Babies having babies: The world’s youngest mothers in medical history Babies having babies: The world’s youngest mothers in medical history
A Mexican girl has become one of the world’s youngest mothers after giving birth aged just NINE . The youngster, named only as Dafne,... Babies having babies: The world’s youngest mothers in medical history

A Mexican girl has become one of the world’s youngest mothers after giving birth aged just NINE .

The youngster, named only as Dafne, gave birth to a 6lb baby girl on January 27 at the Zoquipan Hospital, in Mexico’s western Jalisco state.

But the young girl is in fact four years older than the youngest mother in medical history, who was just FIVE when she gave birth.

Here is a run down of the 10 youngest mums…

1. Lina Medina, from Ticrapo in Peru, gave birth to a baby boy named Gerardo by caesarean section aged five years and seven months old in May 1939. Her parents thought she had a tumour but when she was taken to hospital, she was found to be seven months pregnant.

2. Yelizaveta “Liza” Gryshchenko had just turned six when she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl in the Soviet Union in August 1934. The infant’s father was Liza’s 69-year-old maternal grandfather. The family emigrated after the scandal.

3. A six-year-old girl, known only as ‘H’ gave birth to a daughter by caesarean section in June 1972 in Delhi, India. She was initially admitted to hospital with what was thought to be an abdominal tumour.

4. An unidentified Indian girl died during childbirth, along with her baby, in August 1933. She was just eight years old.

5. Griseldina Acuña, from Colombia, reportedly began menstruating at three and gave birth to a baby boy in September 1936, aged eight years and two months. The father is thought to have been a family friend.

6. Mum-Zi, from the island of Calabar in Nigeria, became a mother aged eight years and four months in August 1884. Her daughter also gave birth at a very young age, making Mum-Zi a grandmother aged 17. Both were part of Chief Akkiri’s harem.

7. A Colombian girl was found to be pregnant after a policeman spotted the girl’s swollen abdomen and suspected she was smuggling drugs. A scan revealed the girl was 32 weeks pregnant and she gave birth aged eight years and five months old in September 2004.

8. ‘Anna’ gave birth to her 13-year-old neighbour’s baby aged eight years and seven months old. The Muslim Chechen, from Russia, was the youngest mother in Eastern Europe for six decades after daughter Dasha was born in April 2000.

9. Hilda Trujillo, from Peru, welcomed daughter Maria del Rosario in December 1957 when she was eight years and seven months old. The baby’s father was a 22-year-iold cousin who raped her and was later arrested.

10. Zi, daughter of Mum-Zi (see number 6) gave birth aged eight years and eight months old in August 1893. Her child’s father was also Chief Akkiri.

Henry Okafor

  • Jessica

    2016-11-28 #1 Author

    Its alot of women in Columbus not noticing they are pregnant too and I think because of tje busy lifestyles. I mean think about we be so busy that we dont notice are periods are missing.


  • Tia

    2016-11-28 #2 Author

    Wow that’s crazy


  • Saudia Gaskins

    2016-11-28 #3 Author

    Eight is so young!!!


  • Kese

    2016-11-28 #4 Author

    I can’t believe a baby so young could carry & give birth too a child but whoever got her pregnant is wrong let a kid be a kid


  • Shanariee Ramos

    2016-11-28 #5 Author

    Wow ? This Is Crazy I Thought I Had Kids At A Young Age


  • Lex

    2016-11-28 #6 Author

    Becoming young mother is scary


  • Shanariee Ramos

    2016-11-28 #7 Author

    Wow ? I Thought I Had Kids At A Young Age…


  • Marvin Nii Tackie Lomoko

    2016-11-28 #8 Author

    The father should be jailed for life,for impregnating your own cousin.?


  • Twyla Marie Kappler

    2016-11-28 #9 Author

    Babies having babies. I hope the babies are well taken care of


  • Jermekia

    2016-11-28 #10 Author

    Babies are blessings ?


  • Mustafa Amreicey

    2016-11-28 #11 Author

    Nice and clean babies


  • Kia Lewis

    2016-11-28 #12 Author

    As a labor and Delivery Nurse, I have witness several youn mothers.. The youngest I have encountered just turned 13


  • Mariah Fulmore

    2016-11-28 #13 Author

    This is interesting I never knew girls could get pregnant at such a young age.


  • Luquoria Lyons

    2016-11-28 #14 Author

    I can only imagine the pain they insuredback then.. And they ddidn’t have the technology amdedicine we have now! Thank God they all were ok after going through some much at a young age.. Especially baring a child!!!


  • Diana M.

    2016-11-28 #15 Author

    If people paid more attention to their kids this would not happen ?


  • Anuhimen Lewis

    2016-11-28 #16 Author

    Waooo. Thats great with much pride. Am proud of you girl!!!!


  • kharisha mcmiller

    2016-11-29 #17 Author

    Wow, these are some really young girls, babies are born through sexual intercourse, how did people let these men have sex with such young girls ?


  • Alexis

    2016-11-29 #18 Author

    It’s very sad that this is going on in the world and we really can’t do anything to stop it


  • Shaquita Evans

    2016-11-29 #19 Author

    Omg! That baby girl is so young i can just imagine the pain she endured. Smh


  • Adriana

    2016-11-29 #20 Author

    Woow! But babies are always a blessing?


  • elias mcneely

    2016-11-29 #21 Author

    That’s Crazy! That’s really freaky and sad :/


  • A.M

    2016-11-29 #22 Author

    Wow ? that’s sad, a baby is having a baby herself.


  • Porscha

    2016-11-29 #23 Author

    Wow this is crazy how this even happen that’s a baby having a baby


  • Christy

    2016-11-29 #24 Author

    Omg . That’s Kinda of Scary , Having Babies As a baby , But Babies are Blessings .. There Also Gifts From God .


  • Garrett Goskey

    2016-11-29 #25 Author

    Children are a blessing


  • Eddie fluellen

    2016-11-29 #26 Author

    babies are a blessing


  • Azre Hill

    2016-11-29 #27 Author

    I feel as though this article is good because I had a baby at a YOUNG age but I make sure my baby is ok and all my priorities are straight before anything


  • Terrell Rayshad

    2016-11-29 #28 Author

    Children are blessings but these are children having children?


  • Medina

    2016-11-29 #29 Author

    I am a young mother, I gave birth to my beautiful son Kha’Dir at the age of 15 and he is well taken care of, he is the smartest, most handsome kid I know ?


  • Kiley Songstad

    2016-11-29 #30 Author

    That’s young! I remember riding bike and playing dolls that young!


  • Christina

    2016-11-29 #31 Author

    This is horrible how could someone even attempt to think of sleeping with a child let alone impregnate her these cowards need to be punished to the fullest


  • Christine

    2016-11-29 #32 Author

    Wow this hurt my heart especially since I have a 7th month old daughter I would of lost my mind ?


  • Debrina Moore

    2016-11-29 #33 Author

    Wow These Stories Are So sad. I Had My First Child At The Age Of 17. I Thought I Was Avery Young But These Girls Were Way Younger Than Me. God Bless Their Souls.


  • Diamond

    2016-11-29 #34 Author

    Babys or so beautiful


  • lokesh

    2016-11-29 #35 Author

    Wow this is crazy how this even happen that’s a baby having a baby


  • Tiera

    2016-11-29 #36 Author

    Wow I never knew how young some kids where. I’ve seen lots of 8th grade moms but never 8 and 6 year olds having babies. What a crazy world we live in.


  • Keianna Bebley

    2016-11-29 #37 Author

    Wow that is so crazy!! ?


  • Christy Lamm

    2016-11-29 #38 Author

    Wow! This is so very sad and disturbing.


  • Molly ob

    2016-11-29 #39 Author

    Babies are a blessing no matter what age they’ve come into your life for a reason


  • Thays Santos da Silva

    2016-11-29 #40 Author

    Um bebê é sempre especial!


  • Courtney Jackson

    2016-11-29 #41 Author

    This article was interesting to me because it focuses on how young women are becoming so easily manipulated and are turning themselves into mothers at such an early age. It’s saddening


  • Virginia

    2016-11-30 #42 Author

    Wow! This is unbelievable… can they conceive so early? Most people do not start their menstrual cycle until later on in life. I think 11 is about the earliest.


  • Mya

    2016-11-30 #43 Author

    Babies having babies not true when you are young you have that energy and time to give that child because they need it… when you’re older you kind of set in your ways and may become easier to stress because your energy isn’t there anymore.


  • Derrick

    2016-11-30 #44 Author

    Whats sad is the men that took advange of them…. Those kids were innocent


  • Victoria

    2016-11-30 #45 Author

    Woah how are babies having babies ?


  • lokesh

    2016-11-30 #46 Author

    Wow that’s crazy…babies are a blessing


  • Tay

    2016-11-30 #47 Author

    So young, I know they had to be scared. Babies having babies, I couldn’t imagine


  • lokesh

    2016-12-01 #48 Author

    This is ridiculous…baby is having baby


  • Ma’Kirra Moore

    2016-12-01 #49 Author

    Babies Are A Blessing , But Why Would Someone Sleep With A Child So Young!


  • Chantae Thompson

    2016-12-02 #50 Author

    Children are a blessing. To be pregnant so young can be so scary these are babies having babies I pray for them.


  • Adolor Okoeguale

    2016-12-02 #51 Author

    God is wonderful my people, sometimes I imagine how such things happen


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