6 Baby Sleeping Mistakes Which You Should Avoid 6 Baby Sleeping Mistakes Which You Should Avoid
It isn’t easy to get your toddler to sleep and no doubt, it costs you so many sleepless nights. But, experts say that parents... 6 Baby Sleeping Mistakes Which You Should Avoid

It isn’t easy to get your toddler to sleep and no doubt, it costs you so many sleepless nights. But, experts say that parents might themselves be the reason why the kid is unable to sleep. I know, I know, you have TRIED and TESTED everything and have NO PATIENCE to hear one thing more against your parenting ways, but hey, don’t you want to sleep well? Moreover, don’t you want your baby to have a perfect sleep so that it (right?) remains healthy? Read here to know better:

1. If you think your baby’s sleeping habit will alter on its own, then you are wrong.

Baby’s are not aware about the skill of sleeping, even though they do that all day, and need to be taught proper sleeping habits without any comparison with the other kids. And first and foremost, you could do that by not letting them stay up late. This makes them go irritated and then they refuse to go back to sleep in the night. You could do lesser activities in the night time, dim the lights and give the baby a relaxing atmosphere.

2. No distraction in bedtime.

Calm music might not have the same effect on the baby as it has on you and they might get distracted by it. Thus, evade all the possibilities that could keep the baby awake in night and switch off the television which remains switched on all day long!

3. Have a bedtime routine.

You must stick to the bedtime of the baby and if in case you tell them stories before they go off to sleep or any other unique thing that is reserved only to night, follow it religiously. This would form an indication to the baby that the next thing they have to do is going to sleep. If they enjoy a warm water bath then, don’t forget to indulge them in it every night.

4. Don’t take baby out in the night.

If you go out a particular night, it would affect the routine of the baby and would cause a distraction which we were talking about in the second point. Taking the baby out before bedtime will not prove beneficial as instead of making the baby tired, it might over kindle the baby and make your night sleepless.

5. Don’t Pick your baby immediately if it starts crying

Similar to adults, babies also wake up for no reason in the night time and the only reason they cry is they are unable to get back to sleep. Thus, if you don’t disturb them and let them self-soothe, they will learn to be get back to sleep on their own without needing your pats.

6. Don’t mix sleep and food.

Try not to feed the baby while they are asleep as once the baby gets used to such kind of digestive method, they will start requiring more time to digest their food when they are awake. Thus, always feed your baby one hour before the bedtime to keep their stomach full. Giving bottle in midnight might get her to sleep but it’s not useful in the long run.

Henry Okafor

  • Janay Campbell

    2017-01-01 #1 Author

    I agree with this article. It took me 2 babies to find a routine. Lol. I found the calming music 2 work perfectly for my son, but not so well for my daughter.


  • Monique D

    2017-01-01 #2 Author

    I totally agree with all these examples for a baby having a good sleep. I even followed majority of them when I was raising my 2 girls, those examples are very helpful to follow. Especially not keepin baby at night and setting up a bedtime routine!


  • Kiaires Bushner

    2017-01-02 #3 Author

    This article helped me out a lot. I’m a new mother of a baby girl and these tips were great


  • Doriana

    2017-01-02 #4 Author

    This is 100% correct all these things aid to having success with putting your baby to sleep…The only one thats hard is not picking the baby up immediately when he or she cries i cant help but to instantly pic my baby up


  • Maryam

    2017-01-02 #5 Author

    I agree, I thought Co parenting with my child would be easy to stop once she hit 9 months, but it didn’t. Her sleeping habits did not change at all. She is 12 months now, and lights has to be dimmed, belly fully and I have to be near her or she has to have that skin to skin contact. I am trying to get her out the habit.


  • Charisma

    2017-01-02 #6 Author

    I totally agree with article. I had to learn with my first baby. These tips are very useful & comes in handy!


  • Andrea Parker

    2017-01-02 #7 Author

    I totally agree with these sleeping mistakes especially the one about eating while sleeping


  • Latroya Allen

    2017-01-02 #8 Author

    This article was very helpful. I have a newborn & I’m trying to teach him his days & nights. I’ll definitely use same of these tips!


  • Jamise hall

    2017-01-02 #9 Author

    These examples were great especially being that I have a newborn currently. These tips helped with my oldest son who is 6 years old so I cant wait to try these with my youngest


  • Dalicia

    2017-01-02 #10 Author

    Everything what they say in this article is deff true!i agree with everything but my daughter really loves the music! Everytime when she hears music shes smiling and dancing (sorry for my bad Englisch lol)


  • Naenae

    2017-01-02 #11 Author

    When you feed the baby while sleep, they most likely will still be hungry throughout the night. So I agree with this acticle.


  • Rosalyn Harris

    2017-01-02 #12 Author

    I thought my baby sleep routine would change on its own. My baby girl is 3 months old now and she sleeps during the day and stay up at night. I try to keep her up and put her on a routine but when she’s sleepy, she’s most definitely going to sleep lol.


  • Tiana wilson

    2017-01-02 #13 Author

    Helpful thank you


  • Romesha Guinn

    2017-01-02 #14 Author

    Love the article. Very helpful tips!


  • Amber

    2017-01-02 #15 Author

    These are all helpful tips for new mothers!


  • Tiana Asontay

    2017-01-02 #16 Author

    As a new mother I enjoy reading these articles. Im always second guessing myself. I’m trying to get my little one on a good routine before I return to work next month. I will use these tips to help.


  • Tangee Calvert

    2017-01-02 #17 Author

    I love this article, it can help alot of moms. my baby boy just now starting to have a routine lol. Great article


  • Seymone

    2017-01-02 #18 Author

    I love this article. I’m due with baby #2 and definitely need a routine for not only the baby but my first child as well. Hopefully this will make is a lot easier.


  • Robbie

    2017-01-02 #19 Author

    I agree with this article because I stops my two year old from eating and drinking at 7pm and i really helps with potty training him. With my newborn its hard but I don’t pick him up as soon as he cries and he stops and starts looking.


  • Maranda Green

    2017-01-02 #20 Author

    I learned a lot from this article. The biggest being getting on a routine with my baby and not mixing food with sleep. My son is 8 months old and still isnt on a sleeping schedule. I look forward to trying a schedule with him and maybe he will sleep better.


  • Arlissa ReyJean

    2017-01-03 #21 Author

    I am a new mom and I find things like this so helpful I’m always searching online reading about the dos and fonts and they really do help especially regarding sleep schedules.


  • Khai

    2017-01-03 #22 Author

    I have to build a routine for my baby girl bc sleepy time is the roughest for us.


  • Hamnah

    2017-01-03 #23 Author

    Yes I have a 3 month old and having a routine is the key. I don’t know what I would do if we got off of it


  • Shawn stewart

    2017-01-04 #24 Author

    I learned that sleeping with child is shooting for them, but super dangerous. My fiancé and I tend to do it still but Rylee is now 13 months and is sleeping on her own better once and a while we have her in the bed but not so often.


  • Precious taylor

    2017-01-05 #25 Author

    Love the article I agree having that routine helps with sleeping for you and baby so much easier……..i love when my babies the days and nights together really fast with routine


  • Nickie owens

    2017-01-07 #26 Author

    I’m still trying the feed and sleep process she always wake up 4-5hrs hungry and she’s 6 months


  • mum brian

    2017-01-10 #27 Author

    helpful article, what of breastfeeding in the night


  • Sheron Singleton

    2017-01-10 #28 Author

    I’ve been doing everything wrong! Especially mixing eating and sleeping. This was very informative and I even talked about what I read with my mother and sister. Definitely going to get little lady on a schedule


  • Teeka magee

    2017-01-10 #29 Author

    I use to leave a bottle in my sons crib at night and i would see him reach for it in his sleep,but i have recently stoped.I wasnt sure if it would cause tooth decay.


  • Shaunalee Thomas-Johnson

    2017-01-13 #30 Author

    I had such problem with my daughter at first. She used to get up every two hours for formula as she us a formula baby ( inverted nipples prob). I used to be so tired in the morning and sleep deprived. But as she gets older she wakes up less for formula and water. She drinks water alot, which I really am glad for. Hoping she wakes maybe once pee night soon.


  • Israel

    2017-01-13 #31 Author

    This website is more helpful to new born and I will be happy to receive any new report about the new borns


  • whitney

    2017-01-15 #32 Author

    This was very helpful


  • Diamond

    2017-01-19 #33 Author

    This is very helpful for me as I find myself doing a lot of these things. Especially picking my baby boy up as soon as he begins to cry.


  • Mridula

    2017-02-02 #34 Author

    Very helpful tips


  • Tshepo

    2017-02-10 #35 Author

    really insightful


  • Maha

    2017-02-15 #36 Author

    Awesome tips! Wish every Parents get to see this and give their baby the deserving sound sleep 🙂


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