A 9 Years Old Boy’s Heroism Caught on Camera As He Dashes To Catch His Baby Brother Who Was Falling Off A Changing Table A 9 Years Old Boy’s Heroism Caught on Camera As He Dashes To Catch His Baby Brother Who Was Falling Off A Changing Table
A South Florida boy named Joseph Levi has been called a ‘hero’ after he doved to his little brother’s rescue, shortly after he tipped... A 9 Years Old Boy’s Heroism Caught on Camera As He Dashes To Catch His Baby Brother Who Was Falling Off A Changing Table

A South Florida boy named Joseph Levi has been called a ‘hero’ after he doved to his little brother’s rescue, shortly after he tipped over the side of a changing table! Luckily, the 11-month-old was caught without hesitation before hitting the floor! See the shocking

Surveillance footage showed the boy’s mother, Tila Levi, turning her back on the 11-month-old baby, before nine-year-old Joseph Levi dashed to the rescue just as the 30-pound infant fell to the ground in their Bal Harbour, Florida home.
As the 11-month-old tumbled towards the floor and flipped over several times in the air,  his brother, Levi, prevented him from crashing to the ground as he moved swiftly and outstretched his arms.

Joseph managed to catch his brother – a heroic act Tila says saved the baby’s life.

The mother’s first reaction was to blame herself, but Tila told WSVN:

‘Then I realized that, really, it was a miracle. I must have done something right to have been deserving of this little guy, running in at the right time and catching him at the right moment.’

She credits Joseph for being a ‘hero’, but the boy suggested it was a divine intervention since his baby brother is usually too heavy for him to carry.

He said:

 ‘I would have never caught him, and I can’t run that fast, so I felt like something came and just pushed me forward. And when that happened, I just ran and caught him.’

Tila, who noted the importance of being a vigilant parent, said:

‘I think that all of our lives can change in a second.

Henry Okafor

  • Shaniece

    2016-11-18 #1 Author

    Omg what a heroic thing. Big brothers will always protect


  • Davjanik Flowers

    2016-11-18 #2 Author

    I’m glad the little boy caught his brother cause it could’ve been worse.


  • Lakinda

    2016-11-18 #3 Author

    He Is reallly cute ❣️


  • Nowa blabuh

    2016-11-18 #4 Author

    That’s great sibling love, little man forever has an angel protecting him good job Joseph continue to look out for your little brother.


  • Shariah Johnson

    2016-11-18 #5 Author

    Sibling Love ?


  • Brianna tyler

    2016-11-19 #6 Author

    Thank god he was there because that would’ve been a nasty fall. He would’ve got ice cream for a month lol


  • Jamesia

    2016-11-19 #7 Author

    Omg that’s why it always good to have a older sibling or another person around when you are busy cleaning up and working


  • Amber l

    2016-11-19 #8 Author

    So scary thank god he was there


  • Nelly

    2016-11-19 #9 Author

    Okay little hero.


  • Shamira jefferson

    2016-11-19 #10 Author

    Omg !! Wow my daughter is 5 hopefully if anything happened with her little sister she would act as such thanks for the story ?


  • J sweeney

    2016-11-19 #11 Author

    Thats what big brothers do


  • javae

    2016-11-19 #12 Author

    Such a great big brother ??❤️


  • Tavionna

    2016-11-19 #13 Author

    That is so awesome He is his brothers keeper


  • Lashawn

    2016-11-19 #14 Author

    That’s wat big brothers do?


  • Niina N. B. J.

    2016-11-19 #15 Author

    Sibling Love like no other ?. This is one heroic story. Good job.


  • Akeem

    2016-11-19 #16 Author

    Big brothers are the best!


  • Paris

    2016-11-19 #17 Author

    I cryed watching this. He is such a special boy . heros come in all shapes and sizes.


  • Tricia Keleekai

    2016-11-19 #18 Author

    Wow! It’s all by God’s grace ????


  • Kenjdra Riley

    2016-11-19 #19 Author

    He has a awesome brother that we very sweet


  • Iesha

    2016-11-19 #20 Author

    May God bless them both, there are still heroes out there ,thank god for his great fast thinking and fast instincts… he’ll thank hidden brother with much gratitude when he gets older ..


  • Katrina

    2016-11-19 #21 Author

    She is truely blessed that her 9 year old son was there to catch his little brother could have been a really bad situation on that hardwood floor…..


  • Adetola Akintonde

    2016-11-19 #22 Author

    That was a heroic big brother save, I love that boy and I’m proud of him.


  • Asia Williams

    2016-11-19 #23 Author

    That is really amazing. I love kids like this, that boy is a life changer. Touched my heart.


  • Maurisha

    2016-11-19 #24 Author

    Awww so cute sibling love ❤️


  • Yalaina Anderson

    2016-11-19 #25 Author

    That is definitely a miracle! Great job buddy:)


  • Tee

    2016-11-19 #26 Author

    Heroism at it’s best! I also love this because the adult rewarded the 9 year old boy with love and appreciation. Sweet video and nice website! Thanks for sharing.


  • Tationa

    2016-11-19 #27 Author

    Wow that was incredible ❤️


  • Shayla Johnson

    2016-11-19 #28 Author

    So cute ❤❤


  • Kayla

    2016-11-19 #29 Author

    Omg What A brave Guy?Such A Hero ?


  • Sybria

    2016-11-19 #30 Author

    God is awesome I saw this on the news and I thought it was so amazing that fall could have been seriously bad. God bless them


  • Keri D

    2016-11-19 #31 Author

    He’s such an hero and I love kids that are aware of their surroundings. Also I like how the mother instantly hugged him after saving the baby just to let him know that it’s ok and he’s such a big help.


  • Mercedes McDonald

    2016-11-19 #32 Author

    I shared this on my FB page! He was so quick and aware. That would’ve been painful had the baby hit the floor! Good Job big brother ?


  • Adekunle

    2016-11-19 #33 Author

    His mom owes him a lifetime appreciation…
    smart boy


  • JazmineAshley

    2016-11-19 #34 Author

    He is a great big brother!! A story that will be told for years to come


  • Kayla

    2016-11-21 #35 Author

    Wow. Amazing. ?


  • Lizbet Jimenez

    2016-11-21 #36 Author

    His Little Brother Angel??


  • Liz Jimenez

    2016-11-21 #37 Author

    An Amazing Story He Definitely His Brother Angel ??


  • Jaydin’s Mom

    2016-11-21 #38 Author

    This lil boy was a miracle to his lik brother. I waa gasping as he grabbed him.


  • Briana McKenzie

    2016-11-21 #39 Author

    Thats little Superman! And he’s going to remind his brother every chance he gets that he saved his life lol


  • Brittany Clark

    2016-11-21 #40 Author

    That Baby Luck His Brother Was Right There To Stop Him From Falling Thank God


  • Brittany Clark

    2016-11-21 #41 Author

    Thank God That The Lil Boy Was There To Save His Brother


  • Aaliyah Daniels

    2016-11-21 #42 Author

    What a blessing



    2016-11-21 #43 Author

    Oh wow. Got there just in time


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