how to sound out words is a very good thing to do teach them and see positive results


  • Kordarrius Turner

    2016-11-08 #24 Author

    I love these ideas


  • Kayla Johnson

    2016-11-08 #25 Author

    Spending quality time with your kids doing hands on learning games are so fun !


  • Felicia

    2016-11-09 #26 Author

    This would be a good idea I would read to my baby spend time with him and just think of fun games to play with him and not make it a boring day ??


  • nabwire hajirah

    2016-11-09 #27 Author

    Sometimes its gd to spare time for our kids,I love the article


  • Tennille Myers

    2016-11-09 #28 Author



  • Jasmine

    2016-11-09 #29 Author

    Love it! Me and my baby bake cookies, watch movies and relax.


  • Jasmine

    2016-11-10 #30 Author

    On rainy days my baby likes to watch spongebob or color in the coloring books


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