7 Problems That Only Pregnant Women Can Understand 7 Problems That Only Pregnant Women Can Understand
Pregnancy is certainly a blessing bestowed by God to a woman. I would rather say blessed are those women who are able to conceive... 7 Problems That Only Pregnant Women Can Understand

Pregnancy is certainly a blessing bestowed by God to a woman. I would rather say blessed are those women who are able to conceive and bring their buddle of joy in this world. How touching could be the feeling? Sometimes, I do think about women who aren’t able to give birth to their own babies or struggle for conceiving.

However, a woman goes through different phases throughout her pregnancy. Some days are really not so good and some are too satisfying. Let’s have a quick run through some of the problems that woman face during their pregnancy phase in a most funny way. As I mentioned before, it quite difficult phase for a women but adding bit fun to same may bring that little smile on your face and cheer you up. Enjoy scrolling down:


1. Your Body Starts Changing

Once you enter you’re the phase of your second trimester, you start realising your body beings to change gradually. You have to go out for shopping to buy maternity clothes (big size or loose clothes). . .Hmm.. Have to bid adieu to super skinny jeans and bra. Sometimes growing change in your body isn’t much welcoming.

2. Your life become much like fairy-tale

During the complete period of your pregnancy you tend to feel that everything is just fictional. The thing is you don’t pretty wake-up until your child completes his high school. Amazing day dreaming!

3. You expected delivery date

Some progenies simply don’t want to come out in this world as they enjoy being inside their mom’s womb, but how can you blame them for this? What does an “eviction” mean? C-section.. Funny, isn’t it?

4. Pregnancy’s Third Trimester

When you successfully reach your third trimester, you wonder why you have become so cantankerous and grouchy during the third phase of pregnancy. Not only this, no one around you can even dare to ask..


5. Doesn’t Seem Tangible, Up until..

NOTHING feels like being pregnant until your body become as if you are a creature from outer space or like you’re carrying a Martian.

6. Mid-Husbands

Husbands are often there in maternity ward with wives while kindling babies, but every so often found on the sidelines. WAY on the sidelines and there are no explanations why. Poor guys!! No other options they have!

7. Why again?

When a woman has to go through painful experience of labour contraction and expansion, they silently make a promise to themselves, “Just the first and last time. Never again”! Then a few years later, what are you discerning? Adorable babies. . . No one can win!

Henry Okafor

  • Teresa Wade

    2017-01-04 #1 Author

    yes it was hard transitioning…third trimester was the worst


    • Courtney Washington

      2017-01-06 #2 Author

      Yes it was , towards the end of the pregnancy I got more and more uncomfortable .. I was ready to meet my bundle of joy .


      • Ashley

        2017-01-07 #3 Author

        Yes this is so true my body went through soo many changes.. I gained so much weight. I was 160 before getting pregnant by the end I was 205 pounds


    • AnFaneshia ?

      2017-01-09 #4 Author

      Omg, my third trimester was the worst …. I gained up to 200 pounds.


  • Alexondra Watford

    2017-01-04 #5 Author

    This article was very cute & helpful


    • Neisha

      2017-01-05 #6 Author

      This article was so true… Only pregnant people would understand.


      • Tanisha

        2017-01-14 #7 Author

        Yes i total agree i gain so much weight. An my pregnancy took ah total affected….


  • Kimberly Miller

    2017-01-04 #8 Author

    Honestly I wish I did gain weight in my pregnancy. I could wear all my jeans and shirts. I never gained weight. Hopefully in my pregnancy I will have the chance to experience what’s it’s like to have a big belly


  • Stephanie

    2017-01-04 #9 Author

    This is soooo true


  • Shamyria Whitaker

    2017-01-04 #11 Author

    Of course all of this happened to me.


  • Eyonna newton

    2017-01-04 #12 Author

    ??????they are not lying . All this is true especially the gas part.


  • destiny west

    2017-01-04 #13 Author

    Only thing I had real bad was blotchy skin!!!


  • Malikea Lewis

    2017-01-04 #14 Author

    I thanks god that I had my little miracle a few weeks early I couldn’t take being pregnant anymore!!


  • Angel

    2017-01-04 #15 Author

    this is so true .


  • Mary

    2017-01-04 #16 Author

    This is so true


  • Jakeila lashay Russell

    2017-01-04 #17 Author

    The no weight gaining is true, I never gained as much as I wanted to ,maybe my next pregnancy will be different since this was my first time.


  • Alisha Harper

    2017-01-05 #18 Author

    This article was very true


  • Orlana

    2017-01-05 #19 Author

    This artile was very true ?? I swear my body went thru so many changes


  • Melody Willnette

    2017-01-05 #20 Author

    That is so true..


  • Christia

    2017-01-05 #21 Author

    only PREGNANT women TRULY will understand this ???


  • Miracle

    2017-01-05 #22 Author

    This is so true ?


  • Samarria Brooks

    2017-01-05 #23 Author

    My body went threw a lot ?


  • Taiana Lowe

    2017-01-05 #24 Author

    This is so true just imagine going through it your whole pregnancy


  • Breeauna

    2017-01-05 #25 Author

    This is so try I hated how I felt 1st trimster but after that was over 2nd and 3rd went bye so good ?


  • Ashleugh Gray

    2017-01-05 #26 Author

    This brings back so many memories I wouldn’t trade my pregnancy for the world tho lol


  • Samone

    2017-01-05 #27 Author

    3rd trimester omg ? the absolute worst ? I really felt like a psycho


  • Doneitha

    2017-01-05 #28 Author

    The swelling is the worst .


  • LaDarelette Ross

    2017-01-05 #29 Author

    …Not Being Able To Sleep On My Stomach Was Very Irritating ! I Was Pregnant With Twins , But Didn’t Have An Appetite Like It. Instead Of Gaining Weight I Was Losing. After I Had The Babies I Lost 45lbs.


  • Jaydee mommy

    2017-01-05 #30 Author

    I can totally relate, even though I didn’t carry a big tummy there were times I felt like a pig. Lol. I went through do many mood swings, it’s funny looking back at it now. I wouldn’t change nothing about it though. Now I have my bundle of joy 🙂


  • Ariah

    2017-01-05 #31 Author

    This is so true i didn’t gain wait until my third trimester and i was actually very nice throughout my pregnancy until delivery day


  • Jessica

    2017-01-05 #32 Author

    This was literally me


  • Shayy

    2017-01-05 #33 Author

    Lol Soo True , especially The Part that says we silently make a promise to ourselves that it’s our last time ?? that was me !


  • Danielle

    2017-01-05 #34 Author

    I love the humor in the article and the fact that it’s combined with the truth is hilarious!!!


  • Terri

    2017-01-05 #35 Author

    When I was pregnant with my Son I was very sick, I couldn’t barely eat anything or hold anything down I was in and out the Hosptail. I also was told my son might be disable but God said something other wise, my baby boy came out and he was healthy. And I just think it’s amazing how women go though all these changes, we are amazing.


  • Dominique Robinson

    2017-01-05 #36 Author

    Pregnant women really go through alot ?


  • Al`lexia Clark

    2017-01-05 #37 Author

    This Is Very True ?


  • Destiny Hall

    2017-01-05 #38 Author

    Very true my body went threw so many different changes


  • Ari McField

    2017-01-05 #39 Author

    Very true I could barely walk during my 3rd trimester


  • Tamara Jordan

    2017-01-05 #40 Author

    I’m in the second trimester and the worst part is the aches and pain in your pelvic area! I still have 20 weeks left ?


  • Kiera Peterkin

    2017-01-05 #41 Author

    Being a first time mommy and losing weight throughout my pregnancy for my 1st trimester and half of my semiconductor trimester, boy was I freaked! But a piece of me kept at peace because of those checkups. Every time I went, the doctors told me my baby had all 10 fingers, all 10 toes and in good health! I didn’t start gaining weight until I was about 7 or 8 months. I was ok with that because I was all baby and fluids! I was just so anxious to meet him. Of course because he knew I was anxious he came late lol. But it’s an experience that I honestly would not mind going through all over again and I plan to!


  • Jazmyne

    2017-01-05 #42 Author

    Yes pregnancy really changes your body and emotions. This is very true.


  • Sonya curtis

    2017-01-05 #43 Author

    Yes this is very true it happened to me


  • Ma’Javae Hamilton

    2017-01-05 #44 Author

    I really miss being pregnant.. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss it til afterwards.. I love that my baby is here though


  • Alexis

    2017-01-05 #45 Author

    Third trimester is the worst! Everything hurts ? but all worth it in the end ☺️


  • Ronda

    2017-01-05 #46 Author

    As a mother its so true we go through a lot but once you see your little one you know it was all worth it


  • Laurin

    2017-01-05 #47 Author

    Only pregant Women would understand


  • Ikaria enoex

    2017-01-05 #48 Author

    Being pregnant is noo joke. Its all joy but when its time to push its PAIN !!!!!


  • Simone

    2017-01-05 #49 Author

    Everything said is soooo true I watched my bff through her whole pregnancy and she lost a lot of weight while she was pregnant couldn’t hold food but she had a healthy baby girl


  • Zasmine

    2017-01-05 #50 Author

    This is so true pregnancy take you through many of changes


  • Khadijah Jordan

    2017-01-05 #51 Author

    Coming close to your due date seems like your pregnant forever ?


  • Ola

    2017-01-05 #52 Author

    This article is right on


  • Destiny morris

    2017-01-05 #53 Author

    So true very true


  • Trelle Ray

    2017-01-05 #54 Author

    So True I went through the same thing when I was pregnant


  • Shamauri Hodges

    2017-01-05 #55 Author

    Man… that third trimester was HELL! It took forever and you feel like you gotta sleep your whole damn life away. I was fine with the rest of my pregnancy but that last trimester…. crazy.


  • Cayla nelson

    2017-01-05 #56 Author

    So true! I’ve had 3 babies each pregnancy was miserable I was sick all 9 months!


  • D’Naizha

    2017-01-05 #57 Author

    Everything on here about being pregnant is 100% true. All happened to me.


  • Ravonne Elmore

    2017-01-05 #58 Author

    lol this is how I felt my whole pregnancy ? I love this article. Very interesting for first time pregnant women


  • Jazz

    2017-01-05 #59 Author

    This is true pregnancy changes everything about you but at the end it’s work it


  • Ebonnie Banks

    2017-01-05 #60 Author

    That 3rd trimester was the worrrsssttt I can relate to all of these


  • Prissis

    2017-01-05 #61 Author

    This article is Hilarious but very accurate….. I went through every emotion & change during my pregnancy.


  • Nicole Jensrud

    2017-01-05 #62 Author

    All of this is why the factory is closed. Pregnancy is crazy!


  • Ebony

    2017-01-05 #63 Author

    I had the worst time of life up until I was about 4 months pregnant. Morning sickness is the devil ! Anyone else who had hypermesis can feel my pain. After that I absolutely loved being pregnant and I miss it to be honest. I can’t wait to be preggo again !


  • Kayla Webster

    2017-01-05 #64 Author

    This article is very true because body went through alot of changes, especially when I was pregnant with my twins. It was not an easy ride. ?


  • Brittany Moore

    2017-01-06 #65 Author

    Morning sickness for me I hated all the way up to 5 months this article is very true ?


  • Toikeya Wilson

    2017-01-06 #66 Author

    I Can Relate In Many Ways , Especially The Body Changing .


  • Angelica Hopkins

    2017-01-06 #67 Author

    True article .. my pregnancy was long


  • Shanequa

    2017-01-06 #68 Author

    This article was so true…… I went through so many emotion during my pregnancy… bring pregnant was hard but it was worth it


  • Rodeshia

    2017-01-06 #69 Author

    This article was very helpful thanks


  • Destanea

    2017-01-06 #70 Author

    This is most definitely true


  • China

    2017-01-06 #71 Author

    First trimester the worst second gets better and the third your ready to deliver


  • Naszah

    2017-01-06 #72 Author

    I miss being pregnant it was one of the best experiences ever !


  • Jasmine Thompson

    2017-01-06 #73 Author

    Yes , my third trimester i was ready for ot to be over . I thought i was gonna pass my due date but actually delivered on my due date . Those labor contractions aine no joke .


  • Ehiorobo Benjamin

    2017-01-06 #74 Author

    All said here is so true. I was in it with my wife all through her pregnancy even in delivery room. Atimes i feel bad for men that don’t comfort their wives during pregnancy because it’s such a tough period. Going through the pains with her was hell let alone living it to her alone. I so respect and love mothers.


  • Shametria

    2017-01-06 #75 Author

    Yess lord I ate so much more in my third trimester and was even bigger and swollen


  • Mon3000

    2017-01-06 #76 Author

    Im so ready for my wife to have the baby


  • Kalyn Jackson

    2017-01-06 #77 Author

    WISH I would’ve did one of these while I was pregnant❤❤ so unique


  • Toni Watson

    2017-01-06 #78 Author

    My third trimester was the worst i couldn’t sleep at night at all peed up to 2 times a hour had to eat or i would be irritated my feet were swollen so i had to lay but now I’m glad it’s over with lol


  • Cici Wilburn

    2017-01-06 #79 Author

    This article is so true ,I couldn’t wait for my maternity days to be over .


  • Dominicka

    2017-01-07 #80 Author

    These articles are very helpful. Using aloe avera works very good with stretch marks while pregnant and after.


  • Tashia

    2017-01-08 #81 Author

    Love this article it was very helpful.


  • Mishael Mcdougal

    2017-01-09 #82 Author

    Omg! I remember when I was pregnant with my twins and I told my mom that night , “these wins are about to get evicted!” I had them the next day 6 weeks early.


  • Summer darda

    2017-01-10 #83 Author

    This is very true I can relate to almost everything!!


  • Alexis Nicole

    2017-01-11 #84 Author

    Yes absolutely, and I’m so small, my third trimester was so hard for me ,I had a attitude all the time lol but it really is all worth it , i have the perfect son ?


  • Kayla Nicole

    2017-01-11 #85 Author

    This hit head on. I honestly don’t think I was convinced until I actually gave birth, though. Lol


  • Felicia Smith

    2017-01-12 #86 Author

    When I was pregnant the worst thing ever was one i had such bad back aches I was always craving something esp soda and it i couldn’t have it I would catch an attitude I also hated hated when I had to sneeze my bladder was so lose I’ll urinate on myself pregnancy was terrible all 4 from gaining weight to having the baby but after words it was worth it


  • Kintul Jordan

    2017-01-12 #87 Author

    It’s worth the change because you are giving life to a child and that is a blessing.


  • Hayes

    2017-01-12 #88 Author

    Month 7-9 I was miserable ! constant back aches , baby kicks and morning sickness . Though I couldn’t wait to get it all over it was worth


  • Sashay

    2017-01-14 #89 Author

    #7 is probably the only one I can’t relate to. With the exception of sleep insomnia Everything else is spot on. Not to mention how many times I was offered alcohol to fix everything lol.


  • Natasha Williams

    2017-01-14 #90 Author

    Yes being pregnant is the most uncomfortable but most rewarding thing ever.?With my 4 kids I only had one child without being induced. The other ones were very stubborn?


  • Shamim charlie

    2017-01-15 #91 Author

    This is so true but the father of my child was always there for me….I had a good experience


  • Amandeep choudhary

    2017-01-16 #92 Author

    It is a good artical and information for the early pregnant ladies and for her husband too ..like this of changes is normalin ladies and not worry to about it …


  • Tidy

    2017-01-16 #93 Author

    I. Can relate! This is so true


    • Tish

      2017-01-16 #94 Author

      I can relate. This is true!


  • Lisa

    2017-01-16 #95 Author

    I was very mean to the father of my child my whole pregnancy and I had thee slightest idea as to why lol


  • Quintarias

    2017-01-16 #96 Author

    This is so true , I went through so many changes , didn’t feel the glow feeling like everyone else , gained most of my weight the second / third trimester. I feel like third trimester was the hardest , a few weeks and then you meet the most beautiful thing you created .


  • Juliet Clinton

    2017-01-17 #97 Author

    Yes I can relate when I was pregnant I went through the absolute most but it was all worth it


  • Ariel

    2017-01-19 #98 Author

    Honestly my pregnancy wasn’t that bad the beginning was a little difficult, because I was still having morning sickness until I was about 18 weeks. Once I got past that I pretty much ate what I wanted and didn’t gain that much weight. Plus if you breast feed that will help you lose that baby weight I know it helped me.


  • Mauricia

    2017-01-23 #99 Author

    I had 2 different experiences with both of my girls , one was just terrible I wanted her out & the other I wasn’t ready for her to come at all


  • proudmommy

    2017-04-13 #100 Author

    ha ha ha that is so me right now people are sleeping and I’m awake. I had to go and pee but didn’t even arrive I was all wet peed myself, it’s so horrible I can’t wait for my baby to make an arrival.
    I be telling my husband hunny I really am pregnant I can’t see my p****y hair.


  • Lynnadi Storm

    2017-10-24 #101 Author

    Crazy thing… My pregnancy was very easy going and very comfortable. I miss being pregnant. I barely gained any weight. I really was all baby. I slept so good, ate good. Minor nausea in the very beginning. I know I am probably going to regret bloating about how wonderful it was and how much I miss being pregnant. I really do want to have another baby. Even my contractions was bearable. I really had a smooth pregnancy. Even though my contractions were painful but not enough to scream and about die. I still had to be put under general anesthesia because after pushing for 12 hours baby girl was stuck. It was the jealousy from others and the judgment and haterid that really was the worst. The nurses very unprofessional allowed other patients to hold my baby and even walk off with her but I her mom was not allowed to take her so many feet from her bed. Then during pregnancy, her father’s son’s mother was just constantly making everything like she was supposed to be included. Then my brother wife was so jealous she scheduled a wedding which was supposed to happen for another year. I didn’t have any help from anyone except for a few friends and what little my mom did do, because my brother wife was so upset that she can’t have babies and she was supposed to be first. I over heard her screaming at my brother saying”what, am I supposed to sit back and watch her have babies?!!!”. Then she called child protective services on me and said that I was slamming my baby and burning her with cigarettes. My mom protected them on it. Saying we should have sympathy for her, but she had everyone so stressed out and worried about my baby being ripped away by her lying accusations. I didn’t have a baby shower or hospital photos. But I still miss my pregnancy and I still loved every minute of carrying her inside of me. I want another baby I want another pregnancy. I know this time will be a whole lot better and much more civil. And I know I will have the help from the father. So I will have all the things I missed out on with my daughter. I still feel guilty I spoil my daughter rotten I don’t want her to ever believe she wasn’t loved or wanted because me and her dad planned to get pregnant and we want to get pregnant.


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