See the things a woman Should Never Do While On Her Period….. Be Careful! See the things a woman Should Never Do While On Her Period….. Be Careful!
Men accept we’re too much passionate in the midst of that “time”, so there are things you should never do while on your period.... See the things a woman Should Never Do While On Her Period….. Be Careful!

Men accept we’re too much passionate in the midst of that “time”, so there are things you should never do while on your period.

Different studies have been dealing with these issues (what happens inside a woman’s body when she is bleeding). Taken the way that we are continually finding new riddles about the human body, it’s not astounding that analyst have organized a summary of things that women should never do on a period. In case the men are right about how emotional we get, then there are colossal measures of things you should never do while on your period.


You will simply feel bloated on account of the way that you’re on your period. Once the period is over, you’ll be your appealing self once more. There’s no motivation to work out while on your period, especially since you would lean toward not to recolor or devastate your new workout garments. You ought to just extra yourself of the burden of washing them until the stains turn out.



Alcohol extends each one of the reactions of PMS and the issue issues, so avoiding liquor will make your period less horrendous than it starting now is. Also, alcohol goes about as a blood more slender, which in this way grows your stream, achieving extensively more uneasiness. The effects can be seen from one and only glass, so keep up a vital separation from it overall and get some tea.



You will likely abstain from going out for dinner, so that’ll make it less requesting to avoid hitting the drive-through. All that oily seared food is simply going to strengthen how you feel, so ensure you enjoy something else.



In the event that you’re a coffee addict, this might be a troublesome one to surrender for two or three days. In any case, caffeine can add to unpredictable periods. Additionally, pros have said it can increase menstrual spasms, and moreover cause dozing clutters and depressive perspectives. But a couple of teas in like manner contain caffeine, it contains extensively less of it stood out from coffee, making tea a not too bad alternative. You should moreover keep away from charged and caffeinated drinks.

Henry Okafor

  • Kiah

    2016-11-27 #1 Author

    wow i did alot of this while menstruating, i did not know you weren’t supposed to do these things.


  • Albertina Andrews

    2016-11-27 #2 Author

    Who knew that alcohol could have an effect on your period because I didn’t! That makes sense though because I have noticed a heavier flow during my period but had no clue that it was due to alcohol.


  • Ambrea Lashay

    2016-11-28 #3 Author

    Wow I didn’t know this!


  • Bianca

    2016-11-28 #4 Author

    I love coffee and I never knew tof avoid it while menstruating


  • Ashley

    2016-11-28 #5 Author

    Didn’t know you couldn’t do all these things WOW


  • Shakel Marshall

    2016-11-28 #6 Author

    Wow I didn’t know these things???


  • Diamond

    2016-11-28 #7 Author

    I really didn’t know that fast food does something to your menstrual cycle… ?


  • Dereka Baker

    2016-11-28 #8 Author

    I never knew this. This was so interesting.


  • Tynie

    2016-11-28 #9 Author

    Well that was very interesting.


  • Maleesha

    2016-11-28 #10 Author

    Wow didn’t know this


  • Louise Pelly

    2016-11-28 #11 Author

    This article was written by a man!- how would he know as he can never experience menstration. I do all of these things and have never had any problems! After reading this article I just had to look at the sex of the writer! ?


    • Cheghe

      2017-05-01 #12 Author

      Not all systems work as an ideal.. U could just be ab exception but medicine is generale


  • Keekee mason

    2016-11-28 #13 Author

    This is a real eye opener…. Wow I’m so shock.


  • Titi

    2016-12-02 #14 Author

    What about having sex


    • Roger

      2016-12-10 #15 Author

      Yeah some women experience heavy flow but some just have their normal flow.


  • Betty

    2016-12-15 #16 Author

    Im actually on my cylce as we speak. Im also a heavy coffee drinker. I have to have it daily in tbe winter time. I dont drink it in the summer though. Im glad I came across this article because I needed to know about the caffeine.


  • Grace

    2017-04-27 #17 Author

    I always take alcohol before,during and after mesturation..I never knew it has a bad effect on when wonder my flow is always heavy and irregular..


  • Breyuna

    2017-09-28 #18 Author

    Very interesting I will have to research this further 🤔


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