But Crest Whitestrips don’t excite me

Yes, using conventional whiteners or going to the dentist for pricey whitening treatments isn’t something I want to do.

These treatments usually involve hydrogen peroxide or a similar whitening agent. And, while those ingredients are not necessarily toxic, they can cause gum irritation, tooth pain, and overall sensitivity. If these treatments are used excessively, teeth can become porous and enamel can break down (source).

Enter activated charcoal teeth whitening

This super absorbent material contains millions of tiny pores that bind up poisons, chemicals, and even intestinal gas and safely remove them from the body.

Activated charcoal is crazy powerful

One teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface area of about 10,000 square feet!

In fact, most hospitals have activated charcoal on hand for poison control. And most mamas would be wise to have this supplement on hand in case of an accidental overdose within the home. (Of course, always seek medical care to be sure all of poison has been removed from body!)

Many people take activated charcoal if they ingest allergens

I know people who use this supplement if they ingest allergens such as gluten or eat low quality food on the road, as it helps them reduce intestinal distress.

Because of its absorbent nature, it’s important to take activated charcoal 4 hours away from food, supplements, and prescriptions. It’s also not recommended as a daily supplement.

Activated charcoal also helps whiten teeth!

How can this product help whiten our teeth? Well, that same absorbent quality, which can bind up poison, can also pull out stains, bacteria and toxins from our mouths.

And this stuff works! In fact, you can even add some loose charcoal powder to your oil pulling routine for a daily cleansing and whitening boost.

“You use black charcoal to make your teeth white?”

Yes, it seems counterintuitive. But trust me. The black powder will wash away (although it is a bit messy), and you will be left with whiter teeth.