A group of experts at Harvard University did a study discovering that Peppa Pig is one of te main causes of autism among children.... DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN WATCH PEPPA PIG (PSYCHOLOGISTS WARN PARENTS)

A group of experts at Harvard University did a study discovering that Peppa Pig is one of te main causes of autism among children.

This animated movie has achieved great success. There are many toys, t-shirts, and many other things with this character. However, the question still remains. Is this cartoon character good for children? The answer is NO.

The experts say there is evidence to show an increase in adversarial, snide, questioning, confrontational and disrespectful behavior, which are apparently a result of watching cartoons, like Peppa Pig. It’s true, Peppa is downright rude and her parents let her get away with murder. I once saw an episode where Pepper and her brother George refused to tidy their room until their parents made it into a game, and when they’d finished the brats just trashed the room again, laughing arrogantly.

  • Suffers from the syndrome of superiority;
  • Inappropriate behavior;
  • Imposes ideas regardless of others’ opinions;
  • Impolite;
  • Competitive (it does not how to lose);
  • Intolerant;
  • Disrespectful
  • Envious;
  • Arrogant;
  • Proud

There are parents who complained that their children copy the behavior of Peppa and her brother George, and some of them even banned the cartoon from being watched in their homes.

Thus, be very careful, all you parents out there. There is nothing special about Peppa Pig. The same applies to all the other programs. Around 80% of the brain develops during the first few months until 3 years old. In case they spend a lot of time watching the TV, they will copy the forms of behavior that they see on TV.

Henry Okafor

  • Porscha Truesdale

    2016-11-07 #1 Author

    This is exactly why I don’t let my son watch these new tv shows at all. The only thing he is allowed to watch in my home is educational shows, Elmo, Super Why and My baby can read. I watched Peppa Pig once with him and that one time was the last time lol. The problem a lot of parents have anyway these days is they let their children watch tv all day everyday when it’s recommended that we only let them watch tv 2 hours a day.


  • Printelloa

    2016-11-07 #2 Author

    My daughter loves Peppa pig that’s her favorite cartoon I didn’t realize it was bad for kids to watch it now I know


  • Aliberty

    2016-11-07 #3 Author

    Peppa pig is a cute little show but I don’t let my kids watch after she was all over social media for hanging up on her friend that wasnt a nice thing to do in demonstrated to me anger from a child who got mad because she couldn’t do what her friend did


  • Kellen May

    2016-11-07 #4 Author

    Thanks God, I came to this Post we often turn this for the Children before work. I Can say I’ve noticed Peppa Pig rub off on My Daughter! #NoMorePeppaPig for us.


  • Tia

    2016-11-07 #5 Author

    Wowwww.. I never payed attention


  • Jasmine may

    2016-11-07 #6 Author

    Very smart!


  • Haley Williams

    2016-11-07 #7 Author

    Omg I had no idea my son watches poppa pig all the time and I really didn’t pay attention to what the show was teaching , he won’t be watching this show again !


    • Marica

      2016-11-08 #8 Author

      I use to let my nephew and neice watch this show before omg


  • Carolyn

    2016-11-07 #9 Author

    This is one of the very same shows that my niece and nephew use to watch, until they started copying the behaviors and quoting exact words from it.


  • Sharon Brooks

    2016-11-07 #10 Author

    I disagree because multiple children in my family watches this show , they are just find . I think parent plays apart in this if this was 100% true . we as parents shouldn’t count on television to teach our children


  • Sofia

    2016-11-07 #11 Author

    Ive noticed a lot with this show that i dont agree with.


  • Sofia

    2016-11-07 #12 Author

    Ive noticed those things when i view this show


  • Dasia Jeffries

    2016-11-07 #13 Author

    Thank god for this post .


  • Addonia

    2016-11-07 #14 Author

    All of these years and ive never paid any attention very enlighting..


  • Marshaye Campbell

    2016-11-07 #15 Author

    Well I know not to let my son watch this show now!


  • Meme

    2016-11-07 #16 Author

    My daughter loves this show it teaches her a lot


  • Zaria

    2016-11-07 #17 Author

    My Son Loves This Show Until He Started Saying Foul Things


  • Zaria

    2016-11-07 #18 Author

    My son watch this show and i started to see a change in him


  • Mersaydeze

    2016-11-07 #19 Author

    Kids can pick up bad behavior from anywhere not just certain cartoons !


  • Teanna

    2016-11-07 #20 Author

    Peppa Pig does tend to have bad behavior, but I think the objective is to mimick the actual behaviors and thoughts of real children. Using life like emotions


  • Danyelle Montgomery

    2016-11-07 #21 Author

    This is why I have to moniter everything my kids watch….its to many disrespectful cartoons that they have on kids channels….I wish they can go back to the cartoons we watched as kids


  • Nahre Lyons

    2016-11-07 #22 Author

    I knew there was a good reason I didn’t like this show glad I keep my kids away from stuff like this


  • Andre

    2016-11-07 #23 Author

    I’ve watched this show with my nephew and nieces … no wonder they’ve become disobedient … smh


  • Christine

    2016-11-07 #24 Author

    Wow! My kids love peppa? what a shocker! I now know. Maybe we should say bye to Ms peppa!!


  • Serchinjo

    2016-11-07 #25 Author

    All of these years and ive never paid any attention very enlighting..


  • Serchinjo

    2016-11-07 #26 Author

    All of these years and ive never paid any attention funny how you look at iT right now


  • Serchinjo

    2016-11-07 #27 Author

    Funny i let my kids watch this every day


  • Shae

    2016-11-07 #28 Author

    I agree I have watched this show and Peppa doesn’t have any respect and as a parent with an impressionable child who mimicke everything she see’s I don’t think it’s ok!


  • Kenya

    2016-11-07 #29 Author

    I watch this show with my little cousins and never understood the show but now that I have a daughter she definitely will not be watchinq this show


  • Rakeel

    2016-11-08 #30 Author

    My son loves to watch peppa pig all the time , we record episode, and watch them over and over . That’s crazy


  • Jamie Coleman

    2016-11-08 #31 Author

    I agree that children shouldn’t watch that



    2016-11-08 #32 Author

    I knew it


  • Angelica Sanders

    2016-11-08 #33 Author

    Exactly why i pay attention to what my kids watch. Cartoon Network has some of the worst shows… Nick is a close 2nd…


  • Teresa chambers

    2016-11-08 #34 Author

    This is why i dont let my daughter watch tv..


  • LaShunda S

    2016-11-08 #35 Author

    I let my nieces watch this and I am no longer going to continue to do so . This article is very informative


  • Desire Ware

    2016-11-08 #36 Author

    Oh wow!!


  • Raejean

    2016-11-08 #37 Author

    I’ve actually took the time out of my day to watch this show on hulu while I was pregnant to see what shows I would let my child watch and I noticed thwy were very disobedient to the parents I only made it through one show and ask a friend if she let her daughter watch it she said no and I didn’t even need to ask her the reason why most definitely a show on the list of No No’s.


  • Dan’nyjua

    2016-11-08 #38 Author

    Omg my son will not be watching this thanks for the heads up


  • Joy

    2016-11-08 #39 Author

    I didn’t realize it wasn’t good for the kids to watch they will not ne tuned in anymore.


  • Marisol Gomez

    2016-11-08 #40 Author

    Totally agree. I don’t even think parents take the time to see what their child/ren watch.


  • Tori N Ally

    2016-11-08 #41 Author

    A clip from Peppa Pig went viral because she hung up in a friend’s face once she found out she could whistle after trying to learn the whole day. I was shocked then!


  • Daysia

    2016-11-08 #42 Author

    This is why u only let my son watch Watch educational things . All these shows now a days are programming young children and setting them up for failure . Many of the shows are inappropriate and I’ve even seen some disturbing things on channels such and Disney and Cartoon Network .


  • Daysia

    2016-11-08 #43 Author



  • Kim Coney

    2016-11-08 #44 Author

    Crazy thing is I always thought this show had something wrong. It just didn’t seem kid friendly at all


  • DeNikki Moore

    2016-11-08 #45 Author

    Wow & my kids love this show !! sad that kids can’t even watch cartoons nowadays !! Times have really changed!!


  • John Gibson

    2016-11-08 #46 Author



  • Tameisha

    2016-11-08 #47 Author

    I am happy I came across this because you will never think cartoons like this will have such a big impact on your child in a negative way.


  • Lateesha

    2016-11-08 #48 Author

    I am so glad my daughter doesn’t like this show. She also doesn’t care for Dora either. An she’s a year old. She mostly watches Mickey Mouse Club House but only for the beginning and end of the song. Maybe they should take Peppa the Pig off the air until they make the show more educational.


  • Deseray

    2016-11-09 #49 Author

    I am a new mom and I glad that I read this article. She will not be watching this show!!


  • Asharri

    2016-11-09 #50 Author

    I never paid attention to this show or any other until now. Thanks for producing this article ! I would’ve never thought of the negative influence.


  • Angel Wichman

    2016-11-09 #51 Author

    I never paid attention to this….


  • Beatrice Marie

    2016-11-10 #52 Author

    I never paid attention smh. My daughter be into this little tv show. Peppa always had a hanging up problem on her friends, need improvements …. thanks.


  • Crystal Smith

    2016-11-13 #53 Author

    My daughter loves this show but I did see a clip of Peppa hanging up on her friend because she was mad going around on Facebook .. but some of the other cartoons on Nick & Disney that our children encounter are waaaaaaay worse than her hanging up the phone.


  • Timberly mcferrin

    2017-06-04 #54 Author

    It’s way better than sponge bob


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