Most Dangerous Types of Headache that You Should Never Ignore! Most Dangerous Types of Headache that You Should Never Ignore!
I understand that whenever we have some internal problems in our body, we check the internet and get the result that we are having... Most Dangerous Types of Headache that You Should Never Ignore!

I understand that whenever we have some internal problems in our body, we check the internet and get the result that we are having cancer. It is scary world out here, so we must not be our own doctors and conclude that we are about to die. But, at times, we do tend to take our headaches very lightly whereas they could be a sign of a bigger problem. We have one life and we must not take it that lightly. Thus, if you find any of the following kinds of headaches affecting you, it is time to consult your doctor and take immediate actions.


1. Lightening

If you are having a sharp pain in the head all of the sudden, it is not a good sign and could be an indication of bleeding in the brain or the potential bleeding that could occur. First few minutes of this pai are critical otherwise, it can already bleed.

2. Headache which worsens in 24 hours.

If your headache is not stopping within 24 hours and is actually worsening, you need not take it lightly and get to know what the problem is. It is also an indication of stroke.

3. Headaches with blurred vision

If your blurred vision is occurring along with headaches and harsh speech, it is possible that you might have a stroke. In this case you can also have a lack of orientation and thus, should quickly consult a doctor.


4. Violation

If you just bumped your head into the wall and are feeling dizzy, there is a major chance of concussion. You may be feeling out of balance and thus, it is time that you take the matter seriously and visit the nearest doctor.

5. Concentrated Pain

If you are having pain centered on one eye, it is usually a sign that there may be a blockage or swelling of the artery that supplies blood to the brain. This leads to side effects like vomiting and dizziness.

6. Headache after training

If you have done some kind of physical activity like running in the park or you just went to a gm, an immediate headache could indicated the possible chance of development of a tumor or aneurysm. Aneurysm means that your arteries have been clogged or there are islands in the brain.

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    This is true. Never ignore your headaches because you never know what the circumstance may be. I had a horrible migraine and I didn’t think anything of it I just took two Tylenol. But come to find out later that headache caused me to have a seizure because I had eclampsia and it nearly killed me. So now any headache I may have I instantly get it checked because that was a scare and a headache can result in anything.


    • Christina

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      Oh man. Im sorry to hear that. I have a lot of issues with headaches. Ill start getting them checked from now on!!!


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    I get daily headaches from my line of work that I am in and when I workout. There isn’t much that I can do to make them go away. But I will say I can relate to all of these symptoms.


  • Arlene Mintah

    2017-01-05 #47 Author

    I suffer from migraines so when number 1 happened to me o e night I knew something was wrong, my husband took me to the E R turns out my brain was bleeding I spent 2 weeks in ICU, everyday I thank God and my husband because the doctor’s told me if he had not brought me in I would not be here today. Please don’t take headaches lightly.


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