If You’ve Ever Been Pregnant, You Know This is True If You’ve Ever Been Pregnant, You Know This is True
Every mum-to-be will recognize sooner or later that pregnancy can take its toll on them with every passing minute. It’s your growing bump that... If You’ve Ever Been Pregnant, You Know This is True

Every mum-to-be will recognize sooner or later that pregnancy can take its toll on them with every passing minute. It’s your growing bump that will make things quite challenging for you to get comfy or sleep well. And your mood swings may be all over the place.

1. People Perspective

No one can help you in this condition; however, they don’t even mind sharing their so-called personal opinion about YOUR condition. Exasperated? Just bear this in mind, not a single person knows better than YOU mommy! Ignore such unwanted opinion givers is the key mantra for you!

2. Getting Plump?

Moms don’t get plump or obese, it’s just they have to eat to nourish two lives!

3. New Father-to be

Your relationship will be tested to a great extent, but gratefully men are much better for it. . . They get baby responsibility after the arrival of the baby.

4. What about breakfast?

PHEW. . . Need to deal with appetite loss and morning sickness. Never mind about breakfast!


5. Hormones rules the emotions

Moms- to be become too emotional and sensitive, and what makes it the MOST exasperating is they can’t explicate how exactly they feel to the dads.

6. Baby’s A Sportsperson?

Daydreamed your baby would be a successful cricketer or football player, the list is endless? However, how does this physician know your baby already? Concerned he will be doing the delivery?

7. Snooping Inside ‘There’

Have you ever wondered why sonograms are so intrusive? Seems like you’re not the only one.

Henry Okafor

  • Jakiya braxton

    2017-01-04 #1 Author

    Yesss even thoe i was having mood swings it was tge most amazing thing u wouldnt want to miss


    • Merecedes

      2017-01-04 #2 Author

      I really enjoy getting it ‘ prevents accidents !


  • Shanice

    2017-01-04 #3 Author

    I was the biggest cry baby during my pregnancy I think I may have rubbed off on her a bit lol. One thing that I didn’t know is the sleep schedule you have while pregnant is the sleep schedule baby wi have once born… she sleeps all day and stays up all night lol


  • Bontle

    2017-01-04 #4 Author

    Haha this true except the emotional part, was never emotional during my pregnancy and only experienced nausea the first week only ?


  • Dzyre arnold

    2017-01-04 #5 Author

    So true I enjoyed this article


    • Terrance

      2017-01-04 #6 Author

      You can’t sleep comfortable I use to love laying on my stomach


    • Anthea

      2017-01-05 #7 Author

      I had that problem sleeping on my back and side which make my body always feel uncomfortable…


  • Anytah

    2017-01-04 #8 Author

    I can relate?? I know the feeling very well. But the only thing that ever mattered to me was that I had a miracle on the way.


  • Klaire

    2017-01-04 #9 Author

    I agree with all of these articles because I’ve experienced them all! I thought I was over exaggerating about everything but it’s good to know that it was all normal. This article was definitely helpful.


  • Dynishia Cannon

    2017-01-04 #10 Author

    Yes, This is so true. I think the worst part of my pregnancy was the hormone changes. I literally became unpredictable.


  • Tionna

    2017-01-04 #11 Author

    This was very Interesting


    • Jatashee

      2017-01-04 #12 Author

      This was true lol I really enjoyed the article


  • Sheila lucero

    2017-01-04 #13 Author

    Omg when i was pregnant my boyfriend was so into my belly although i used to cry all tye time about gainging so much weight but we both loved when she moved so kuch it reassured she was ok and healthy she was a really active baby and now that shes here she is an amazing little girl with a great personality


  • Kimeashia

    2017-01-04 #14 Author

    This is all too true. I miss being pregnant though. Pregnancy is the time you can be fat and continue to eat and its accepted lol.


  • Sara

    2017-01-04 #15 Author

    This is só True about the pregnancy ??


  • Myreanah

    2017-01-04 #16 Author

    Omggggg this is so true


  • Starmecca

    2017-01-04 #17 Author

    This is definitely true ugh I hated the touchy Feely part I swear I did


  • Kadeja

    2017-01-04 #18 Author

    all of these are very true !! ? but the blessing you’ll receive in the long run makes it all worth it ??


  • Imani

    2017-01-04 #19 Author

    If this isn’t the truth , although I was spoiled in public people can be extra !


  • Chels

    2017-01-04 #20 Author

    I cried so much when I was pregnant and I cry even more now that he’s actually here. My emotions run so deep still?


  • Yazmine

    2017-01-04 #21 Author

    Yesss? this is so true


  • Justice lavender

    2017-01-04 #22 Author

    I never wanted anybody to touch my belly but no one seem to care how I felt so I just stop saying stuff about it


  • Brittany Williams

    2017-01-04 #23 Author

    Yes me and my husband called our baby a little soccer player she kicked so much


  • Monet

    2017-01-04 #24 Author

    I can relate ? I am forever uncomfortable.


  • Kenesha

    2017-01-04 #25 Author

    You are exactly right.. alot of people would ask to touch my belly. I didn’t find it annoying but strange, yes. I received the biggest blessing from it all though.. a beautiful bby girl.


  • Cherise

    2017-01-04 #26 Author

    I experienced the kicking nonstop. Even after having my son, he still kicks me in my stomach.


  • Shonterah Sellers

    2017-01-04 #27 Author

    This is exactly how it was my whole entire pregnancy and it’s really annoying. The crying, the touching and for me it was night sickness.


  • Daylena Sykes

    2017-01-04 #28 Author

    I can most definitely relate because I was pregnant twice and it was no fun. Getting big and eating was the hardest to deal with. I also had morning sickness really bad. But in the end I’ll say it was worth it I got two beautiful children.


  • Keyshawn Cochran

    2017-01-04 #29 Author

    Yes this is true , Pregnacy changes everything but it is still beautiful !


  • Rickeyana

    2017-01-04 #30 Author

    all of these are very true !! ? but the blessing you’ll receive in the long run makes it all worth it ??


  • Daju Gibson

    2017-01-04 #31 Author

    Yesss I totally agree. In the beginning my pregnancy was rough the first 4 months my morning sickness was terrible but once that was over. My pregnancy was great


  • Kay Michelle

    2017-01-04 #32 Author

    I can relate during my pregnancy my stomach was off limits.. my emotions were at an all time high… and my mood swings were the worst! I never had any morning sickness until the day i went into labor! Overall I enjoyed being pregnant


  • Mahogany

    2017-01-04 #33 Author

    Hah! This was funny. The only thing that didn’t happen to me was random strangers coming up to me ans touching or invading my personal space. I honestly didn’t have any weird comments or situations like that during my pregnancy. It amazes me that stuff like that actually happens!


  • Latasha

    2017-01-04 #34 Author

    Ommmgg yes I can definitely relate to this! I swear I was the biggest cry baby


  • Myesha

    2017-01-04 #35 Author

    This is so True!!


  • antwanett evans

    2017-01-04 #36 Author

    I swear this was totally me pregnant. I was just not comfromtable with some one touching my stomach lol.


  • Carla

    2017-01-04 #37 Author

    My last pregnancy had me emotional an i definately can relate being pregnant has its ups an downs ….


  • Jamesarae Bush

    2017-01-04 #38 Author

    I can defiantly relate, but my overall pregnancy went well! No morning sickness! It’s a beautiful thing to be able to carry a child.!!


  • Tia

    2017-01-04 #39 Author

    I enjoyed my pregnancies as well, especially since I didn’t have morning sickness of any kind with either child.


  • Jamesarae

    2017-01-04 #40 Author

    Everything that comes with birthing a baby is all worth it in the end!!! It’s a beautiful blessing


  • Brittany Harper

    2017-01-04 #41 Author

    I was the biggest cry baby during my pregnancy! And although it got very frustrating sometimes I enjoyed every moment.


  • Jazmine Brown

    2017-01-04 #42 Author

    lol this is so true especially those mood swings


  • Breanna Collins

    2017-01-04 #43 Author

    My pregnancy was okay at times. My son moved a lot.


  • Neki

    2017-01-04 #44 Author

    My pregnancy by far was good! The only thing that bothered me was for someone to touch my stomach, idky but I hated it ? The emotions , morning sickness and etc is also true, I think I cried more with my second pregnancy than anything


  • Dana

    2017-01-05 #45 Author

    Haha this was very much interesting ?


  • Amiya Baker

    2017-01-05 #46 Author

    My baby feet stayed in my ribs !! It hurted very B A D I Can’t Sleep at night !! I Was so ready to have her !! ??


  • Jessica Miner

    2017-01-05 #47 Author

    I cried almost the whole time… it was horrible but the experience i had was amazing carrying my baby girl..


  • Shey Balitcha

    2017-01-05 #48 Author

    This is all true ?? most awkward moments with #1 is when a random guy touches your belly ???


  • Nautica

    2017-01-05 #49 Author

    Omg I can tell relate to all. When everyone found out I was pregnant everyone wanted to touch my belly. It kinda got aggravating.And the vomiting I hated it. But it all was worth it.


  • LaShelle

    2017-01-05 #50 Author

    I Can Definitely Relate. I Was More Of A Crybaby With My Daughter. I Was Mean With My Son But Not My Daughter. My Daughter Moved More Then My Son. Everyone Is Different Though.


  • Vinesha

    2017-01-05 #51 Author

    I just had my little girl in November and I promise you I experienced all of this?


  • Siara

    2017-01-05 #52 Author

    Everything is so true haha but my mood swings were totally swinging lmao.


  • Dynastie

    2017-01-05 #53 Author

    I was always so emotional. I randomly start crying while folding clothes once? And yes people would always touch my belly freely WOTHOUT my permission. Someone asked for permission once out of the 4,000 times?


  • Wadirah

    2017-01-05 #54 Author

    I went thru it all ?


  • Myeisha

    2017-01-05 #55 Author

    The emotional part was so me ! ??? i cried about any and every thing ?


  • Latoya

    2017-01-05 #56 Author

    Lol funny how this article is sooo true… i was an emotional wreck …. i cried alot especially when I couldn’t get something I craved that was the worst. And that kicks I never was able to catch them on ultra sound but I have plenty of videos they were crazy and uncomfortable .. but i enjoyed every moment of it.


  • NaZaria Copeland

    2017-01-05 #57 Author

    I enjoyed but his article a lot of this is very true after having my first and only son I was so worried about losing weight I tried all methods working out and breast feeding nothing was going right for me


  • Ebony

    2017-01-05 #58 Author

    Yes this is very true I jus had a baby and I went through most of these emotions.


  • Jamonica Robinson

    2017-01-06 #59 Author

    I didn’t start showing until I was late 6 months… An blew up out of nowhere… But I really didn’t like the belly rubbing either.


  • Sirecia Clark

    2017-01-07 #60 Author

    I was lucky enough to have no symptoms during pregnancy. My husband gained all the weight and got sick ??


  • Johnnie Morton

    2017-01-07 #61 Author

    My pregnancy was definitely an emotional roller coaster. I was so moody thank God for my amazing husband for putting up with those hormones!


  • Nautica carr

    2017-01-07 #62 Author

    Lol so true .. Especially the emotinsl part


  • Jaleesa

    2017-01-08 #63 Author

    This is sooo true I swear I was the biggest water baby with my son it wasn’t even funny . Literally looked at a coloring book and bursted out crying. My hormones has my emotions everywhere but it was so worth it


  • Nzingha

    2017-01-09 #64 Author

    I can definitely relate because I am pregnant currently and it is no fun. Getting big and eating was the hardest to deal with. I also had morning sickness really bad. In the end God bless me with a beautiful daughter and soon to be son!


  • Shenika

    2017-01-10 #65 Author

    This is definitely true, especially dealing with emotions…but after all it was worth every bit of it.


  • Cheryl

    2017-01-10 #66 Author

    This is very true . While pregnant, women bodies go through so many changes. Men may see us as controlling , bossy, and anger individuals. What do they expect when we go from sizes 7-8 to 12 plus .


    • Delana

      2017-01-10 #67 Author

      Yes very true. Commenting because trying to get my baby posted xx


  • Chacyra

    2017-01-11 #68 Author

    This is so accurate. My son is 6 months and I still feel like I have my pregnancy emotions lol


  • Victoria

    2017-01-11 #69 Author

    All of this is so true especially about the emotions but pregnancy was such an amazing thing if I had to do it all over again I would ?


  • Gabrielle Hicks

    2017-01-14 #70 Author

    The thing I hated the most was unwanted advice from any and everybody. Especially people who didn’t have kids, like how you gonna tell me what to do and you haven’t even done it.


  • samira

    2017-01-14 #71 Author

    yes. i enjoyed every bit of it . unlike most women i didn’t have morning sickness or nothing . but i was always very emotional


  • Janisha

    2017-01-15 #72 Author

    This is so funny and true!!! I would cry about every little thing especially food!!! And the morning sickness was beyond horrible!!!


  • elizabeth

    2017-01-19 #73 Author

    This is true!!!


  • Delana

    2017-02-10 #74 Author

    Thiss soooooo trueee


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