Facing Difficulties In Life? These 11 Kids Will Give You The Much-Needed Courage Facing Difficulties In Life? These 11 Kids Will Give You The Much-Needed Courage
Children are a blessing to all of us. They are the ones who make this world a happier place bringing in joy and colors in... Facing Difficulties In Life? These 11 Kids Will Give You The Much-Needed Courage

Children are a blessing to all of us. They are the ones who make this world a happier place bringing in joy and colors in the life of everyone. Do practice this once- smile at any child, and s/he will smile back at you. This gesture will make your day and alleviate any stress. Kids will make you forget any worries that you had.

Children have the power to reinstill faith in your life when you have no hope left, when you feel like a loser or when you are deeply hurt. Go to a kindergarten or an orphanage and have a look at the kids there. It will be like Nirvana. Moreso, you will have filled elixir in your miserable life. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, has rightly said,“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.”

Have a look at these special children to believe my claims. Make this Children’s day special!

1. Asher Nash

Children's Day Special

He is very cute but is suffering from Down’s Syndrome. Having been rejected from Oshkosh’s campaign as a model due to this disease, Asher won the world with the help of his mother.
His mother took to social media and exploited its immense power to popularize her child. She wanted to emphasize that every child is special, no matter what. The point made lady!

2. Bayezid Hossain

Children's Day Special

This little Bangladeshi boy suffers from Progeria. This is the condition that causes premature aging of the body, not the mind. The body grows faster than the mind. But Bayezid is extremely intelligent.
He ages at 8 times the normal rate. His sagging skin makes him look like an 80-year-old man. Kids of his age are afraid of him.

3. Hyomyung Shin – Peter Pan of Korea.

Children's Day Special

This south-Korean lad wants to grow old. He suffers from Highlander syndrome, which slowers the aging process. Opposite of what Bayezid is suffering from. Shin is actually 26 years old but looks like a cheeky boy. His childlike voice often makes him misunderstood.
You will be amazed to hear this. He loves to go clubbing, dating and drinking beer.

4. Tessa Evans

Children's Day Special

From Ireland, Tessa Evans was born without a nose. This disorder is called Arhinia and is very rare. There are only 47 cases reported till now, around the world.
To make it easier for her to breathe, a tracheotomy tube has been placed in her throat.

5. Shiloh Pepin

Children's Day Special

Born in 1999, Shiloh suffered from Sirenomelia or Mermaid Syndrome. This caused her legs to be fused together right from the waist. Having appeared on Oprah, 20-20 and two TLC specials, she had a joyous personality.
Her legs could not be separated and she died in 2009, due to pneumonia.

6. Pan Xianhang – The Fish Boy

Children's Day Special

From eastern China, Pan has been suffering from Ichthyosis, which is presently incurable. This is a condition of the extremely dry skin.

Research is being carried out so as to mitigate his suffering, as he finds it difficult to sleep due to itching and pain.

7. Kristina Pimenova – World’s most beautiful girl.

Children's Day Special

Pimenova is from Russia, she is 10-year-old and has worked with fashion houses such as Armani, D&G and Roberto Cavalli. She has now moved to LA with her mother to continue her modeling career.

8. Johncris Carl Quirante

Children's Day Special

Born in the Philippines, Johncris had as many as 150 teeth in his mouth by the age of five. Diagnosed with Hyperdontia, which is caused in only 1 to 4 percent of the world’s population, he developed as many as 300 teeth in his mouth.
He has to undergo constantly many surgeries to stay healthy.

9. Ben Underwood

Children's Day Special

Californian kid, Ben suffered from retinal cancer. His eyes were removed to avoid to prevent the disease from spreading. Unlike other kids, Ben taught himself voice echolocation, to identify distances with a sharp sound of the echo, like a bat (the only one in the world to do this).
With the help of this, he was able to play basketball, rollerblade and also ride bikes. Sadly, he died in 2009 due to cancer.

10. Charlotte Garside

Children's Day Special

Having a weight of two pounds and a height of 25 centimeters, she had to be clothed in dolls’ clothes. She suffers from primordial dwarfism.

When nine years old, she weighed only 9 pounds and had a height of 68 centimeters. Her school uniform had to be specially tailored.

11. Richard Sandrak – the Little Hercules

Children's Day Special

He was referred as the world’s strongest boy when he was only 11 years old. Born in Ukraine, Richard could bench press 180 lbs only at the age of six. Richard even starred in the movie Little Hercules 3D and is a stuntman with at the Universal Studios Hollywood.

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Thanks for making this world a better place.

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Henry Okafor

  • Marissa

    2017-01-05 #1 Author

    I love babies so much these kids are so cute ?


    • Ade john

      2017-01-05 #2 Author

      These babies are handsome and beautiful


  • Tasha Sirleaf

    2017-01-05 #3 Author

    I am so proud of Asher Nash mother for supporting her son regardless of how Oshkosh felt about him. At the end of the day his just as human as other kids it’s sickening that these companies really does that to kids because of a disease he/she have. I buy clothes from Oshkosh for my daughter and I will not be spending money with the company anymore.


  • RahDee

    2017-01-05 #4 Author

    This makes all my problems seem so small they are all blessing to this earth


  • Malik Kyles

    2017-01-05 #5 Author

    I really like this article.


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  • Susana Amankwaa

    2017-01-05 #7 Author

    Thank u very much for the enlightenment.. I’m well educated.


  • amber

    2017-01-05 #8 Author

    Even with the odd stack against them, these kids thrived. This is truly inspirational❤


  • Ruby

    2017-01-05 #9 Author

    Its heartbreaking to see kids going thru so much at such a young age. My prayers are with them.


  • Shaquan Rudd

    2017-01-05 #10 Author

    All kids are Beautiful && i love them all ??


  • Destinee Mann

    2017-01-05 #11 Author

    I find all of these kids so strong to be born so different and still keeping smiles on their face it just reminds me that life is such a precious thing and that we all should be blessed.


  • Jaylah

    2017-01-05 #12 Author

    All these children are beautiful in their own way ?? God only gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers ?


  • Manajah Chanel Harmon

    2017-01-05 #13 Author

    I love this article and it’s very interesting to read about all the different diseases out their. God bless these kids. ❤❤❤ this article made me realize whenever I’m feeling down remember their are people going through worst things. GREAT ARTICLE!!!


  • NaZaria Copeland

    2017-01-05 #14 Author

    Even when adult problems over power everything in every day life a simple glance at your child or children’s face can brighten your whole day and change your mood. Our children need us and us as parents should make it our duty to be there every step of the way!


  • Teasia

    2017-01-05 #15 Author

    Thank you very much for the enlightenment. Im so nice


  • Jessica summers

    2017-01-05 #16 Author

    Thanks for sharing! I love this!


  • MariAnnah Shaver

    2017-01-06 #17 Author

    These little people are such a blessing to not only young children but adults as well. I only hope that as I grow older , I have as much faith and hope as they do. I love this so much.


  • Shaquan Rudd

    2017-01-06 #18 Author

    Thanks for the enlightenment


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    This make me appreciate things a lot more ❤️


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    2017-06-12 #23 Author

    We must thank God for everything ❤


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    2017-09-09 #24 Author

    Love the article. It’s very inspiring specially for me as a mother. ❤️


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