Parenting Styles: Which One Are You? Parenting Styles: Which One Are You?
“What’s the best way to raise my child?” That’s probably the question on every parent’s mind. While parenting is a two-way experience where lessons... Parenting Styles: Which One Are You?

“What’s the best way to raise my child?”

That’s probably the question on every parent’s mind. While parenting is a two-way experience where lessons are learned by both child and parent on their own along the way, here are a few types of parenting methods that we have observed.

Tiger parenting

‘Achieve more and be the best’ – that’s the general motto for every tiger parent. A label started by Amy Chua in Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – her memoir sharing her family’s journey in different cultures – tiger parents relentlessly push their kids to be the best. Consistent A’s in exams, being top of the class and excelling in multiple extracurricular activities form just a few of the tiger parents’ demands.

As much as you’d like your child to do great things in life, remember that they are just children after all. Think back on your time as a child and how that once-in-a-lifetime experience would be made better with some enjoyment and freedom for all.

Helicopter parenting

Just like the hovering and whirring of a helicopter, this is where parents are over-protective and try to hard to shelter their children from almost everything. This can be detrimental to a child’s development, cause the child to become overly dependent and eventually produce a lack of overall maturity.

Want your child to be independent? Although it might be difficult to let your precious one do things alone without you around, it’s sometimes better to let go while allowing your child explore and discover life for themselves.

Permissive parenting

While being nurturing and loving is a wonderful aspect of parenthood, it can be easy to feel like you want to spoil your child and give them all the world has to offer. Parents who are overly permissive may be inconsistent with setting rules for behaviour and with disciplining their child. This can lead children to grow up lacking personal discipline, expecting instant gratification and being incapable of sticking to goals, because they are accustomed to always being given what they want, with minimal effort.

Guide your child on proper behaviour by disciplining them when necessary. It may just be chiding them in a firm tone when they’re doing something they aren’t supposed to – little things like these can indicate to children when they are doing something wrong and not to repeat the behaviour.

Uninvolved parenting

Neglecting your child is a sure way for them to grow detached from you, while being constantly anxious and afraid to trust anyone. Uninvolved parents distance themselves – both physically and emotionally – from their children. This causes the child to feel unloved and fosters a deep-rooted sense of insecurity, as parents are normally the first people they turn to for care and support.

As busy as you may be, try to spend as much time as possible with your child.

While this list forms a broad grouping of different parenting types, which may overlap or combine with individual ways of raising your child, it highlights traits to build on and avoid in your very special parenting journey.

Henry Okafor

  • S Renee

    2016-11-30 #1 Author

    I love this article. I am totally a tiger parent. While growing up my mom was the permissive parent.


  • Naomi

    2016-11-30 #2 Author

    I’m a tiger parent


  • Kerra

    2016-11-30 #3 Author

    This is true. I grew up with a neglecting parent and I’m not close to them now


  • Dekayla appling

    2016-11-30 #4 Author

    Spend as much time with your child and make them feel loved


  • Lala hodge

    2016-11-30 #5 Author

    I am the permissive parent but as they get older I will start to decipline them more because I don’t want them growing up being disrespectful and thinking everything should be handed to them.


  • Malikah

    2016-11-30 #6 Author

    Looks Like I’m The Helicopter Parent !


  • Jakes king

    2016-11-30 #7 Author

    My mother is more of an helicopter parent ? Im more of the tiger parent


  • Nick

    2016-11-30 #8 Author

    Be th best father you can be and help your kids to become a productive person


  • Natasha Stovall

    2016-12-01 #9 Author

    This article was very interesting to me, especially because I grew up with a uninvolved parent who didn’t seem to really care about me or my siblings


  • Latiqua Jones

    2016-12-01 #10 Author

    Helicopter parent is so me


  • Lindsey

    2016-12-01 #11 Author

    I am a permissive parent I think.


  • pinkat jacksons

    2016-12-01 #12 Author

    I am a tiger mother.enjoyed this article.thank you


  • Kiki bagsby

    2016-12-01 #13 Author

    I haven’t done much disciplining yet because my son is only 2 weeks but I definitely see myself being a tiger mom .


  • Adrienne wardlow

    2016-12-01 #14 Author

    I am a tiger husband is a helicopter parent…i just pray..i am not stressing it my little one to be completely perfect..because no one U.S. perfect..


  • Adrienne wardlow

    2016-12-01 #15 Author

    I am the tirger parent my husband is more helicopter..i pray i am not stressing my little ones to be perfect…i just want have more than i had..


  • Princess

    2016-12-01 #16 Author

    Im totaly the Tiger parent


  • LaJune Mix

    2016-12-01 #17 Author

    I believe I am a blend of some of the parenting styles. I push my kids to be great and excellent but I also try to protect them and help them gain their independence. I just try to make sure they are well taken care of and loved.


  • Andrea

    2016-12-01 #18 Author

    I am the worst helicopter parent ever! I wish there was a way I could left me kids be kids but I am scared that the second I do something horrible will happen.


  • Mikysha Bates

    2016-12-01 #19 Author

    Spend as much time as you can with your children, it’s so much stuff happening in this world.


  • Cynthia

    2016-12-01 #20 Author

    Always be a good listener to your child always be there no matter the situation…


  • Desiree

    2016-12-01 #21 Author

    Is there a parent type that’s in between tiger and permissive? I spoil my children but mostly when it’s deserved. I also push my children to be the best that they want to be. I want them to be whatever they are happy with being.


  • Felicia Pettiford

    2016-12-01 #22 Author

    I am so a tiger parent.


  • Daria Homer

    2016-12-01 #23 Author

    I grew up with passive parents. My daughter will have passive parents.


  • Chelissia

    2016-12-01 #24 Author

    Im defiantly a helicopter parent very over protective ovf my daugbter!!


  • Adrian McAdory

    2016-12-01 #25 Author

    I’m a tiger parent


  • Kennisha

    2016-12-01 #26 Author

    I am a tiger parent


  • Sydney Stromseth

    2016-12-01 #27 Author

    I’m a tiger parent because I strive to be the best mother I can be


  • Dashea Mcneill

    2016-12-01 #28 Author

    I’m a permissive parent and now tryna transform to a tiger parent. My 8 yr old acts too entitled and her behavior is a bit much in school. I have a 3 month old now so I think I can say I learned my lesson


  • Talloya McGrier

    2016-12-01 #29 Author

    Am a helicopter parent


  • Kiyante Ervin

    2016-12-01 #30 Author

    I’m definitely the helicopter parent


  • Kia

    2016-12-01 #31 Author

    Permissive yet stern is the best way “I love you, but I’m still mom”


  • Kiaundra

    2016-12-01 #32 Author

    Permissive yet stern “I love you, but I’m still the boss”


  • DeidraDinero

    2016-12-01 #33 Author

    My son is 1 and hes spoiled rotten he does get everything plus more, but im definitely a tiger mom!!! I’m starting early to make sure he grows up being the best he can be. I will be all the guidance he needs.


  • Shaquita Evans

    2016-12-01 #34 Author

    I do tiger parenting.


  • Destiny

    2016-12-01 #35 Author

    I would say that I’m all except the uninvolved parent. You want to give your children the best of life but not too much they also have lessons to learn


  • Shaquita Evans

    2016-12-02 #36 Author

    I know for sure if you dont spend time with your child they become detach from you


  • Lavita Boyles

    2016-12-02 #37 Author

    This is truly me all day


  • Allysscia Pile

    2016-12-02 #38 Author

    Yup I’m Most Def A Tiger Parent ?I Want My Kids To Excel In Life I’m Also A Bit Of A Fun Mommy But I Can Strict At The Same Time


  • Nadia H

    2016-12-05 #39 Author

    This article was a interesting read but I do wish it more into depth. Because I am a mom of multiples, I’ve found that I can relate to a few of these parenting styles because I am raising five, very different three year olds. I wish they had come with a manual because though I feel I’m an overall good parent, I know somewhere down the line, I’m gonna screw up somewhere. And I know they’ll tell me about it when they’re older.


  • Ashley Gilliam

    2016-12-10 #40 Author

    As i read each one i found myself in a little in all of them except being an uninvolved parent. I a tiger parent because because i push myself to do the best as well as i do my babies. I am a helicopter parent because i am maybe just a lttle bit overprotective parent, and as permissive parent i completely spoil them but they still get the discipline they need when they are doing or have done wrong… Way to afraid to be an uninvolved parent have one an i know how i feel about that parent and i dont want my kids feeling like that toward me.


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