Top 10 Unhealthiest Habits of Women Top 10 Unhealthiest Habits of Women
Women typically assume the role of ‘caretakers of health’ when it comes to their families. It’s a bit surprising then that they can be... Top 10 Unhealthiest Habits of Women

Women typically assume the role of ‘caretakers of health’ when it comes to their families. It’s a bit surprising then that they can be so lax with their own health.
Here are some of the unhealthiest habits women everywhere indulge in on a daily basis:
Finishing off their kids’ meals
Although this applies only to moms, it’s such a common habit that we had to include it in this list. In an attempt to reduce left overs and wasted food, many moms wipe off their kids’ plates at the end of a meal. Depending on how much the child has left, this could be a substantial addition of calories and can seriously derail the mom’s weight management efforts.

Wearing heavy earrings 

One of the best things about being a woman is the joy of accessorising! And who can resist a great pair of earrings? Some women, however, go overboard when it comes to wearing large, dangling earrings. Cosmetic surgeons are often approached by women who’ve torn their ear lobes because of constantly wearing big earrings or worse, sleeping with their earrings on. To avoid torn earlobes, it’s best to wear light earrings on a daily basis or wear heavy ones with a chain as support.

Indulging in fad diets

The need to lose weight, and lose it fast, causes women of all ages to turn to fad diets. From cabbage soup diets to zero carb diets, almost all these fad diets have been proven to be disasters. Not only do they cause your weight to go through the roof the second you get off the diet, they can also cause serious medical harm. The only trick to weight loss is a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough sleep.

Not wearing the right bra

The right bra not only gives you a great shape and allows your clothes to fit better; it can also be a huge contributor to better back health. Wearing a bra that’s the wrong size or one that does not give you the support you need can cause neck and back pain, as well as cause circulation problems. So get yourself measured for the right size and get a bra that fits you well.

Carrying very heavy bags
Top 10 worst female health …
Many women, especially moms, often joke that they carry the world in their bags. And while it’s convenient to have everything you need in your bag, a very heavy bag can take a serious toll on your neck and back health. Try and take out unnecessary items from your handbag and if you carry a laptop, use a bag pack to carry it, as against a sling bag.

Wearing ultra tight jeans
Top 10 worst female health …
While the skinny jean trend is a huge fashion hit, it may not be the best thing for your health. Studies have shown that constrictive clothing can cause a number of medical conditions like vaginal yeast infections, bladder infections and even blood clots in the legs. You may have noticed abdominal discomfort when you eat while wearing tight clothing. Constantly wearing tight jeans can worsen the condition.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes

Top 10 worst female health …


From wearing flimsy flip-flops that provide little to no support, to wearing very high heels that can play havoc on the joints, women around the country are guilty of putting style before support. While flip-flops or V-slippers seem like a comfortable option for a hot country as ours, most of them provide very little arch or heel support. Also, being as open as they are, they expose the feet to dust and other dirt from the roads. Heels over 2 inches high have been known to have an adverse effect on the joints and can even contribute to osteoarthritis that affects the knees, hips, ankles and feet. For daily wear to college or work, remember to wear comfortable shoes that provide cushioning, as well as support to the entire foot.


Avoiding weight training in gyms

Top 10 worst female health …

Many women believe that lifting weights as part of their gym workout will lead to them bulking up like men. The truth is that because of the presence of oestrogen in women’s bodies, weight training will not lead to bulky muscles, but rather will help to burn fat, strengthen bones and even cut down the risk of diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes in the future.


Wearing synthetic underwear

Top 10 worst female health …

Heat, moisture and synthetic clothing can be a breeding ground for yeast infections and itching and you definitely don’t want that in your private regions. Wearing sexy underwear or thongs once in a while is not a bad idea, but for daily use, stick to good old cotton underwear.

Not paying attention to heart health
Top 10 worst female health …

For some reason, heart disease and heart attacks are only associated with men. While it’s true that oestrogen protects women’s heart for a majority of their lives, post menopause, women are as susceptible to heart disease as men. But the notion that heart disease doesn’t touch women is so strong that very often women even ignore symptoms of a heart attack. Ignoring heart health is a big mistake and women as well as men should take all the necessary measures to ensure a healthy heart.

Henry Okafor

  • Brenda

    2017-01-10 #1 Author

    I am definitely guilty of some of these.


  • Kenitra

    2017-01-10 #2 Author

    I’ve Never Known The Carrying My Purse With everything in it could be the reason I have Neck and back pains wow


  • Heaven Fields

    2017-01-10 #3 Author

    This is really crazy because, ? I do of these things ? so reading this is really great tips


  • Mahogany

    2017-01-11 #4 Author

    I’m definitely guilty of atleast 3 of these! Smh..I have to do better.


  • Amarion’s Mommy

    2017-01-11 #5 Author

    4 are most likely to be what I’m doing


  • Ineely

    2017-01-12 #6 Author

    I’ve been doing most of these ??


  • Danielle Hernandez

    2017-01-13 #7 Author

    Synthetic underwear should not exist.
    I take care of the elderly and for some reason most women over 60 only own synthetic underwear. They trap so much sweat and smell. It gross’s me out.


  • Shellisa Wheless

    2017-01-14 #8 Author

    I really Have Been Doing Most Of These ?


  • Sreelakshmi Rakesh

    2017-01-15 #9 Author

    Wearing heavy ear rings?


  • Shamim charlie

    2017-01-15 #10 Author

    Am really a victim of this…


  • Camille

    2017-01-16 #11 Author

    I did the Faf diet right after my son was born and as soon as I stopped I gained it all back immediately. Loved this article even though it reminded me of all the unhealthy things I do daily lol


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