Did You Know That A Fathers Attention Can Increase Baby’s IQ?.. Here’s How

Giving birth and breastfeeding mean that biologically the mother is the prime nurturer of a child. However, this doesn’t mean that fathers shouldn’t be involved… If you’re a new father, spending plenty of time with your baby could boost their mental development, a new study suggests. British researchers looked at…

The ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome’ Is Real, This Girl Sleeps For Months at a Time

“I wanna show people what my life is like” says 22 year old vloger Beth Goodyear who was diagnosed with Kleine–Levin syndrome (KLS), also known as Sleeping Beauty syndrome  which is a rare sleep disordercharacterized by persistent episodic hypersomnia and cognitive or mood changes. Many patients also experience hyperphagia, hypersexuality and other…

Movie Star Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Welcome Their First Baby

We say a big congratulations to  Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, as welcomed their first child together. The Oscar nominee, 42, and the Russian supermodel, 31, quietly welcomed their bundle of joy earlier this month. This is the first child for the couple, who started dating in April 2015…

10 Moms Share Where They Were When Their Water Broke (and What Happened Next)
Did you know that only 15 percent of moms experience their water breaking before they go into labor?  It’s true! Many more moms have their water break at some point during labor (either spontaneously or artificially). That means if you’re one of that 15 percent minority, you’ve experienced something... Read more
See How To Have An Easier And Shorter Labor With These 10 Tips. No 5 Is Very Important!
When you’re reaching the end of pregnancy, it’s normal to wonder what labor will be like and how you will manage to give birth. This is especially true for first-time mothers. But even women who have given birth before question if labor will be shorter or easier than previous... Read more
9 Wonderful Ways To Boost A Baby’s IQ While In The Womb
Pregnancy is the period during which a new life develops in mother’s womb over a period of nine months. Most of the expectant parents would have dreams of a brilliant baby and will be ready to do anything for this. Some parents play music to their unborn babies and... Read more
6 Common Signs of Ovulation
Ovulation refers to the process wherein the ovarian follicle discharges or releases an egg or ovum. A part of the monthly menstrual cycle, the ovulation phase also happens to be the most fertile phase for a woman. The chances of getting pregnant are highest during this phase. So, women... Read more
11 Sweetest Viral Parenting Stories from 2016
From a reality TV star becoming President to a Kardashian baby born amidst the mannequin challenge, this year has been hard to believe. And the craziness of the holiday season isn’t even over! So before we totally lose our minds, let’s look back at the sweetest parenting stories from... Read more
7 Surprising Facts About Your Baby’s Skin
Think babies come into the world with peaches-and-cream complexions? Not exactly. Your little bundle’s largest organ — her epidermis — will more likely be blotchy, bumpy, and anything but perfect for the first couple of months. Read on to learn what to expect and how to protect your cutie’s... Read more

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