5 Ways To Boost Romance After Baby 5 Ways To Boost Romance After Baby
Between the breastfeeding, the sleepless nights, and the belly bulge after you give birth to your baby, it’s completely normal to not feel like... 5 Ways To Boost Romance After Baby

Between the breastfeeding, the sleepless nights, and the belly bulge after you give birth to your baby, it’s completely normal to not feel like your former s*xy self. You do have to be realistic about romance postbaby, but that absolutely doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Here are a few suggestions that will help get you and your love life back on track.

1. Bring s*xy back

Make sure you schedule some time for yourself. Indulge in a mani/pedi, get waxed, put on some makeup — anything that helps boost your s*xual confidence. Or try this little piece of advice: Instead of defaulting to a pair of sweats, wear something silky to bed to get in the mood.

2. Take five

Yes, multitasking comes with motherhood, but you have to know when to take a break. Sometimes the most romantic gift a new dad can give his partner is to take care of the baby so she can go take a shower or have a nap.

3. Make a date

Remember to have fun together. Cuddle up on the couch and play your favorite movie, or plan a future getaway you both can look forward to.

4. Prioritize

How do you expect to think about romance when your mind is consumed with everything but? If you want s*x to happen, you really have to consider scheduling it. And that means you need to be willing to let go of some of the other things you were hoping to cram into the day.

5. Redefine romance

Rather than attempting to re-create what used to work when there were only two of you, it’s time to redefine romance. With a new baby, sometimes a better, more attainable goal is to find sweet and intimate ways to share your love as a family, even if that means hanging out in your bed with your new little one.

Henry Okafor

  • Sharissa

    2016-11-10 #1 Author

    These are helpful tips. I will try with my husband. Only thing now we have 2 kids. Will it be harder now to rekindle our romance?


  • Mariah

    2016-11-10 #2 Author

    Going on dates is important. You can’t forget about eachither. You need that alone time just for you and your significant other even if it’s just dinner or the movies.


  • Tialrea

    2016-11-10 #3 Author

    I Totally Agree With This ❤️


  • EMJ

    2016-11-10 #4 Author

    These are some good tips! Thanks


  • Tiffany

    2016-11-10 #5 Author

    Very helpful


  • Tareia

    2016-11-11 #6 Author

    I agree 100%


  • Ebonie

    2016-11-11 #7 Author

    Good tips! Just what I needed to read being a new mom I lost my drive in the bedroom this just might get it back!


  • Joslyin

    2016-11-11 #8 Author

    Spending time with bae is definitely important. Going out and enjoying each other at least once a month can help keep the flame going.


  • Knyzeria Day

    2016-11-11 #9 Author

    I am a first time mother and these tips were very helpful. I will try these tips and hopefully the romance becomes better.


  • Ashley

    2016-11-11 #10 Author

    Great tips! Much needed!


  • Lola Marie

    2016-11-11 #11 Author

    I just had my baby two months ago all of these tips are helpful because it’s important to remember why you fell inlove even after the baby the romance shouldn’t stop.


  • Angel Childress

    2016-11-11 #12 Author

    These are all very valid and accurate tips !


  • Kyiima gill

    2016-11-11 #13 Author

    I agree , very useful I have 2 little boys I tend to forget about myself sometimes.


  • Priska

    2016-11-11 #14 Author

    I so agree with this! Injoying each other is very important just because you had a baby doesn’t mean it’s over ladies


  • Brianna Williams

    2016-11-11 #15 Author

    This was helpful , just had a baby and needed to read this


  • Boitumelo Sekgala

    2016-11-11 #16 Author

    Balancing romance and taking care of a baby is stressful, because romance also need time.
    It is unlikely for a couple to continue maintaining their sex life after a child is because there is a lot going on and with the baby around, sex doesn’t usually seem important.
    When it comes to woman its definitely a problem because of the physical appearance after having a baby, so it’s usually not easy to get in the mood or be able to open up about romance.


  • career

    2016-11-16 #17 Author



  • Lanecia

    2016-11-17 #18 Author

    These are very helpful tips , will try!


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