11 Sweetest Viral Parenting Stories from 2016 11 Sweetest Viral Parenting Stories from 2016
From a reality TV star becoming President to a Kardashian baby born amidst the mannequin challenge, this year has been hard to believe. And... 11 Sweetest Viral Parenting Stories from 2016

From a reality TV star becoming President to a Kardashian baby born amidst the mannequin challenge, this year has been hard to believe. And the craziness of the holiday season isn’t even over!

So before we totally lose our minds, let’s look back at the sweetest parenting stories from 2016, which had us doubled over laughing, brought us to tears, and definitely made us hit “share” over and over again.

That Diaper Tho

In a story involving a dad whom I’m still not sure should be criticized or celebrated, new mom Amanda Bacon shared a picture that her husband snapped of her wearing that giant pad and mesh undies combo that every mother everywhere knows all too well.

Calling it “motherhood uncensored,” Bacon talked about how we shouldn’t shy away from the messy part of motherhood because we all live it. She even started a selfie trend.

The Ad That Made Working Moms Everywhere Shed A Tear

Every mom doubts herself. Every mom wonders if she’s doing the right thing, whether she’s working in the home or outside of it. That’s why this mom’s “life performance review” tugged at the heartstrings of every parent who’s ever had to leave a child. Five stars for all moms because we’re doing the best we can. Now, let’s talk about that raise…

This Mom Who Was All The Goals

Hein Koh had a long journey to motherhood, so when she finally welcomed twins, she and her husband were overjoyed. But she still worried because everyone told her being a mother and artist would never work. So when she shared this picture of herself breastfeeding while typing on her laptop, mothers everywhere applauded. We really can do anything.

When The World Got To See The Beauty of Children With Special Needs

Image Source: Stephanie Smith

Because special needs children are so rarely depicted in mainstream media, the world fell in love with Stephanie Smith of Lenses for Love and her mission to donate professional photoshoots to families with children who have special needs. “My whole goal was to change the face of what society says is beautiful,” Smith said. “If I can put into their heads early on that they are beautiful, then my goal will be accomplished.”

This 2 Year-Old And His Truck

Miles is a toddler on a mission — to go on as many adventures as possible with his truck, never mind that it’s the plastic Fisher Price kind. Miles’ mother, who is a professional photographer, captured his travels in a hilarious and heart-warming photo series and we got to follow Miles as he picked up fast food, got pulled over by the police and more. What a wonderful reminder to document our own kids’ adventures before they grow up.

The Surrogacy Birth Photos That Made Us Smile

About to meet our baby

The pure joy on new mom Kim Overton’s face as she welcomed her son into the world through the body of another mother is so incredibly powerful — and shows the love of motherhood is all-encompassing.

The Post-Birth Selfie That Was Completely Real

What do moms do best? Multitask, that’s what. And no one knows that better than mom-of-five Erica Andrews, who snapped a picture of herself in those infamous mesh undies, displaying that tired-but-gorgeous new-mom smile, pulling off an impressive sling hold and breastfeeding at the same time. You know, just another day.

The Mom Brave Enough To Say What We’re All Thinking

Pretty much everything Australian blogger Constance Hall writes goes viral because this mom of four, including a set of twins, has the knack for saying what we’re all thinking. Frompost-baby quickies to calling out that mom at the park and the struggle of shaving, Hall just gets us.

That Time We All Begged The Dads To Just Take The Picture

The average mom’s phone contains about 10 million pics of her kids doing cute things, 8 million of kids and her partner and maybe a selfie or two. We’re usually behind the lens, not in front of it.

So when Kaylin Maree Schimpf wrote an emotional plea on Facebook for men to “just take the picture,” she reminded us all that we should demand to be seen too, no matter how messy our mom buns happen to be that day.

When We Remembered That We Don’t Have To Be Friends With Our Kids

Parenting is hard. Like, super hard. And sometimes, we put ourselves down as parents when we butt heads with our kids. That’s why we all sighed with relief when we heard Kristina Kuzmic‘s message that we don’t exist to be our kids’ friends. And if they get mad at us? Well, that’s probably just a sign we are doing our jobs.

Also, there is always ice cream and wine to get us through.

When ‘The Honest Toddler’ Mom Got Super Real

Everything that Bunmi Laditan, the mom behind the Honest Toddler, does is pure gold. So to cap off our list, her message about parenting in 2016 (i.e. basically the FUTURE) is especially appropriate.

“Being a modern parent is terrible,” Laditan wrote. “I’d give my left kneecap to have parented in the ’70s or ’80s when all you had to do to be considered a good mom is to remember to wind down the windows when you smoke in the car.” PREACH.

If viral parenting stories taught us anything this year, it’s that we should get back to basics. Let’s focus on what feels right for our family, choose love over everything else and remind ourselves constantly that our best is enough.

Here’s to 2017. May it bring us more laughter, hope and inspiration to rock this parenting thing. Now pass the ice cream and wine.

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