Baby girl born premature while mum still pregnant with her twin brother a month later Baby girl born premature while mum still pregnant with her twin brother a month later
WHEN Danielle Paull was 19 weeks pregnant with twins, she was told they might not survive but in a medical miracle she gave birth... Baby girl born premature while mum still pregnant with her twin brother a month later

WHEN Danielle Paull was 19 weeks pregnant with twins, she was told they might not survive but in a medical miracle she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and is yet to deliver her second bub four weeks later.

Thanks to the incredible work of the Royal Hospital for Women at Randwick, baby Sadie was born premature at 24 weeks on October 26 while her baby brother is yet to make an appearance.

Known as delayed interval delivery, it is extremely rare for a mother to still be carrying a healthy baby twin almost a month after the birth of her first.


“He is doing really well,” Ms Paull told the Southern Courier. “We had an ultrasound yesterday and he weighs 1.1 kilos which is quite big for 28 weeks.

“Sadie was 710g. She is very tiny but a good weight for 24 weeks.”

Both babies grew in individual sacs with their own placenta which allowed them to grow together but be born apart in a real-life separation at birth scenario.

Ms Paull said she started dilating at 19 months and her cervix was 4cm in length.

But Sadie amazingly held on for another five weeks before a whirlwind birth in under two minutes although Ms Paull’s contractions went for another 24-hours before they suddenly stopped.

“We had two resuscitation units in the room,” she said.

Little Sadie has spent the first few weeks of her life in a $100,000 hi-tech incubator at the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and being tube fed donated breast milk flown in from Queensland.

The NICU at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick which provides lifesaving care for 600 babies a year. Picture: Rohan Kelly

It costs $52 to keep a baby breathing on a ventilator for half an hour and nearly 80 per cent of the lifesaving equipment in the newborn intensive care unit is funded through donations.

She had experienced some complications but was doing “fine now”.

“Sadie is being fed through a tube through her mouth,” Ms Paull said. “I was not able to express (breast milk) because that might bring on labour.

“We have been getting donor milk from a milk bank in Queensland.

“It’s a charity ‒ there is no equivalent in NSW yet.”

Ms Paull said she was taken into intensive care with a pre-existing heart condition which was picked up by doctors during her pregnancy which exacerbated her condition.

“As we go on there will be further tests and things that will come about,” she said.

“They said she is doing well. It is a big relief.”

This is the first pregnancy for Ms Paull, a senior associate at Colin Biggers and Paisley Lawyers, and her graphic designer husband Matthew.


She said the couple had been researching delayed interval delivery and discovered a woman in Ireland who gave birth to twins and incredible 87 days apart.

“We are so happy just to get to this point,” Ms Paull said. “We are trying to stay positive.”

The Glenmore mum said she wanted to highlight the amazing work by hospital staff and the fact that 80 per cent of equipment is paid for through fundraising by the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation.

“I think it’s incredibly important the work the foundation does,” she said.

The Royal Hospital for Women at Randwick’s neonatal unit is the surgery centre for NSW, with 44 beds across three levels including intensive care.

Catherine Oates Smith, CEO of The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation, said 600 premature babies are cared for at The Royal every year.

“These precious lives might not survive without the lifesaving equipment in the newborn intensive care unit,” she said.

“The majority of that equipment is purchased through donations, so this Christmas I would like to give a big thank you to our supporters.

“Your donations save lives.”

Obinna Onyia

  • Cassandra

    2016-11-17 #1 Author

    These stories are simply amazing. Especially since I was going to school for nursing (concentrating on labor and delivery) and the rare things made the experience more exciting. God bless you and your family.


  • Savanna Gee

    2016-11-17 #2 Author

    I am a mother of a premature baby… but he is my angel… I had him a 16weeks2days… He lived for about 15 minutes and passed away in my arms… This story is the most heartwarming ❤️


  • JeTarria

    2016-11-17 #3 Author

    My son was a preemie. He was born at 32 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 5wks


  • Caroline Richardson

    2016-11-17 #4 Author

    wow , this is a great story


  • Keyerah

    2016-11-17 #5 Author

    Incredible, such an amazing display of what doctors and nursers do to help us mothers.


  • Kimberly Everidge

    2016-11-17 #6 Author

    wow , what a incredible story . ❤


  • Kinah

    2016-11-17 #7 Author

    My daughter could’ve been premature but she stuck it out to 37 weeks and I got induced .. I find it so cool how Twïñ babies can be born at separate times and survive , that’s amazing !


  • Cassandra Amest

    2016-11-17 #8 Author

    Wow!!!!! This is amazing!!! Definitely didn’t think this was possible…


  • Dana Robinson

    2016-11-17 #9 Author

    Awww such a sweet preemie story. ❤️


  • Destiny

    2016-11-17 #10 Author

    I love this story ❤️.. never stop trying


  • Camille

    2016-11-17 #11 Author

    Wow , Strong & Amazing Woman You Are


  • Jaleela Frazier

    2016-11-17 #12 Author

    Aww , omg my baby was also a premie ❤ God bless her


  • Wanda

    2016-11-17 #13 Author

    Wow thank u lord for that blessing love this story


  • Wanda

    2016-11-17 #14 Author

    Thank u lord for such an amazing blessing u gave her love this story


  • Dominique

    2016-11-17 #15 Author

    Really incredible and very informative , our nurses and doctors does amazing things to help us mothers


  • Quise

    2016-11-17 #16 Author

    Wow that is so amazing


  • Quise

    2016-11-17 #17 Author

    Wow so amazing


  • Mariah

    2016-11-17 #18 Author

    Omg! I’ve never heard of this ever happening but that is such a blessing!


  • kaymeryon sparks

    2016-11-17 #19 Author

    Wow… I was born a preemie 2lbs and was hooked to a breathin machine.


  • Marquita

    2016-11-17 #20 Author

    God really was on her side ? This is amazing and her baby is definitely a miracle baby


  • Lazariah

    2016-11-17 #21 Author

    Wow. This is crazy, never knew that was possible.


  • Shannon Arch

    2016-11-17 #22 Author

    So touching!! God is great ?


  • Terika

    2016-11-18 #23 Author

    My cousin was a premature baby, born 4 months early . Hes 2 now and is veryy smart!


  • Chicha

    2016-11-18 #24 Author



  • Jamarie Mays

    2016-11-18 #25 Author

    My son was a preemie born at 28 weeks weighing 1.15 oz thankful for caring nurses & doctors this story is very touching ❤️️


  • Chasity Willis

    2016-11-18 #26 Author

    Awww, what a blessing


  • Jayla

    2016-11-18 #27 Author

    Amazing ❤️


  • Valdaisha bryant

    2016-11-18 #28 Author

    Omg, that’s a miracle ❤️??


  • DaMarcus McDowell

    2016-11-19 #29 Author

    Wow ! , That’s amazing , definitely didn’t seem possible . My Daugher was Born 5 Weeks Pre-Mature and is Doing Awesome . Had no Tubes or anything .


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